First Impressions from LOTD: Dress Edition! 👗

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Hey guys! Join me as I try on dresses from and rate them based on their comfort, design and overall value! It's great fun to try on new things and give honest comments on them. So far super happy with all these dresses, except for the slight disappointment on the sizing of the last dress, but all in all, loving this haul! See ya'll in my next video!Dresses featured:👉 Red Eyelet Off The Shoulder Mini Dress S / RED👉 Black Pleated Wrap Over Mini Dress 6 / BLACK👉Black Long Satin Choker Maxi Dress 6 / BLACK👉 Navy Bardot Lace Maxi Dress 6 / BLUExoxo, SueLyn

Bardot Black Blue Choker Date Dress Eyelet LOTD Lace... Long Maxi Mini Navy Off Over Pleated Prom Satn Short Shoulder Wrap iMovie

Aaron Lai
You are my favorite youtuber so far😍😍😍
Pan Pan
You look gorgeous in all of those dresses! Btw, may I know what degree are you studying?