The Voice 2013 Blind Audition Season 4 Danielle Bradbery Sing Taylor Swifts Song "Mean"

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Danielle Simone Bradbery adalah penyanyi remaja berbakat asal Texas yang lahir pada 23 Juli 1996. Danielle juga merupakan juara The Voice Amerika 2013 season 4.

2013 Blind Audition Danielle Bradbery The Voice season 4

Usher is so cute!!!
A person Who Comments
She came to my school today. She's cool
At 0:50 her eyes...😍😍
Adrij Sen Gupta
When she says I'm from Texas, Blake's eyes literally shine
Alternate Personality
Damn! So beautiful! Awesome!
Anas Hussain
Today morning on the bus i farted and 4 people turned around, i felt like i was on the voice..
Anjum Naikwade
the people who disliked may be mad
Ayeisha Gee
Usher's so adorable. 😂😂 And now, Nashville is a state of mind. Well played, Blake! But it's still New York, you can ask Alicia about it. ✌😂
Ben Cannon
I bet Shakira regrets not turning around now, as she eneded up winning
Cristian C.
original version R.I.P.
D. D.
Better than Tayl*r
Dana Gabriela Ion
Desi Man
Surprised by the decision of shakira.. She's so experienced.. But she was not able to judge someone who was so talented and has gone all the way to win the voice 2013
Eric Mark
I love blakes when he shout at anyone's who turn around other than him
FF Onyos
is so cute and funny. but blake shalton is winner for danielle bradbery
Filip Jęcz
From her overwhelmingly cute smile, through face she made at 3:42 and finishing at Usher's riddiculous fuckup at the end... I've watched it more that I should've.
George A
Wow... so cute looking & damn sweet voice..
Henryckgoncalves89 Fernandes
Ninguém fez legenda para esse show??
Hijrah Ijah
Always..back...back...back..and back here 😍😍😍😍
Hugo Villarreal
What the heck was wrong with SHAKIRA!!! LOL
J Winchester
Omg i started laughing so hard at what Usher said i started crying :D
Jessica Van Rooyen
Beautiful !!!
Joseph Pettit
This girl and the way she's dressed is how I picture most American girls.
Jove Pangilinan
Listening every night before i sleep....woowww
Karan Bhattarai
wow. my first crush
Karaoia Koraubara
You are so amazing. Nice act and voice
Kiss Myass
Blake is hot
Kosol Wichainkantha
Usher would've been a more interesting choice.\n\nShe's cute.
Mangun Budi
Adam so cute when he said \
Marissa Balloging
She's perfect, love her so much!!!
Martin Hardin
usher went full retard. never go full retard
Mary Grigorian
Danielle is so cute and her voice is amazing ❤️❤️❤️ my favourite singer!!
Maryam Junaid
She is so cute
Megan Griffiths
I love her smile, her voice is beautiful
Miaoqun Cai
way to go Danielle Bradberry
Milly Hamlington
Great voice
her mom is so pretty
Nuno Soares
Shakira is a moron for not turning. Danielle is cute with a great voice.
Oswaldo Gallo
Her voice is amazing. She has an angelical voice, love it.
Ramadhan Putra
who watch this in 2018 ? 😅🤣
Ranbir Ningombam
She is cute cute cute.
Red hair, Blue eyes
She chose wrong
Renan Garcia
Taylor Swift
Rinmawii Hmar
Nashville is a state 😂😂😂Usher is so funny and Adam being quite embarrassed
Sabrina Guillotte
I love it when Blake tells Adam to turn back around LOL
Saimoni Nuku
Hahaha....Blake's reaction when she said Texas...😂😂😂😂😂
Scorpion the ninja from hell
Blake could have made a comeback by saying \
Sergiu Dinu
better than original :))
Soha Seliem
she's such a sweetheart
Tan Ran
4:30 - 4:33 usher is so cute XD
she looks like one of em disney princesses
Zariff Zariffazmi
She is so cute.this song so really enjoyed it
alina mullen
we take ownership of taylor swift
archie mistola
bhagyalaxmi rath
She looks so much like Lindsay Lohan as a teen 😚 and no doubt she won 🤗
chloe james
Ya she has a pretty good voice
daniel bryan fans are all super gay faggots
My favorite winner by a mile... In my opinion she's the best winner..
3:43 danielle's face ugh😍
john bagyan
Her smile can melt an iceberg.
julius edillo
Hes from there thats what really sad about it...go Blake!
lery lippins
Se parece a lansey lohan👍
she got a heart-warming smile.. so cute
mariam khan
I see the voice only cos of ADAM❤
she's so adorable!!
raman singhrar
Very cute smile
raymond palaganas
Shes amazing. Mesmering. Very natural. And I love her already...
roshan limbu
Yeah she is, she is just little, yea she is. This girl is so adorable...
scorpius fayth
The amount of times I've watched this *smh*
von von
singing talent worldwide is not only voice come judith hill was defeated in the voice us season 4?
İrem S.
1:17 naughty boyyy smile\u003c3
Željko Kompes
What a smile :))
such a beautiful voice