How to Sound Cooler in French

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Up your French street cred with these tips on how to sound a whole lot cooler when you're in France!Books, movies, and websites we actually used to learn French: SNAPCHAT: damonandjoPERISCOPE: damonandjo

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- eniotna -
Half of the viewers are french speakers who wants to feel smart
1 bias , 6 bias wrecker
if you wanna sound cooler just say \
A. Fumble
Non. Mais non n'apprenez pas ca aux gens... Parlez français comme on vous l'apprend.. Etre cool c'est pas parler comme un analphabète
Alex Cope
what does \
Amélie Le Roux
In the younger generation, 15-25, people will use \
Arantxa de Antu
C'est pas vraiment un accent de la rue, c'est plus un accent québécois et c'est comme ça qu'on parle au Québec et à Montréal, Canada
Awesomekgirl 777
Je suis un fille \u003c literally all of the French I know!XD
Blustery Bumblebee
Well, like in English, we have a whole range of different words to say yes. oui/ouais/ouip/ouaip/ui and last but not least \
Brosse Adam
hi\nsorry for the bad english
Bénédicte Brou
This is sooo interesting to watch ( native french speaker talking) 😂
C. Cracawesome
ive been improving my french by watching french youtubers (i learn better when verbally) but they honestly speak SO FAST so its heaven sent when i stumbled on your videos. you guys are ace !!!
sauf que là si tu parle à un prof par exemple tu vas passer pour un malpolis.. \
Charlie M.P.
As a french woman, I was skeptical clicking on this. But I must say, all of these are right on. Well done for noticing all this!
Coca Colas
Typical french phrase: \
Eden Zak
I'm a native French speaker, this was so entertaining hahahaha (I speak Belgian French though but these \
Effy L
You're so cuuuute and your french pronunciation is awesome
Elena P.
So as a German I'm watching an English video on how to speak French... What's wrong with me?
Eliot Mini
Eloise O'Connor
to sound cooler in french: \nMeuf- girl\nmec- guy\nGrâve- very \n\n(e.g La meuf était grâve belle mec - Dude, that girl was super hot)
Fa Fia
Everyone says \
Florence Palmero
You can sound cooler by saying \
man i need to learn french right before i can do this lmaooo
François Talbot
Use \
Bonjour.\n\n\n\nLiterally all i know.
Ghgh Hor
in French we say \
Grot Tchew
Add some mais, vieux, vieille, cho, bruh, broken english etc. Aw, Ca c'est cajun pas parisian. Ma bad.
Issy Smt
my friend from Monaco learned me this \
Un truc que je dis souvent c'est au lieu de \
Jean-Pierre Coffe
I have 1 keyword for keep it fluent which is \
Jimmy Triplesec
hey guys great job. If you wanna sound like a true french you gotta put t'sais (tu sais) at the end of sentences juste like the english y'know. example: nan mais t'sais, j'etais pas la, j'etais au bar. Et la t'sais ya cette meuf avec son mec t'sais qui .... yeah mec and meuf is slang for boy or girl and makes you cooler. so t'sais mec and meuf will not make you sound cleverer, but at least more french ;)
Jo Ama Mon Nom
I am a genuine French native speaker but my family always emphasized on being formal and polite......Therefore, I always say \
Je m'attendais pas à ce que cette vidéo soit aussi bien 😂 vous parlez super bien Français tous les deux!
Just Nivek
c'est moche de dire \
Just wanna be rich
R u guys dating?? Omg I ship you two so much
Karl A.
Je suis chaud :D\nI don't speak french
Katha Hauptmann
Merci beaucoup! I don't know why but I feel like learning French right now 😂
This is a very informational video and i love the energy, but it's quite fast paced I got lost sometimes \u003e.\u003c either way keep making these unique videos
So, this is coming from a french guy, while it is more common and less forced to speak with contractions and \
Kim Dongsaeng
lmao I swear I thought the guy was a frenchie and I speak French .-.
Kyary Love
Je ne suis pas trop d'accord pour \
Libre Penseur
Cool expression \
Lou Nana
I'm French and this video makes me realise how french should be difficult to learn when it's not your language . x)
Lukas Gambus
The \
I'm french and everything that you say in this video it's right good job
when you're french you dont say \
French teens tend to put \
Mephista Pheletica
I'm a native French speaker and your video is awesome!! You're really good at French
Meriem O
if I can help you sound \
Miss Carry
Its a nice video but remember: its \
Myriam S.
seulement est remplacable par juste et c'est pas chuis mais jsuis
Nana Love
you are so funny, and all you say is true.\nWe also say \
Nany's Music
Drop that NE, NE,NE 😂😂😂I’m never gonna forget this!!
Naomi Maury
Hey i'm french but us the french or the majority of the french love so much the accent of the American or the British when they speak French and it's so coller when they talk the right french . In fact us(the french), we do errors of langage when we say \
Nathalie Astier
Ure so right guys!! je n'avais pas réalisé qu'on maltrait tant les règles des grammaires en français 😅 Sorry? !
Owl Phoenix
why tf am I here ? im a native french speaker...
add \
Piano Jazz Fr
you can say: \
this is great, give these guys a baguette
Rama Nouman
It's cooler to say \
Reckless. USA
I m french so Could you do this for the English , like the things in English we can t learn in school?\nMerci , super vidéo ;) c'est drôle de vous voir parler français et je suis d'accord avec tout sauf peut être l'ajout du \
Roi Heenok
In you wanna sound cool when meeting people ( especially young ones), just add \
Rox B.
why am i watching this i already speak french
Rudeus Greyrat
J'aime mettre mon pénis dans des yaourts (dans des yaouuurts yeah)\nBanane, pêche ou bien natuuure, même avec de la garnituuure\nEt peu m'import si l'on me juge, le yaourt est mon seul refuge\nJe mettrai mon pénis dans un yaourt, oh oui!\n\nSing this you sure will sound really cool in french #WTC33
Sara Adouani
J'adore! Vous parlez super bien français et vous êtes assez cute tout les deux. Ça donne envie de continuer à vous regardez :)
Simiane C
I gotta say I'm French and these are true. And you guys sound so good
Solène Buche
Solène R
You should say \
The Narrow Path
wow Haitian creole really is different from french.\n\n*cries in Creole*
french people be like \n\n\
Je suis Français et tout ce que vous dites est à 100% vrai ^^. C'est génial quand vous avez dit \
If you want to look cooler in France just say that you are American 😂
Very Indian Parisian
i'm french from Paris and i've just discovered this channel ! omgg you guys are so fuuuun ! it's so cool, i really love your videos and i totally agree with you ! i suscribed ! and you speak a really good french :D
Zayda Cortez
This is the REALEST lesson, EVER!
alx_ gbln
Faite d'autre video toute en francais
don't forget my friends : fdp = i love you
c'est moi la licorne
Woaw Amazing video ;)\nalso if you really wanna speak \
In our French 2 class, we learned that lots of people in France shorten words with a \
You guys are so fun and entertaining to watch! I started learning French a month ago and your videos are great at explaining da rules into easy relatable tips! Very much appreciate these French videos. Please post more!
Mais mdr, la fille parle mieux français que le prof de français\nSorry man, but she has a better accent than you...
i would let ban sin of greed destroy me 100%
Jpasse ma vie à regarder ce genre de vidéo pcq j'adore voir des gens galèrer a parler français ça mfait me sentir bien mdrr
I watched this a year ago and I still remember not to say \
I remember watching this video when I first starting french class. 2 years later I understand everything they say in french
In Québec (especially in the south) we replace the word ''donc'' in the middle of a sentence with ''fait que''\nSo instead of saying ''Marc est malade, donc il est encore chez lui'', we would say ''Marc est malade, fait qu'il est encore chez lui.\
lindsey greco
All the dislikes are the enraged teachers
L'accent du mec est presque natif, c'est troublant. Je ne savais pas pendant une minute s'il était Français ou Américain!
i'm french and this video would drive french teachers here crazy lmao
A friend of mine just showed me your channel and oh. my. god. I already love it ! \n\nAs for the video, I'm French and I totally approve this kind of content 'cause I feel like every foreigner learns the \
not the danger
You guys are so damn charming, so glad this dropped in my suggested videos
oi...i'm french...but you sound way better then i do
phil trash #2
I am an actual french™ why am I watching this I have a math test tomorrow why am I such a procrastinator
trick pas
1:21\nI had to make a precision.\nWhen you speak french\n-\u003edrop the ne\nbut when you write\n-\u003ewrite the ne
Omg! This is all so accurate. These are great but a few more things I learned from a year in France was-\n\nGenre (jjar)French people use it sort of the same way English people use like, so \
《 GReY GhosT 》
Thats cool ♡ \nAm french and my cool words are : je te kiff ( i like you ) or je suis oklm ( Relaxing ) ...
if you wanna learn yo south west french you need to say \