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Mad Max Fury Road Guitar Guy Full Scenes Good Quality (2015)

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I witness you guitar guy ...
Adam Gunderman
The soundtrack to this movie is is freaking perfect
Amit Rane
imagine walking to college witg this guy playing behind u
Arghya Dogra
This guy was the freakeast person I have seen in a movie.
Arun Kumar
I was sad when the guitar guy died
Love his shoulder shimmy @1:01
1:27 gets hit and still grabs the guitar and continues to play lol
Bananamelon X9000
So this is what happens when Australia's internet is gone for a week.
Battlefield Bill
I need this guys playlist
Benjamin Mathias
Too damn much testosterone for my internet connection
Brendan James
@ 1:36 he sees the devil and God at the same time and it breaks g is brain. Also, in the middle of that sandstorm with all that insane oranh8 lightning in it? They should have had him riding through the middle of that shredding!
Bruno dos Santos
Caritas orona
Christian Ramos
Clifton Cheng
Is it only me or do people think this movie is creepy insane and it is so not realistic in every way. And the guitar guys creepy too. And everyone is creepy
Colin Mark
Traffic would be a hell of a lot more interesting if this sucker was street legal!
0:10 This part was the BBBBEEESSSTTTT!!!!!!!
Daniel Monteiro
Deezel Riggs
Motor Storm PacificRift
honestly, the best scenes of the whole movie
Demon 115
What i thought playing crossout would be like 0:01
So what about the guitar guy?
One song, TTFAF
Eddie Konjic
720p \
Ernesto Bello
0:53 best scene
Ethan Arnold
1:02 Look at all those cars at the back. There's so much space! Get up there, guys!
FirstEastern Perspective
this is the american army bringing democracy !
istikamet valhalaa
Geraldine Mendoza
He looks like a silent hill character isnt he not
Hans Hartholt
Best job ever!!!
Slaanesh would be proud
I'm a STAN
My favorite scene in this film is when the guitar guy appears
Guitar Hero Fury Road
It’s Bogy
We lost 30 gasoline
JR422 000
This film made me feel snoozy 10 minutes in, suddenly this guy comes on and I wake right back up again😂so badass
Jack Connor
This guy is the only actor I remember in this movie. He's just perfect.He should be awarded something. The beggining is my favorite part. It's exactly how it should be at the beginning of Woodstock.
That’s seriously not how to keep a guitar in tune...
Jason Jayawardena
John Henderson
We're down 30000 units of guzzoline why did you bring so many cars then?
Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths
Jonathan Eilbeck
So do you reckon the Doof Warrior takes requests.
Joshua Grahm
any testosterone problems can be solved by just watching this video
Jussi Lavento
That's how you do a cross country tour
Kidred 1998
He is probably one of the coolest characters in the mad Max movies
One of the most awesome random unexplained characters ever
Legion Gaming
Roses are red, violets are blue, I came for the fire, and so did you
Linda Sheridan
R.I.P the legend Doof warrior
Lucas Lagos
Did he died? :(
A viajem mais local do filme é esse loco na guitarra
Mr Tower
My favorite guy in this movie, he is just so crazy
Mr. Anomalous, The Troubled Creative
All the poor guy wants to do is play his freaking guitar leave him alone.
Mr. Meeseeks
Did you know that the tempo of the songs actually matches the pace of the vehicles.
this entire film is someone thinking \
Na tye
One of my favorite movie ever. OMG... I love it.
Nathan Hitt
Literally the most tragic death in cinema.
So,I didn't sleep for 3 days and went to the theatre with my GF.I was falling asleep and waking up every 30 seconds.Woke up and saw the scenes with this guy.I was like in a trance.\nThat was pure dope bros.\n...\nI was also resting my head on the shoulder of the guy next to me. Well..I didn't even realize it. My gf told me after the movie. lol
P.R.Ime, the Platinum Ranger
The guy's name is Coma.
Phoenix the Fox
The saddest part of the movie was when this guy stopped playing tbh waiting for the next scene with him ripping the guitar was what got me through the whole movie
Pinche Spiderman
You will NEVER... BE... THIS... METAL!
Puppet Master on VHS
0:07 talk about fire tribute worthy.
Quills Not Here
One of my favorite anime characters
Richter Belmont
Without any care in the world, he solo from day to night. With burning sands blasts his face and speakers blasts his eardrums. His existence is like powermetal itself comes to life.
Ritchie Winters
its noel gallagher after a few lines of coke
Robert Panek
The moment you realize these were all actual practical effects and not some CGI bullshit...\n\nI mean... they've actually built a flamethrowerguitar for this movie. It actually worked.
Samy Vlad
This movie is so unreal I can't even proceed that it happened.
Shorne Pubique
Cgi is great these days
Shuu Kenji
He only had one job and thats to be awesome
Surendra Devagan
0:54 best
Tech Nature
What a my favorite movie! Mad max fury road.
I was rolling in the theater when this happened.\nIts just so unexpected.\nI found myself looking for the guitar guy every time they cut to the group of vehicles.
Fun Fact: according to iota(guitar guy)the guitar weighed over 130 lbs and controlled the flames with the whammy bar.
The real deal!
They live music band was crazy😶
This guy now play for Odin in Valhalla.
For me as a Audio-Technician  this vehicle was the best out of all of the bunch. Wish i d be driving to work with that.
Têm internet em Mordor
Doom Guy aprove this film
I really hope there is a download for the song at :55
Varsam Grey
Vean Studio
He's not dead, he will rock for eternal in Valhalla. Shiny and Chrome
Wave Whisperer
The song played by the guitarist is Through The Fire and Flames by DragonForce
alt cat
Bards are badass
anh nguyễn
ngầu bãi
canarin noiado
Under of guitar guy, has an front of an car 50's
good meme
He is called the coma doof warrior
hector lopez
I love how fuel is so scarce yet they have flamethrowers being used shooting at nothing while driving.
And to think this was directed by the former ER medic approaching 80 years of age whose last three films were Babe 2 and Happy Feet 1&2. (And the original three Mad Max films)\n\n\nWhen he finally croaks I hope he'll be invited through the gates of Walhalla, shiny and chrome!
juleos 123
La guajira 24/7 lol :v
Rockin the Rock in the Apocalypse
i love the 1:05 part how the comma doof riff blends into the orchestral chord
All Hail the Doofwarrior :)
no u
Now imagine the doof warrior is replaced with.....BUCKETHEAD
paxan death
фильм просто ядерный мать его !!!!!
Pause @1:37 Guitar guy has no eyes !!
stepan jeřábek
I love this part 0:12
Hands back his guitar like \
Μάστιγα Ιαλουρέν! Ολα με μέτρο
Πήγε να πετάξει κάτω τον κιθαρίστα Αρτ!:/