Black Sun Empire vs. State Of Mind @ The World Of DrumBass, Moscow 2015

Record: 19.09.2015TC Group represents new production of the legendary World Of Drum&Bass festival called Another Reality. Uncompromising rave atmosphere combined with the most outrageous music in the world provided by the best world stars and insane light show by Hardline 77 will open the gates to another reality that we will create together! World Of Drum&Bass is one of the greatest festivals in the wold of dance music. It has twelve-year history of performances in more than 25 countries! World wide known rave stars, unique performances, gigantic scenery, dozens of laser beam machines, hundreds of light devices, thousands of raised hands – all of this is the most popular and successful Drum&Bass rave in the world!Join us social networks:

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Ana - Maria Georgia Nenadov annenenadov
muahahaha.....yah...very very good
Andrii Muzychuk
No MC! Thanks!!!
Andriy Kozachuk
what rmx is from 3;19 -411
Antonio Gonzalez-Anaya
1:13 ?
27:00 is a unreleased State of Mind track that is gonna be on the next State of Mind album ☺
46:56 ? :O
Butch Wilmot
These guys always do wicked collabs together, glad to see a b2b set. 2 badass groups in the drum and bass scene!
Carlos Gerardo
Chris Maylor
Amazing light rig! 11.00
Daniel Demarco
Just heard this. Crazy how many of these tracks still getting feature drops on regular basis two years later.
Denis Davydov
Пора им на покой уже. Один и тот же трек столько лет играть.
Denis X
Две мои самые любимые команды из всего DNB еще с начала 2000-х. Че-т разочарован, то-ли исписались уже, то-ли драм уже не тот... какие-то слабые треки. Где классика Deadzone, Don't you, Pitchdryfter???
Diego Lopez
27:15 please??!!?!
Dudes 48
27:15 + still no info?
Ekaterina Lyalkova
Что за трек на 20й минуте?
Fernando Goizueta
min 27 please!!
Whats the first songs name?
Jesse Squires
WHAAAAttt An INTRO !!!! Th' bois at it again YEA
Jo Reckless
Sick lights !
Josh Binmore
Still sounds sick a year later
Joshua Walusz
Please someone tell me the accurate name of the very first track... a link to it would be even better. Thanks.
Kera Bwoi
Damn, it is really good stuff.
Kristiyan Radinsky
Not sure if World of Drum & Bass or Qlimax
Lei Ru
я кончила
Lewis B
id 25:50 please????
1:07 pls?????? :)))))
Marcos Douglas
1:07 pls
Matic Flajs
Miguel Viveros
10:04 please please :D?
Nemanja Bulatovic
45:10 Anyone? ANYONE?
Offensive Username
Boxeur des Rues is a fascist brand.
Free eye surgery for everyone :D
Orlando Ramirez Garcia
@27:15 sounds like SOM upbeats stuff
Pamela May
Epilepsy Warning !
Paul Barbe
One the sickest set I've heard OMG \u003c3
Philip Eckstein
russian people  know how to set up a decent lighting...
RC MaxximumBash
One of the illest sets I’ve ever heard 🔊🤯
27:15 what's happening i can't believe ?! \u003c3
Sandra Daniela Boberek-Hantschel
BEAUTIFUL..... WoDnB Moscow next Stop.... next year...
Scaring Darkness Away Studio
The sound is too low... Even all maxed It don't blast my sound system, that other videos do if I put it half...
Красавцы!!!)) Лайк!
45:10 State of Mind - Punkd VIP?
30:15 pls?
The Latin Magazine
Zardonic was also very good
Thomas L
Tim Williams
5:35 consume the power [what the NWO do, rape and pillage, consuming Gods electricity for EQ in divers places (satan)] why we have a black sun coming our way soon :o)
Truth Kills
44:05 Breakage - Fighting fire ( Loadstar Remix) W:Drop
Vovan Malishchuk
petr Muller
ta 20tá minuta sérka
what is the MC's name?
Александр Кичев
чётко = up
Егор Зайцев
45:00 Woohoo, Punkd!