Melania Trump on abuse claims: Show the evidence

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First lady Melania Trump said victims who make accusations of sexual misconduct "need to have really hard evidence" in a recently taped interview, echoing a statement she made in October 2016 amid allegations against her husband.

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Akon Fenty
Ford dropped all charges against Kavanaugh. She's not moving forward with it anymore.
Al Lo
Dear Trump voters, don't you really realise that you are as guilty as the Germans were in 1933, when they voted for Hitler??? The ensuing WWII was THEIR responsibility, just as the current mess in the world is YOUR responsibility by voting another demagogue into Office.....
Melania talks of showing hard evidence, take a look at your husbands \
Anne Williams
Anthony Butler
Melania know full well her own husband is a serial sex pest but know she wants evidence? Surely the payoffs and his own recorded words are a pretty good indicator?
Avatar Sahara
Rape is usually one to one in a private space and without security cameras or bystanders. Hard evidence is an impossibility, especially when polygraphs and investigation are denied. Melania understands nothing about rape. What is she doing for the rape victims, apart from criticizing them. She is total fake with oversized hats on top of her tiny brains.
Belle R
im a suvivor of sexual abuse as a child no one cared at the time or wanted to listen to children thankxs to media revealing this secret of society
Big Black Dawg
So glad I'm Canadian. You Americans are the laughing stock of the WHOLE WORLD. it should be time now for a huge market crash and then Trump will Bail out the banks and blame it on Obama...... Rinse - Reuse- Repeat.....
Brandon Hinrichs
You've been hit by, you've been struck by, a smooth criminal
Brian J.
Evidence? Ok, on which of the numerous cases that 45 has paid women off on, grouped on airplanes, buses etc. What are her thoughts on Stormy Daniels and the other women that the “fixer” paid off.
Little kids in Catholic churches need to show evidence for you to believe them?
Charles T.
So according to Melania and this nut job Ben, if your raped and no one else saw it than it’s OK and don’t do anything about it....
Colleen Klingensmith
As a woman I don’t understand how you forget so much about a situation that affects your life in a drastic way. Being a assault victim survivor I remember everything and it was over ten years ago.. So I just don’t get it
Cornelius White
Well, we have hard evidence of Melania's nude photos plastered all over the internet.
Cristina Cristina
What did you expect from a former prostitute who's gotten her green card by marrying a sexual predator???
What do you inbred trumptards want women to do, live stream their rapes on camera and get their assailant to confess on video?
Cynthia Pomerleau
This guy clearly doesn't understand the difference between a sexual assault and a gang violence assault. What bullet casings are going to be present at a sexual assault? How many friends are going to be around? How many women can beat off a man with their fists? \nThat's right ladies, don't even think of coming forward because we won't interview all the people coming forward as character witnesses, we won't have professionals interview the accused or yourself, we won't take this frat boy's binge drinking / heavy partying or his degrading references to women in his yearbook into account, we're going to totally ignore this his own calendar reference to being at a party exactly within the timeframe his accuser said he was, nor will we even interview the other accusers. So, unless you have his DNA swabbed out of your vagina, just forget coming forward…but yeah, women need to be heard…it's just that nobody is going to believe your shit anyway.
Wow 😮 here’s a guy whom I thought was going to take a moderate (albeit deeply unpopular) view on this complex issue but instead removed his shoes and socks, drew an X in the middle of his foot, took out a 12G shotgun and proceeded to very calmly shoot himself in the foot.
Dan Silvers
If you're going to destroy a person's life then yes you need evidence. Christ leftists are thick.
Dave C
She is trying to be Lady Di, and failing. Why has she dressed like a Nazi from raiders of the lost ark?
David Avila
She's hit by she's been struck by a smooth criminal lmfao
Deb Cash
I just want the \
Dexter White
She's a hooker. Period.
Eric Koontz
The Whore of Babylon speaks!!! Melania's reputation grows worse and worse... and worse.
Stormy Daniels. ..Described!!! Her ...\
Finn Manniche
A woman testifying under oath about what happened to her IS evidence. I wish people would get this through their heads.
GPS Lost
There is evidence if a sexual assault takes place… DNA evidence, fibres, hair, semen, physical injury, etc. Women need to stand up for themselves immediately and report these assaults when they happen. Get to a hospital or police station and preserve the evidence and file the report immediately not 20 or 30 years later. We all live in a society where a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. To prove guilt you must have evidence leaving no doubt not just a hazy recollection full of gaps and or omissions.
Trump referring to teen miss USA\n\n“No men are anywhere, and I’m allowed to go in, because I’m the owner of the pageant and therefore I’m inspecting it. … ‘Is everyone OK?' You know, they’re standing there with no clothes. ‘Is everybody OK?’ And you see these incredible-looking women, and so I sort of get away with things like that.”\n\nThe man is a confessed pedophile.
Jamie Reid
So having no evidence is enough to have someone jailed for years?\nSo you think it's right to just believe someone and fuck the evidence?\n\nThat is down right ridiculous! \nCNN are toxic.\nNo one should just be believed just because they say something happened!!
Jen Nguyen
Basically this is why women do not come out. Because they know if they don’t have any evidence, no one cares EVEN IF something truly happened.
Joey Scott
I don't believe this guy. What I believe probably happened was he and his friends got together for some beers and had more than they should. Then an argument broke out and someone probably made a complaint and called the police about the noise and somebody having a gun. \nSo that is very much different from sexual assault abuse. \n\nRemember he said his friends were there, and friends drink and Get Drunk Together\n\nMaybe he's right...\nBut I can't see how he's trying to compare his story with sexual assault abuse. From his story.. he was not sexual assaulted.
John David Wolf
Ben have you ever heard of the Central Park 5, Donald accused then and called for their death WITHOUT any evidence.
Jonathan Dominguez
So we should believe every women? What about the ones that are lying?
Joseph Hidayat
Demoncrats always negative\n.always yelling..always mad...always chaos!
Joshua Jung
Melania Trump sayez: \
Julianne 2781
trum-pee is a self proclaimed sex predator . They can try to replace the facts with alternate facts all they want, truth always shows up on top. Perverted judge kavanaugh will also be proven to be a sex predator one day soon
*goes to Africa*\n*dresses like she wants to rule over a colony*
Karah D
Why is this lady in Africa anyway?\nShe should be focus on the states and the American people.\nAfrica is ran by corrupt African leaders.\nWhy would anyone listen to Melania Trump?\nTrump was cheating on this woman for years and she's still with him.\nShe's not a great role model for women and girls anyway.
Kiki Iknow
Kim Coates
Melania is too ignorant to have an opinion. Guess she needed hard evidence of Donald's infidelity to believe Stormy Daniels? Not to mention the 17 other credible accusations against Donald Trump that the GOP pretend don't exist.
Kings of Influence
Do kids who were molested by Catholic priests also need to show evidence? Asking for a friend.\n\n -KOI
Lexi Ryder
Her husband took out full page ads calling for the death of 5 black teens! With no evidence!
Lisa Simpson
Melanoma show us hard evidence that you weren't a prostitute.
Lunky Straydog
When SOMETHING HAPPENS , there is always evidence, rape kits, etc other forms of proof of location, time person involved placed at same time, dna evidence, video of person going to same location as you from stores. Being able to describe birth marks and the such. Stop justifying convicting people without proof.
Maria Kortman
Women should be heard and there should be an investigation. It is not that difficult to understand. If you do not believe women there will not be an investigation and you will not accept the evidence as credible. Kavanaugh was guilty but they just used the flimsy FBI investigation as a way to prove that he was innocent. Not even ´not guilty´or not enough evidence to be sure of guilt, but innocent! This man was not innocent and that is where the metoo# movement is about. Men abuse their power or money to claim that they are innocent when it is very clear that they were not. Trump, being accused himself, wants to make it sound that just random accusations will be believed because women did the accusations. That is not happening. Women are dismissed when trying to report a sexual crime, which is an injustice. Melania is just trying to be politically correct, like many women whose husbands are accused. Hilary did the same when it came to the accusers of her husband. It is a difficult position for a woman. If your husband is accused there is nothing you can say.
Mary Clark
There's nothing like a know-it-all man claiming to know how women should respond to sexual abuse. It's men like this who make it so very difficult for women to tell anyone let alone press charges.
Melania claims to be the ‘most bullied person in the world’\n\nWomp womp. No one cares.\n\nYou flew thousands of miles away from your husband before you said you didn’t agree with everything he says or does. He bullies whom ever he wants to bully and you remain silent. You have no sympathy from me. If you are asking sexual assault victims to provide hard evidence of what they suffered, you clearly do not comprehend sexual assault.
Michael Mancuso
Here's my stance on the MeToo and Kavanaugh situation in regards to what personally happened to me years ago. I had an affair with a married woman I knew from HS for months. When she got caught and threatened by her husband, she went to the police and said, I \
Mohe Sierra
I’m surprised with her level of language skills and fluency\nHow a woman or a teen could prove they have been sexually abused?\nHorrible statement ! It’s disgusting
The comment at the end, Kavanagh was never threatened with jail. Melania doesn't care about the women of this country, she has little experience in being an American women, you didn't grow up with the same abuse system that's been running through here for 500 years. Hey Melania, since your so smart, what about the evidence , the rape kits going untested around the nation, those women and men came forward with evidence, and today it lays aging decaying thrown away tampered with..
Nick Galicz
Today's \
Patricia Were
I was groped when I was 9 by a family member. I'm 24yrs old now, never told anyone, I still see him till this day and interact like it never happened....I wonder sometimes if he still remembers.
Paul Park
As a victim of a sexual assault hearing that guy and Melania saying these stuffs is really hurting me. Most of the sexual assaults are hard to find evidence because most of them happen in private space.
Real M
Americans first mail-order bride asks for due process when it comes to her pu**y grabbing and bullying sugar daddy. \n\nBut otherwise, she is all for women's rights and against cyberbullying, lol. Be Best. So fake. Even when his Deplorable sugar daddy admitted on tape that he assaulted women and teenagers, she called it locker room talk.
Rebecca Phillips
Our president and family are just horrible people. Vote November. No more slime in the White House
Rebecca Swanson
She has a clause in her marriage agreement. She cant say anything negative because of money and her son. That's why Ivana and Marla are silent too. It isn't right but that's what money does to people. Rich folks are really sad creatures.
Rich Marceau
Melania needs to prover her immigration status. It's been widely reported that she worked in the US as a model illegally, then perjured herself on her immigration & naturalization documents. LOCK HER UP.\n.\nThat said, she has a point. Essentially uncorroborated assault claims from the relatively distant past should not be the sole reason to destroy someone's career. On the other hand, prosecuting claims that are perceived as fraudulent has a severe chilling effect on actual victims who are considering coming forward.\n.\nI wish I had a good solution that balanced both the victims and the falsely accused. We don't name rape victims in the media; perhaps we shouldn't name the accused either until a judge permits it based on something more than probable cause?
Richard Grabber
believe all women? I hope liberals will take this to heart about Juanita Broderick.
Russian Bot from Russia
What's wrong with showing evidence?
She looks like Panama Jack and Colonel Sanders’ baby who is auditioning for Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal video! What a ridiculous look!
Based on Melania's shallow logic, the men who came forward with abuse charges against priests shouldn't be believed. Not only did they come forward 30 years later, they didn't have hard evidence either. She should stick to doing what she does best, stand there like a photo prop and smile for the camera.
Sally Daniel
Melania is nothing more than a trophy wife. Nobody listens to her because she just repeats what her hubby says
Samuel Adams
shes makes me wanna puke when she talks grossest accent ever
Severus Chambers
What’s wrong with evidence? If someone accused you of something, would you not want them to present evidence? Isn’t that’s the way it’s supposed to work?? So what cnn is saying is no evidence is necessary. Forget trump and all that. That is a very scary thought.
Sh4m3l3ss Sk4nkh0
Melania is SO much better then Michelle.
Sheila Smith
Ok we have her opinion does it really matter when YOUR husband is a big bully and you advocate anti bullying, you say you need evidence and YOUR husband has a video saying grap them by the\
Shelly Brett
I still don't understand how Melania became the first lady,what happened to good moral,pride and class. The white house isn't for whores.
Some Guy
A reminder that Melania is a pretty morally bankrupt person herself.
Support Film Art
I'm a Liberal, but in this case I fully agree with the Republican here.
Sydney Robinson
Melania Trump looks like a Chicago pimp
Terry Wolf
That is true. If the law enforcement has free reign to do their jobs they'll find hard facts. Ben you said you told friends, these women told people too, and they had witnesses who saw Kavanaugh involved in these actions. Most importantly, let law enforcement do their jobs properly, not restrictively. Think about that Ben, the only difference between you and these women, the women's testimony and evidence would have put a stop to Trump's, and the Senate Republicans plan. That's it.
ThE BeSt !
Go back to America !\nThank you \nAnd \nDon't \nCome \nBack
The Memo
What difference does what the bimbo gold digger trophy wife says make. She is utterly irrelevant. She has a separate bedroom. She’s a joke.
Then allow investigators to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.
This woman is a clown. It would be really stupid to expect anything meaningful or significant from her. Seriously.
hillarious this first lady that trump says is doing a wonderful job i have not seen her do anything for gods sake her husband cheated on her with stormy and im sure there are others and there is evidence melania so why the hell you still with him gee you both are setting such a good example for barron..umm do you even remember him since you always said oh no nannys but you sure are always seen without him where was he while you were in africa..poor kid
big chocolate
how do you show proof if you're husband wont let them investigate
brenda mcdonall
Melania Trump knew Trump was married when she started her affair with him, so one must believe that she married for money and status. She married a racist, sexist, misogynistic predator who believes he can touch ( assault) women physically whenever the urge strikes him. There are so many women of all ages who have experienced sexual assault with no one around to see what happened, who may have been slipped a drug to sedate them and which takes away their memory,and who do not tell anyone because of the shaming and blaming which has gone on forever. Melania Trump has chosen to stay with her predator-husband, which basically gives approval to his predatory behaviour. It takes a lot of courage for an assault victim to speak-up about being assaulted, especially in the climate which Trump has created. What Melania Trump thinks or believes doesn't matter. She should just shut her mouth and keep on enjoying the proceeds of her marriage to The Predator President. And Melania, when he is out of office and your marriage ends, don't bother seeking sympathy and understanding. We all understand. And we don't care.
Ben I am sorry they didn't make sure you're dead. Beating people up on street and gun shot usually leave an evidence(s). If gun was shot people will hear it, raping is not the same as being shot at and people happen to hear the shot and shell case can be see on the street. What a dumb! Like I'd said I am sorry you're not dead then.
dino watch
Melania Goldding Slut you have no morals .
greg byrd
Not for nothing, she doesn't really come off as \
jethro Gee
There is evidence her fat husband is a huge financial cheat so we have hard evidence ...let's put him in jail..
She's married to Trump. That accounts for 99.9% of the bullying.
joseph traina
This fool must have our president confused with Bill C.You know the sexual preditor that hillary NOT ONLY DEFENDED but actually attacked and attempted to humiliate the accusers.The BIGGEST crime of all ,is when you get women like C.B-Fosd falsely accusing someone.It belittles TRUE complaints.
mozac s
She is the last person to be asked for an advise. Apart from stormy
Melania I REALLY DON'T CARE what you think, DO YOU?
nicolee croteau
Melania Trump is a gross human being, she became a citizen of the US as did her parents because of who she was sleeping with, with no empathy for others who are here to save their lives and that of their children. Love to know the dets. of her parents citizenship, that of which Trump is against for everyone else.....GROSS, To all that stand behind her and husband a big FU. Our country is better than these fools.. SO AGAIN TO MELANIA AND HER KIN\u003c, F--K YOU
There was plenty of evidence, her disgusting husband just didn't allow the FBI to find it.
you give white people some bricks and they build a city...\nyou give black people a city and you'll be left with some bricks....
nona buisness
Its called rape kit idot it get DNA n also makes sure ur not pregnant/infected
phil hardy
There needs to be proof if we just put every single unsolved murder on people it be chaos but as Republican I know I'm just speaking to nothing you Democrats just hate us so I don't even know why I'm saying anything...
“Anne, are you ok?”\n“Are you ok, Anne?”\n“We’ve been hit by,”\n“We’ve been struck by,”\n“a NOT SO, Smooth Criminal.”\n\nI don’t know who this woman’s fashion stylist are, but, I would FIRE them. Why the hell would they dress her like Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal/Mob Boss, to come out and discuss “Criminal Evidence?” There is plenty of evidence against her, “Unfaithful Husband”. Why doesn’t she admit that?\nI honestly do think there is hidden messages in her fashion decisions. However, “I really don’t care.” “Do U?” \n🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
rudyrud bent
She didn't say anything wrong. Some of you people are just being too political
ruthe Rd
Remember her defense of Trump on the access Hollywood tape was \
simon says
So we can sexually assault women now when there is no one else present , clean them up afterwards and then say \
Ben...Ben. if you happen to go to south side Chicago and got robbed where is your friends to back you up? And how do you want w ppl men to produce evidence of sexual assault that happened like 50 years ago when women's rights weren't even strong yet
Here's some hard evidence of abuse. Her husband screwed around on her with Stormy Daniels 6 months after the birth of their child and he said he can just grab women by the genitals. Who are we kidding folks, this woman is a gold digging airhead who's married to a pig. She's as pathetic as her husband.