MOTH SEX GUIDE: Handpairing the Atlas moth (Attacus atlas)

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Ali Universe
Like this if you’re here because the moth meme
Cheese the cow fish b
This did not work for me
Great job! You got them to couple. Nice! It must be really nice having these huge moths flying around your house. Sadly I can't get them here in the U.S. The biggest moth we have here is the Cecropia. We do have Lunas and I would like to start with those.
Federica Freddy Rota
how do i do this work whit Saturnia pyri? I'm desperate, my moth dont want to do sex :(\nit's the second year that i try to mate this specie...
Letticia Rosado
Whoa! Moth sex! Interesting!
Lou D
Mr. Lemon
love the song XD
Roots truth seeker.
Will polys and cecropia breed through a laundry basket?
SomethingDifferent 77
butterflies of indonesia
How long the mating lasts?
kitkat 67
How long do they remain paired?
Русская рыба
How old does a FEMALE butterfly have to be before you can hand pair her?