The Best of Blind Auditions The Voice US 2018 | The Voice Season 14

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This is so amazing. I think that's better than the season before.➤ The Best of Blind Auditions The Voice US Season 14: 1. Kathie Lee and Hoda Blind 2. Britton Buchanan- “Trouble”3. Christiana Danielle- 'Hotline Bling'4. Hannah Goebel- 'If I Ain't Got You'5. Jaclyn Lovey- 'Can't Help Falling In Love'6. Johnny Bliss- 'Preciosa'7. Justin Kilgore- 'Tomorrow'8. Kelsea Johnson- 'Like I'm Gonna Lose You'9. Pryor Baird- 'I Don't Need No Doctor'10. Stephanie Skipper- 'Piece By Piece'11. Terrence Cunningham- 'My Girl'➤ SUBCRIBE Len Ken Channel:

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That is crap that they can block other judges
Aaron David
Alana Imboden
I don’t like the blocking idea ; what about if the contestant likes the judge who has been blocked .
Not liking this whole \
Ana Shrugged
I don't like this whole blocking thing. Just let the contestant choose! Did someone think about them - the contestants? Apparently not.
Annie Leonhardt
Girls reaction made the guys curious
Why do UK voice Channel clips have disabled comments lol. Weak.
Belinda de Jager
the blocking sucks - what if a contestant wanted that judge????? no man - badddddd
Benjamin Rosseland
The block option puts doesn't just put a block on a specific coach, it also has the potential to block the contenstant's dream...
Brody B
The duo in the first video knew the coaches, they aren't actually going to be in the season\nThey are already famous, didn't anyone notice Kris Kardashian ?
Camila Godoy
I'm from Argentina and I love the program, I'm from Buenos Aires, from the interior. Greetings to the one who reads !!
Christof Smaul
This series should be about the singers not the coaches... when someone is really good the reward always was that they could choose in who's team they want. \
Cup Of Tea
Duo at first really bad, but they both got 4 chairs turned around -_-\nI just have no idea :'v
DJ Mamah
I kinda like d blocked thing... Makes it more fun
Dara Mohd
is that kris jenner
Diego G. Oquendo
What is that of \
Dr. A.I. Kryptanical
I don't like these blocked buttons the fact is in reality they're taking away from the singer the choice to choose someone better suited to taking them under their wing and 13:20 was the last straw for me I can't bare to watch it, and it would be funny in any other scenario but blake was best suited to teach this guy and that chance was taken away I think it's messed up just for the sake of some dumb rivalry between judges!
Efrain Silubun
i love your sing that song so different, and amazing voice !!
Blocked! Lol. The lady in the red top and checkered dungereens, is sooooo beautiful, but my favourite was I can't help falling in love with you, she was amazing.
Gax Gamer
Greg Ventura
i can't stop looking at Alicia..\nBe mine
Hannah O
The first one is obviously a joke. They're both celebrities lol.
Hoàng Kim Việt
For the duo at first, the shorter lady sings better :0
I Never Watch Youtube
I am Anvario
The shittiest blind auditions ever if previous auditions were better this one is the worst, no more incredible voices...
IceC Bell
Omg... can we all appreciate the black girl singing hotline blink..... omg... she's so beautiful :3
Ipilane12 Frog
I spent some time without watching thewe lindo of videos....oh my, can not stop it now! Just wanna cru, sometimes jump, my mind is just so emocional now!
The way she changed hotline bling was legendary
Jan Kevin Johannessen
the blocked system is sort of rude for the contestants in my opinion.
Jangginlen Misao
Blake is like 'whats the matter with you'😂
Jhoe Mendoza
Jocelyn Shey
Beautiful collection
K zhimo
duo first one is better,...
Kumlumong Quingrü
Why Alicia look like she always trippin'?
I really don’t like the “Blocked” thing🤨
was the first one a joke
Imagine auditioning then the 1 judge that turns around is blocked xD
Leonil Berdin
i dont like that blocked thing..😥😥😥
Macy Siboni
nice voice
Marcel Schmitt
Fängt an mit zwei alten Krähen die sich kleiden wie 12 Jährige und dabei kann die dumm grinsende nicht mal ansatzweise was *OMG* musste abschalten, sorry
Marcin Puszkiewicz
First two are really joke and an inslult for the rest of talented people, who were rejected...
I wish Taylor Swift would be the next judge for next year's season.
Marie Berg
I LOVE how Curtis Stone is there, too 😂
i have no idea who those first people were, but the judges seemed to immediately recognise them.
Minh Hoàng Trần
Please, could anyone explain why a judge picked a singer, but the light-status is red \
Mini Panini
I for one love the block,its like watching a ball get slapped out of their hand.
Miss J.A
Kris jenner??
Miss Lani
Is this a Joke? 😖
Mohamed Ayew
10:20 Ernesto De La Cruz
Monika Schwab
first!! the right was great but sorry, the left sounds aweful
Muhammad Alizaini Badarudin
is that kelly clarkson?
Nadira Karnain
Omg.. is that matt damon? 😂😂
Nek Auxcel
What a spirit, the're living their lives to the fullest.\n#duo
OpangjamirOfficial jr
Hotline bling 😍😍😍😍😍 I got goosebumps now....
Ozayo Mamba
How do you change HOTLINE BLING into something greater than it already is, mind blowing.
PcKeeper Tekkboy
the first is cringe omg
Pedro Ferreira
i just gotta say this, the last dude is great but what's up with that haircut, how do you even go about getting something like that? Like you get do the barber and ask him for a donnut?
Pierre Poirier
i hate that Blake is so sure he'll get teh country artists that he waits until almost the last second most of the time. I am dreaming of a day when a country artist will make him py by going to the first coach that turns, and this coach wins it with him/her. that would show him
Pranav Shrestha
Wtf is with that 'blocked' rule? Why do they have to spice up even a singing show that's already very popular?
Rafaelle Teixeira De Oliveira
É muito bom
Reem Elmahi
I didn't understand the block thing?!! Could any one explain?
Rhema Rajen
Was that kris jenner? 😂
River Plate
Who the hell are those two old woman? Im from Argentina
Saul Kahwage
thats probably the best Hotline Bling cover i have ever listen to
The duo is a joke people. Don't get ur knickers in a twist. They are famous entertainers / tv presenters. Remember they can see the audience faces they would know something was up.
Sheikh Asif
that hotline bling now i can die
Who is the stupid woman with terrible voice at the beginning? And what dark secrets did she know about her duo partner so that she would let act with her?
Sophia Blank
The one who sang hotline bling. Stunning
Steven Brewer
Why didn't Kelly turn if she like the audition of \
Tamara Alves
05:36 I love her voice. 💕
Tan Zhao Feng
I know the first duo was a joke but what's the story behind it? 😯
The blue tiger Gaming!
Victoria Arisbeth
Is that Kris Jenner?😂
18:04 what voice that girl!!!!!
Waqas Iqbal
Just love this blocked system ❤️❤️😂😂
In the first one the other one ruined it
Yohan Da Costa
It's amazing Better than the season ♥
busy boy
their spirit is bigger then their talent.
dark lord
You should add the picking of the coach
datgal4rm Uganda Grec
Kris Jenner 😵😵
e s
Matt Damon 😳
ecney lovie
OMG... WTF that the first duo? This is ridicules joke LOL...
When blake got blocked and there was that adam-alicia fist bump EHEHEEEE
lalala lululu
Brynn Cartelli???
nazar dwdaw
what beauty Alicia
noel lavarez
Oh piece by piece❤❤
puji dwi lestari
Indonesian here's
raingampan kasar
I dont need no doctor... On fire
rojanadumrong akaradate
Love Alicia 😘😍
this season become more exciting😁😁😁
thibaud tordjman
9:42 Liam Neeson is there
Song Nr.1: 2/10 points. Nr.2: 8/10 points. Nr.3: 7/10 points. Nr.4: 8/10 points. Nr.5: 7/10 points. Nr.6: 7/10 points. Nr.7: 8/10 points. Nr.8: 8/10 points. Nr.9: 7/10 points. Nr10: 8/10 points. Nr11: 9/10 points. Sorry but no 10/10 :( Simon Cowell would give no offence :p
wala lang
I didn't know Matt Damon joined the blind auditions.
william mikich
The Alicia cover wow
Nice \nLovely \nAwesome \nAmazing \n❤️