Aphrodite @ The World Of Drum&Bass, Moscow, February 2015

TC Group представляют новую постановку легендарного события "World Of Drum&Bass". Беспрецедентный состав участников мировой сцены, атмосфера рэйва и новое световое и лазерное шоу от Hardline77. Record: 21.02.2015Join us social networks:Aphrodite:

Aphrodite Drum And Bass (Musical Genre) LIVE Moscow (Russian Federal City) Radio Russia The World Of Drum \u0026 Bass WODB Revolution Radio

король дамба.
Зачётный DJ !
Alex Kon
50:09 Ребята,подскажите пожалуйста позитивный трек.Aphrodite был крут,ноги сами заплясали)
Amelia Pond
amazing!!!!! throwback to 2000!!!!!!!!!
Angela Marie Brackett
Yea brother remember Techno Inside PCB, fl
Angela Patricia Castaño Tejedor
Radikal Styles!!
Bridge List
i want to be here
Anyone interested in having the most brilliant experience ever... He's coming to Savannah, to a venue that will make you feel like your at UK Garage show..... Ita going to be awesome. He will be at The Wormhole!
Insane laser show no expense spared there awsome set to as always by Aphrodite
DJ Aphrodite
H. Please can you include a link to my own website and youtuibe channels. Thanks.
Dani Jurado
holy shit I got goosebumps. I saw aphrodite from a cage in Detroit at shazzzam and holy hell nothing will ever be the same... love you aphrodite come to Chicago soon!!!
Daniel Korolevsky
David BCN
omg amazing set. he's mixing all the f***ing time
Detonate Official
Track Id @ 8:15?
Dexter Jones
One of the greatest Djs alive today.
Ding Bat
Yeah I met him.. we chatted for what seemed likejust minutes but we were talking for hours. we then dined at the golden corral and discussed how YouTube can't do his greatness any justice. we then discussed how he has become a serially underrated record scratching artist and that golden corral has just the most exquisite buffet and dining decor. and how it is also an underrated commercially established culinary gem. diamond in the rough. yes so we dined.. spoke amicably and parted ways. I'm sure he still thinks of me. unfortunately I'm so busy now. I hardly recall our night out... I'm busy sucking it behind dumpsters earning my way to the next avicii concert or tomorrow land rave concert where I hope to dance like a slut and meet some dis. come to think of it this music sucks. I'm going to YouTube some tiesto and practice my dumpster suk moves to some real trance beats by lame main stream performers of debate shit techno beat. goodnight everyone .i doubt this will post. my phone is so fuking hacked
Dj Vlad Nervo
Свет шикарен! музло тоже! думаю было мего круто!
Dr Tune
In the middle of a blistering drum and bass attack by an Original Junglist* and with the most stupidly good lighting, the crowd... stands around with hands in pockets. Shrug.\n\n(*who - it has to be said - spends a lot of time adjusting knobs that we all know aren't doing a damn thing, not that his set isn't great)
Guv'nor General - salute Field Marshall DJ Aphrodite, Sir!
Eric Jeffries
Fuck yeah. Love this shit!
Evan Davies
badly need a track list for this! Huge mix...
GoShik SurKoff
Разве drum&bass относится к rave? Он же jungle. Rave ровный ритм и немного синтезаторов. Здесь же рваный барабан и БАСС!!!!
Grady Broyles
NO ONE is a bigger deal than Mickey Finn in all of DnB. Not Goldie, not Roni Size, no one.
Industria Trash
Que golpeadera tan áspera, Bedo y el cucho con la golpeadora. Destroy Everything. All the Time. Foreva. Muther trashit.
Jacob Koffman
We just couldn't handle music this sick in America. When I moved to SFL in 99 I thought, \
Jeff Wolfe
After meeting Aphrodite in person I must say he is the realest dude i've met. rockin it mate. Legit dnb, lovin for years.... props!!!
Jen A
And for all the non- dancers?! Just more room for me..thanx!!! Still as real as the '90's!!! Muah♡\n-much love, be safe..alwayz
Johnny Blazem
He destroys decks. constantly mixing
Joy Hess
Bring this back to the Atl!
Junglist Rob
Nuff respect Aphrodite
Ján Čebík
49:40 track please
Kokshok Dksl1210
Kumir Russia
Да уж,час каша из звуков и реплики на фоне ударных кастрюль,боже есть же действительно драмчики,это же каша!
This set is dope as [email protected]!!!!?
Lauren Gallagher
Fucking awesome haha
Léa Boutin
Does someone know the name of the sound at 49:28 please ?
Super nice guy. Saw him several years ago and I brought one of his albums on vinyl to sign. Thought he would sign the cover but he pulled out each record and signed the center label of every individual record! Pretty awesome :)
Martin Trhan
Ten to vie teda roztočiť (;
Matthew Nellis
And when he pumps in that bass at 15:18, you recognize the 90's.
Melisandre's Vagina Smoke Demon
Tracklist. If anyone can help to complete... :)\n1. Aphrodite - Acid To The Sound\n2. Sub Focus - Timewarp VIP\n3. DJ Hazard & Distorted Minds - Mr Happy\n4. DJ Hazard - Busted\n5. ?? - ??\n6. L Plus - Red Planet\n7. ?? - ??\n8. DJ Sly feat. MC Capo - Running\n9. Aphrodite - Assignment Space\n10. Serum - Up In Smoke\n11. Prolix & Mob Tactics - Transmission\n12. Aphrodite - Listen to the Rhythm\n13. L Plus - Carbon\n14. Aphrodite & Micky Finn - Bad Ass\n15. Aphrodite & Micky Finn - Bad Ass (Slum Dogz Remix)\n16. Bruno Barudi - Like a Stone (Aphrodite Remix)\n17. Aphrodite - Two Bass\n18. Modified Motion & Faction - Focus\n19. Andy C & Fiora - Heartbeat Loud\n20. Andy C & Fiora - Heartbeat Loud VIP\n21. DJ Hazard & Distorted Minds - Mr Happy\n22. Aphrodite - Style From The Dark Side '99\n23. TC - First of the Year\n24. The Fugees - Ready Or Not (DJ Zinc Remix)\n25. DJ Phantasy & Dextone - No Way Out\n26. Voltage - How It Should Be Done\n27. ?? - ??\n28. Aphrodite - I Wanna Be Free\n29. Mind Vortex - Overture\n30. Freestylers feat. Pendulum - Painkiller (Noisia Remix)\n31. Jonny L - Back To Your Roots (Friction & K-Tee Remix)\n32. Congo Natty - I'm A Junglist\n33. Rusko feat. Amber Coffman - Hold On (Sub Focus Remix)\n34. Aphrodite - Stalker\n35. Aphrodite - ??\n36. Aphrodite feat. Deadly Hunta - Ganja Man VIP\n37. Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket - Jazz Tickles\n38. The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)\n39. Pendulum feat. DJ Fresh, Spyda & Tenor Fly - Tarantula\n40. ?? - ??\n41. THIS ONE !!! (Probably Aphrodite)\n42. Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me (Aphrodite Remix)\n43. Audio - Nil By Mouth\n44. Smooth - Rollercoaster \n45. T & Sugah - Get Mad\n46. Shimon & Andy C - Body Rock
Mike Vazovsky
SS'a не будет?
Moon Light
Hit's me right while i'm high @ the weekend ❤
Nicole Wagner
Thank You for this Amaze set to start my Wednesday!
Ondřej Meca
kde to je?Tam nikdo nepaři??? what the fuck ?
P'tit Ju
Trop fort l'ancient !!
Pascal ferré
Pavel Masta187
запись звука УГ - удалите видос
Mental :)
Pol Psyho
D.n.B великолепен...только под него можно спортом заниматся ;))
Is There A Tracklisting Anywhere For This Set???? Any Ideas???? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? :-)
Robert Baumgartner
thx for whitney I was almost cryin
Roman P
куета ваш дрыньбас, вместе со сраным транцом! Музыка для девочек и школоты! Hardcore 4 life
legend killing the set
SteVen Allan
Your a cop
Steve F
Fucking smashed it.
Sylvian Gallet
not to mention that you are a such nice guy !!!
Terry Young
topviewz (dot))c0M is teh best site ton build your rep..
Terry-Anne MacDonnell
My favourite DnB Dj. Saw him at small venues in British Columbia, Canada,-Whistler and Vancouver-maybe 200 ppl each show; ages ago. Never danced so long. Both awesome shows, but please come back to Whistler and play a set like this. Thank-you.
Tема ))
Victoria Scott
awesome!\nthanks aphrodite!
Vince Marbach
award of the shitiest MC I've ever heard
Vincent Riquer
King of the beats sure rocked that place!
Wild American
Wow, nice lasers at a dnb set!
20:15 подскажите пожалуйста, два года ищу
I have loved this dude since 99 man. love how he can mix the old and new
this new wave electro sound is pretty empty and stupid boring pop! back to the roots!
jaymie lynn
can i come to moscow please?
jhonser orjuela
ayuda cual es del 25:15 que rola es ??
laslo lhara
melony west
dammit that's nasty... Scene Aphrodite's been everywhere from Zulu one of the last weekend in New Orleans at state Palace Theater to Atlanta to Charlotte at coyote Joes when Randy at hypersonic productions threw his last parties... One of my favorites is definitely dopeman remix
mjaðma hnikkurt
If you ever wants to come and wisit iceland to enjoy the island,best posible way!Is it all under you self!probeble😁please come to iceland!😎
I assumed this was a black guy all along...
Wow, this is such an amazing set. Aphrodite will be in AZ next Friday and I hope he kills it like he does this set!
44:07 i've heard Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket - Jazz Tickles ?
This dude has been wrecking decks since forever. A true legend who brought the sound far and wide, including the deep southern United States in the 90's. And he's still doing it, which is absolutely amazing. Big ups to the legend, the one, the only Aphrodite Almighty!\n\n\nEdit: I'm from Alabama (USA), and saw Aphrodite live in Dothan, AL and Atlanta, Ga twice as well. Just wanted to put into perspective the fact that Aphrodite has been doing this for 20+ years, worldwide, like a motherfuckin' boss. From the deepest part of the southern US, to Moscow Russia, Aphrodite has championed the UK DnB/Jungle sound for all.
v b
track ID - 28:00, 32:50\n thanks
dope set man. tracklist anyone...?
Александр Кривошеев
Можт уже кто-нибудь запарится сделать трек лист?) Ну пжлста)
Андрей Максимовских
and next one please, shazam doesn't know them
Григорий Морозов
Это было божественно!
Евгений Малханов
бас отсутствует
Евгений Николаевич
Крутой, как и 15 лет назад )))
Ильдус Минияров
Рассакалбасс на 27 мин )))))
Иля Попов
I remember him from 2000 with the Clear Channel track,it was amazing...
Павел Молчанов
Классика ))
николай ярец
Aphrodite как всегда отыграл на все 200 %.от некоторых треков аж мурахи по коже пробирали