Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Origin of All Items

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate contains many items from many different games. In this video, we're going to find out where every item came from and how it looked and behaved in its first appearance.1080p 60fps gameplay by Nintendo UnityOur YouTube Network: |

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You should make a character taunts origins
Adrian Valadez
Some of them are wrong dude \nBut still cool video
Alexis Castellanos-Ruiz
Why is it bad using the master ball like that its not that big of a deal
Amanda Bickley
Grass came from animal crossing
Origin of all final smashes but yoshi final smash got melee opening
Awesome Possume
I cant believe they put grass in smash ultimate
Canal Play Channel
Master ball in magikarp
Captain Universe
Thank you 😊
Catlink 37
Isnt the timer clock from Mario bros 2?
the food is from tomodachi life, it has the same look.
Chingiz Mukhitov
You forgot Beastball it was originnaly in Super Mario 3D World
Chito Zerep
Christopher Edwards
Nice video✊
Cynda Stuff
The Franklin Badge actually originated from EarthBound Beginnings
Daniel The Guy With a Not Creative Name.
Actually, the Bunny Hood appears first in Ocarina of Time.
Dat One Gal
This is a good video, I’d say it’s correct but the smart mine was inspired by 007 I think. If the soccer ball was inspired by Mario, I feel like the baseball could too. Also I think a timer has been used in Legend of Zelda to slow down or stop enemies. These items could go both ways and this video is still correct and useful. What I’m trying to say is good video!
what is the last game for special flag?
Could the food items also be from Kirby as well instead of being an original Smash item?
Eduardo Silva Santos
2:23 ouch
12:57 DUDE WHY!?!
Eric Kookie
I feel like all the dislikes are from people who didn't like you using that master ball.
F.M. The Creator
I died a little inside when you used the Master Ball on a Magikarp.
Fernando Carrasco
16:15 the clock of smash bros was from super mario bros 2
Fernando Pavez
I think the drill origin is from kirby 64: Cristal shards, when you fuse the abilities rock and spike
Gabriel Rodriguez
2:33 Dragoon is really easy to use
Some suggestions, perhaps if you do another version someday: show gallaga using it's tractor; it is the whole point of the item. Since blue shell became flying in later games, and other items change over time. It would be helpful to show appearances of major changes like that.
Gamiel 28
Lol I thought that Freezie was from ice climbers
God Magikarp
Actually bomber first appeared in the original Kirby’s dream land
Gooey the Dark Matter
2:20 I laugh to death when you caught that Magikarp with the Master Ball
The POW Block is an annoying Smash Bros item!
i just realized the food isn’t from tomadachi life
The bullet bill reference should have been from mario kart 8, or below, and above mario kart nes
13:54 to 14:09 scared me to stop playing Animal Crossing
Is the blue shell not back in this game or did I miss it
Jace Clegg
The boomerang actually hales from Super Mario Advance 4.
Isn’t the Remote Mine from Goldeneye/Perfect Dark? I guess it was never really confirmed.
Jarions Haidar
.do all meteors smashes in brawl plsplsplsplspls
Jeffrey O'Donnell
Oof Most of the items come from Mario, kid icarus, and Zelda\n\n\nEdit : Plus Kirby
Joe Balaich
5:51 to be fair I think this particular Bullet Bill originated from Mariokart Wii
José Félix Vásquez
Smash bros ultimate all Pokenons moves originals
Juan Quiroga
5:12 is wong, it's first appearance was in ocarina of time but it has no effect
Juan Rodriguez
The Franklin Badge is from MOTHER 1
Julie Aguilar
Why would anyone want to a catch a Level 5 Magikarp with a Master Ball?
Keiran Morton
The home run bat is from earthbound if I'm not mistaken. The sprout could be a reference to super paper mario, in the level with the cave men. And the food could be from kirby but it's a bit of a stretch. The black hole could also be from palutena's final smash in smash 4. But that's also a stretch. Barrels could be a reference to donkey Kong too. Great video though.
Kirby Hirby Gamer
I want that game
Kirk Linguini Hoodini the Cubone
The boomerang was actually first in Super Mario Advanced 4
Franklin Badge was is Mother 1
Lam Dang
16 minutes long about items.... THAT IS A LOT OF ITEMS
Lightning The Emolga
The drill can be in kirby as well...\n\n\nIn kirby 64 he can have abillity that make him abke to shoot drills
Louie Montes
The Lip's stick one made me sad :(
Lucas Ness Ninten Claus
What?why you use master ball on koiking(magikarp)??
2:24 \
The Stop watch is not originally from Smash brothers. It's actually from the original Zelda game as a item that could be dropped randomly by enemies. Getting one would stop all the enemies on screen.
Marice Gaming
2:24 Top ten mistakes you probably didn’t know you made.
Marimbamaster 69
Isn’t the party ball from super monkey ball???
Mario Mythes
Firstn’t, Great Video Nintendo Unity :) Orgin of Special Moves next? 2:24 😨😶 Master Ball on a freakin MAGIKARP!!?? (Thanks for the Heart btw 🙂)
Mario Ramirez
The stop watch is from Mario 2 and/or Zelda 1 and you can say the baseball is from Mario Baseball *shrugs*
Master Marx
You used. A Master Ball. ON A MAGIKARP!!!!!!
Adding the names of the games you are showing would sure help
Wrong \nThe Boomerang started off in Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3 as an E-Reader item.
Owi Game
3:44 why is it faerie
The soccer ball came from Mario Strikers? I always thought it came from soccer
Peterson Byrd
Bunny Hood was from OoT.\nBut It's powers were introduced in Majora's Mask.
Pikmin &
Great video, but the Franklin Badge originated from Mother 1, not EarthBound.
S Kyouya.
master ball on magikarp hurts for my eyes
Sonicice 24
There are so much items from Super Mario Bros. and that K8d Arceus game.
StarKnight 54
Super Wahoo Studios
The stop watch is from Super Mario Bros 2 and the barrel from Donkey Kong
ThunderBolt 1207
50% Game footage. 50% Kid Icarus Uprising
The banana gun actually is from Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, not a smash bros original
Twisted Fredbear
The bannana is more of a dk thing at the end
16:19 well I think that the golden ball, or whatever it’s called, may be from Kirby’s return to dreamland
Didnt knew that grass and soccer was invented by Nintendo. Good to know
Villager of SmashVille
Apparently a Soccer Ball originated from a Mario sport title.
Waheed Abdullah
If only the Banana Gun had an origin in a Donkey Kong game
Weez Deez
Damn i didn't know they made the soccer ball from mario strikers into a real thing
XxShiny JirachixX
Good job, bro!
Yann Konde
Isn't the black hole from Kid Icarus uprising? Like Palutena's Final Smash
The baseball could be from Super mario 3d world instead of Smash original
Yukio 211
As soon as I saw master ball on the Magikarp I died inside and out
The party ball is in kirby super star. if you swallow an enemy that doesn’t give kirby a power, the party ball shows up with confetti in the character icon
*This is excelent*
annie Skywalker
I thought that the drill came from Kirby 64
bomber Yoshi white
Too many items from Kid İcarus Uprising
Isnt Beehive in a Marip Party 2 Minigame? You have to avoid these and only collect the coins and fruits.
koopa 164
Also I didn't know the gust bellow was from Zelda. I thought it was from Kid Icarus.
tarandus Mesotopus
Álvaro 857 xD bailon escobar
This is in animal crossing
I think the foods are from Tomodachi Collection
3:08 GR ASS
awesome video!