All Out Life

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All Out Life Slipknot

*Action Family Customs* my neck hurts.
4200time B
Adam Turner
I hear custer, pulse, the negative one and im very happy about it ! .... welcome back 9 !! ❌
I cant wait for the rest!
Anonymous We Are A Legion
*goes to the hospital for a broken neck* \
Anthony Bohnet
Critics say this is not part of the album
Anthony Clarke
Antonio Navarro
This sounds more like Vol. 5 and not Iowa that they promised.
Antonio Patrick
Brenan Willey
I felt a shiver down my spine and tears hardcore feels exactly heavy af slipknot is back and stronger than ever before
Brittia Palacios
What a way to celebrate a fking holloween morning!!!
Butter Croissant
This cure's my depression
Car Domain 2015 Corolla S
Really cool guys, I was so frickin pumped after hearing it , ( still am) I like the storm, frequency, that comes up in the beginning, slowly and longer than I expected. Really sick
Chance lane
Is this new NEW?
Chubaca 48
This isn't like IOWA it's The GRAY CHAPTER and a little bit subliminal verses
Dan Roberts
For everyone saying this sounds like Iowa. I encourage everyone to go listen to Iowa. This sounds like gray chapter. Corey says in every interview (when they're going to release a new album) it going to be heavier than Iowa. Or some sort of mix from past records. Go back and check into his interviews. It's always the same \ncomparison. Just to give us the fans something to anticipate. This is a good song that has gray chapter vibes and volume 3.
Daniel Gibeault
3:20 pulse of the maggots vibes anyone
Daniel Krüger
Happy Halloween, thank you for this song \u003c3
David Vergara
Master piece ❤️❤️❤️ i love it
Demonic Bastian
I head banged to the point of my neck hurts
Dougnut Dough
Trump is the best president of all time.
Durpness Sucks
Duuuude this is like the lovechild of Iowa and The Gray Chapter!! I LOVE THIS!!! 🤘🖤
5 minutes and 40 seconds of pure penetration
This song makes me wanna lick my finger when turning the page on an iPad
What does Corey think about this ?
Slipknot was my first metal band, I have found way heavier bands since then and I was curious to see what their new and heaviest album could sound like, if this is any indication of how heavy the album will be then this just sounds like the previous album. Heaviness isn't the only thing I look for in metal but \
Isaac Heavener
If Iowa and gray chapter had a baby. Then the speech comes with the chant of a thousand maggots that gives us that nostalgic Vol. 3 sound. Simply perfection in a track.
Jared Hoeft
I'm not into it. Sorry :( sounds like a rejected track from The Grey Chapter. Hopefully their 2019 album sounds nothing like this.
Jason Green
Happy Halloween maggots! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Jeremy Watanabe
This song kicks ass!!! It sounds like a lot of their Previous albums mixt into one song! Old school Slipknot vibe! They’ve never lost their touch
Joseph Rhodes
I think it's a mixture of 4 albums, not including their self titled I don't hear any self titled sounds in there. Song is great, i've waited several years, for this we all have. Now we wait for the rest of the album. 🤘🤘🤘
Josh McGuire
I hear a little Iowa in this. Welcome back Slipknot
Great song. I’m not saying it’s bad but there’s definitely better songs to come from this album. Hopefully that is the cover of the album. It looks fucking awesome.
Justin Riley
This song seems to have a little bit of everything from their previous albums. The drums near the end sound like Vol. 3, The guitars sound like Iowa, the vocals sound like .5. \n\nGreat Halloween gift, Great way to get me excited for the new album.
Kasper Rottbøll
Great song. A mixture between Three Nill and Custer i feel like.
Katia Bass
It reminds me of their old stuff and I love it
Kris Cody
I just listened to this, full volume, graphic design class, I AM PREPARED!!
L.S. Pig
0:38 Now THAT sounds like Slipknot!!
🤘🤘 Excelente
Leon S. Kennedy
AHHHH OH MY GOD!!! Finally a song since 2014.
Liam Mack
The Negative One + The Blister Exists + Iowa Style Lyrics.
Lorenzo Barichello
Primus suc... Oh, wrong video
Mac Martin
Stop campaigning and just jam.
Marijn Kieboom
sounds similar with the negative one, i totally love it
Matt Rose
I don't really get the Iowa comparison with this song. I'm sure the rest of the album has an Iowa feel, but this song reminds me of pure Gray Chapter/AHIG days. Great song though, I just don't see the Iowa comparison.
Matthew Carrizal
This is absolutely amazing & badass.
So freakin heavy, I love it. Guitar and bass tone is perfect, lyrics are unforgiving, the drumming is thundering. Cannot wait for their album to release, let alone their next tour!
please stop comparing this to their other works. new material, guys. not old.
Is this Iowa 2?
Nathan Mag
Pure heavy metal gold 😍😍😍
Nidd Hogg
who has better album covers slipknot or cannibal corpse
Nordi Mejia
I dont want another Iowa album. I just want another great slipknot album. Thats all. This sounds promising.
Only One
Today? 22 Years anniversary of MFKR!
I really appreciate the heavyness of this kickass song!
Patrick Hamning
A little bit of old, a little bit of new\n\nI love it
Production Riddle
los estuve esperando tanto tiempo 😭🇲🇽😍
SS3Klk Saiyan
...I'm sorry but since Paul (RIP) and Joey left slipknot they're not what they used to be. I couldn't stand grey chapter! All the drum hooks were exactly the same and it is Nothing compared to the first 4 albums..happy they're able to keep going. Hopefully this isn't just another grey album...
Sam Mitchell
I love how you can hear parts of many other slipknot songs thrown in. Damn. This has got me hyped. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album when it drops.
Sarius 656
3:15 who was remembered of \
Shane Dreyer
God I CANNOT wait to see the new masks when the new album comes out!!!
Shane Robarge
corey good to see you think slipknot is good again \u003e:D in other words, WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shivs Wilson
Well now my neighbors know who Slipknot is
SleepFor10Hours or don't
Why is everyone hating on this song!?
While this is amazing, when the new album comes out, I don't think it will be the best song.
Spencer Bf
Sweet jesus I love Jays use of a single kick for four bars and then back to the double bass groove at 2:04
Steven Whitear
Who else early?
Thad 1990
We are not your kind
The Mexican Boi
I'm getting a sarcastrophe vibe off this song. Anyone else feeling it?
The Plaguemaster
I feel the Iowa coursing through the veins of this song
Timothy Walker
DAMN! Slipknot’s still got it. I wonder what their gonna call the album?
Tom Calnan
Well that gave me an erection. Like if it gave you an erection as well.
I'm getting All Hope Is Gone and Iowa vibes from this
Tyler Krug
Another perfect song from Slipknot. Was there any doubt?
U R A wanker
Veton Ademaj
The Negative One + The Blister Exists = All Out Life
Víctor ortega
1:18 That's all you need to know that Slipknot is back
Westin Mcclister
Anyone else feel like hitting an empty keg with a bat?
William Cranke
Really cool song. Definitely heavily similar to .5, but also has a hint of Vol. 3 in the middle
Corey Taylor 2018: “We are not your kind!”🤘🤘
Zodles Zodles
If this is what their album is gonna be like, then I'm ready for the pits of hell to open at their concerts
Kinda let down. Hopefully I'll like the other songs
baby Jesus
That cover is insane
cory asonic
The Boys are back
It really is a happy Halloween. Merry Christmas everyone.
fred Destruct
Yaeeeerrrrrrrr ! Sa dechire !! Bon début pour se futur album !!
Can you image someone who's never seen or heard Slipknot before, hearing this for the first time as their intro to the band? Better yet, how about them opening a set with this!?!
jerome scanavino
joey adis
I like it lyrically, it's kindof an attack on metal elitism
josh5130 josh5130
Anyone else living the All Out Life?
Damn. One of the best birthday presents I could ever get. Oh yes.
Not too bad. This one sounds more nu-metal than the rest, I hope to hear more heavy hitters like Iowa on the actual studio record
Антон Старовойтов
Best Halloween Ever. Paul would be proud
• Cheiseld •
...and it’s Iowa levels of heavy... LETS GOOOOOOOOOO
I feel like this song is a mix of all of their albums. It's too damn good.