Meat Loaf - It Do That)

Official video of Meat Loaf performing I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) from the album Bat Out of Hell II. Buy It Here:

(But Anything Do For I'd Loaf Love Meat That) Won't

Being hammered brought me here
American Outdoors
I'm 432 years old and still love this song
Anggoro E Saputro
I'm gonna do anythin' for love in this 2019,..
Anssi Martikainen
Anti Kapi
It was the song of me and my ex girlfriend... :'(
Antonio Castro
We will all do anything for love
Antonio Martinez Jr
At 41 I still feel like a young kid with this song classic
Ash Brace
I've had so many onesomes with that woman
Benny Bowers
Beauty and the Beast
Bessie Clay
The greats song 2019
Big O
Its a rock version of Beauty and the Beast
Cannot understand how a timeless rock classic gets 9k dislikes!
Carmen Daley
Life would be a mistake without music
Carmina Valencia
Watching this in Nov.2018, Still Epic ♡♡♡♡ :-)
Channon Knight
I've had this on repeat for 20 minutes, still rocking out Strong 🤟🤟🤟🤙🤙🤙🤙 2018 this song will never be appreciated by so many future youth but Got Dammit my kids now know GOOD REAM MUSIC ( KIDS IN BACKGROUND SAYING MOM CAN YOU TURN IT DOWN YET I GET IT ITS A GOOD SONG) LOL
I miss the 80s and 90s when men and women still loved each other.. So much hate these days how the hell did it get so bad?
Clemency Fane
Thanks to Meat Loaf, and to Jim Steinman for writing so much awesome music 🙂
Commiekiller Crew
making my bf sit through the whole playlist 2019
Conrad Duren
That moment when the beast was released from the curse then realize he looks like Meatloaf :'(
Curtis Stole
Who's the women in this? She may be the best part.
D man
Finally un uncensored full version that I once saw on MTV as a child. Miss those days, but my memory of this song was her bust and corset in 4th grade lol
My wife said .... do those dishes... my answer was....??????
Driel B.
And I would do anything for love\nI'd run right into hell and back\nI would do anything for love\nI'll never lie to you and that's a fact\n\nBut I'll never forget the way you feel right now\n- Oh no -\n- No way -\nAnd I would do anything for love\noh I would anything for love\nI would anything for love\nBut I won't do that,\nNo I won't do that\n\nAnd some days it don't come easy\nAnd some days it don't come hard\nSome days it don't come at all\nAnd these are the days that never end\n\nAnd some nights you're breathing fire\nAnd some nights you're carved in ice\nSome nights you're like nothing I've ever\nSeen before, or will again\nAnd maybe I'm crazy\nOh it's crazy and it's true\nI know you can save me\nNo one else can save me now but you\n\nAs long as the planets are turning\nAs long as the stars are burning\nAs long as your dreams are coming true-\nYou better believe it!\n\nThat I would do anything for love!\nAnd I'll be there till the final act\nAnd I would do anything for love!\nAnd I'll take the vow and seal a pact\n\nBut I'll never forgive myself if we don't go all the way\nTonight\n\nAnd I would do anything for love!\nBut I won't do that!\nNo I won't do that!\n\nI would do anything for love\nAnything you've been dreaming of\nBut I just won't do that...\n\nI would do anything for love\nAnything you've been dreaming of\nBut I just won't do...\n\nAnd some days I pray for Silence\nAnd some days I pray for Soul\nSome days I just pray to the God\nOf Sex and Drums and Rock 'N' Roll\n\nAnd maybe I'm lonely\nThat's all I'm qualified to be\nThere's just one and only\nOne and only promise I can keep\n\nAs long as the wheels are turning\nAs long as the fires are burning\nAs long as your prayers are coming true\nYou better believe it!\n\nThat I would do anything for love!\nAnd you know it's true and thats a fact\nI would do anything for love!\nAnd there'll never be no turning back\n\nBut I'll never do it better than I do it with you\nSo long\nSo long\n\nAnd I would do anything for love\nOh, I would do anything for love\nI would do anything for love\nBut I won't do that, No\nNo. No, I won't do that!\n\nI would do anything for love\nAnything you've been dreaming of\nBut I just won't do that...\n\nI would do anything for love\nAnything you've been dreaming of\nBut I just won't do that...\n\nI would do anything for love\nAnything you've been dreaming of\nBut I just won't do...\n\nBut I'll never stop dreaming of you every night of my life\nNo way\n\nAnd I would do anything for love\nBut I won't do that\nNo I won't do that\n\nLorraine Crosby: Will you raise me up?\nWill you help me down?\nWill you get me right out of this Godforsaken town?\nWill you make it all a little less cold?\n\nMeat Loaf: I can do that!\noh no now I can do that!\n\nLorraine Crosby: Will you cater to every fantasy I've got?\nWill ya hose me down with holy water - If I get too hot?\nWill you take me places I'll never know?\n\nMeat Loaf: I can do that!\noh no now I can do that!\n\nLorraine Crosby: After a while you'll forget everything\nJust a brief interlude, and down a mid-summer night's fling\nThen you'll see that it's time to move on\n\nMeat Loaf: I won't do that\nI won't do that\n\nLorraine Crosby: I know the territory - I've been around\nIt'll all turn to dust and we'll all fall down\nSooner or later you'll be screwing around\n\nMeat Loaf: I won't do that!\nNo I won't do that!\n\nAnything for love\nOh I would do anything for love!\nI would do anything for love!\nBut I won't do that!\nNo I won't do that...
Earl Stephens
2018 this classic shall NEVER die
Edson Santos
Meatlof is still alive!!!
Emanuel Silva
2060 and still loving it.
Eric Newman
I am in a way glad a time machine dont exist. I would be spending too much time in the past reliving these moments. Times goes by just too fast.
Fabiola Bravo
When youtube suggest 360p music videos with millions of views you just entered the good-music-section.
Hazel West
What I wouldn,t do is build walls in between us, I,d rather build bridges instead,that's my opinion anyway.Enjoyed listening Andy West A.K.A Black ice p.s keep it cool and keep it real yo
Isura Nilupul Kulathilake
My girlfriend wants me to throw out my Meatloaf disk. I would do anything for love, but I won't do that \u003c3
J Winchester
Just turned 25. I'm totally okay with this being the song at UK Number 1 the day I was born. Folks back then knew what good music was.
November 2018 ... And still ♡ it!!!
Janeth Yusuph
How Much to love you,I will do anything for love yeah
Jim Davis
I so want a floating chaise lounge
John Carey
This is an opera
John hennessy
What a song wrote by a genius (Jim Steinman) and performed by a Legend, please lads do one more
Joseph Mort
Yes, the song that proved that you can be a huge psyco creep but as long as you have a mansion and tons of wealth in it you're fine.
Kenny Fernand
2018 and i cant get enough.
For the people confused, here is a break down of the things Meat Loaf \
Krimson Skies
back when MTV Videos used to cost a Million bucks..Classic.. :)
Kristijana Fersen
Was für ein tolles lied in den 90zigern sage ich die frau Kristijana Fersen
Kylie Pollert
Hard to believe this was Meat Loaf's only #1 hit on the Hot 100!
Lisa Bontel
Lukáš Kalita
November 2018, who with me?
Matthew Knight
His name is Robert Paulson.
Matthew Odle
Still want my necklace back.
Michael Loran
December 2018 🎄🎄🎄
Michael Stenta
Meat is the man!!!!!
Mike Fowler
Anybody else’s lady tell them I’d do anything for love but that!!! All I said was butt.....
If you didn't know this song before sausage party you don't appreciate good music
Muffin Head Stephenson
This song takes me back to the days of not being born yet
Nicole Collins
One of my all time favorite songs period!!!
Ninfa V.
❤❤❤👐✌💛💛💛love this song meatloaf👐
Nky London
It's 2018 and I still don't know what \
Norman MacFarlane
I’m 79 and still love this song
One of my all time favs - Thx Mr. Meat Loaf
Richard Lalhriatpuia
One of the greatest song
jesus, put that mask back on
I remember buying the cassette yes I said cassette just for the song
My ex girlfriend asked me to throw out my Meatloaf album collection.\nI'll do anything for love... but I won't do that.
Simmo 1979 Jamie
Nearly 2019 still Sound 😎
Anyone from LoadingArtist stream?
Suchit Bhattarai
who is listening october 2018 ?
Supercar Advocates
2017 and still a masterpiece
Susan Horner
Meat loaf is my kind of man love his songs. Im 36. Yeah its older than my age. But this music brings back so fun times .
Tacy Geneau
I do anything for love fall part
The Lichemaster
Not watched the video of this song in years, still brilliant. And the music? Well that just improves with age.
heard this song in the car today and came back to it lol
This video was copyrighted 1993. That makes this the 25th anniversary. 25 years!
Theo Kharisma
Back when MTV used to show videos.
TonyII Baxter
5:51 best!
Trellie s.s. Rose
If Christine gave Erik a real chance.
Trevor C
Meat Loaf says that the question, \
I was born in the German Democratic Republic. The Singel was on my first cassette which I bought on our first family vacation, after reunification. There's so much emotional memory in there ... Every now and then tears come along because he's just perfect ... and I was 14 ...
Xoan García
Great Rock N´Roll songs would never die, this emotion, this emotion you would not kill, you can´t kill the greatest energy!
allison roehm
angela tr
I like it when a song tells a story, this one does and it's beautiful 😊
T.E.A.R.S @rocketbeanstv
blue lobster
anyone here just to see what he won't do?
dadark wolf
She is so beautiful when she sings her part in the video..
eine Person
Who is listening to this great song in 2019???!!
I've always loved this song, it always gives me goosebumps. Probably my favorite of all his songs. Gotta love the girls from Bram Stoker's Dracula though
Fun Fact:this is directed by Michael Bay.
ian kendrick
One of the great meat loaf tunes of the 90s sounds great with volume up while driving proper man music from a great decade for music 😎😎👏👏
james lucero
Dynamite! Rock'n rolls version of beauty and the beast! The original even... er... mtv version
jim mcdowall
Christmas eve 2018 🎅👍🌲🍷 still a classic 👌
josefina rebacca
The bed scene reminds me of the vampires in bram stoker's dracula movie .
legoman 1695
My ex girlfriend told me to throw out my legos I would do anything for love but I won’t do that
marhayes dwayne
Hi just a quick comment. Meatloaf one of greatest of all time! Im 38yrs old. When i was 12 My uncle passed away in a car wreck. He fell asleep driving. When we went to get his Belongings out of his truck in the cassette player he was listening to meatloaf bat outta hell! Thats what was playing when he died. I have that cassette still and listen to it often. So when i hear meatloaf i smile and say i love you incle maurice!!:)
The song thats been #1 in my heart since i was a little boy and he gave my eardrums a never ending stream of tears 😢
10k people disliked this video...I guess they are the one's that wont do \
sharon gerber
this song is true
tom varley
Who’s listening in 2018?
Анна Васильева
Возможно я тупая не пойму смысл клипа или в клипах смысла не ищут?))\nПроизведение цепляет я про музыку и 20 лет спустя. 💓
андрей мельник
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