Dance Moms: Mistakes,Fail,Problems and Errors

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Dance Moms Dance Moms Mistakes Problems and Errors Error Fail Mistakes Problems

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11:17 if she did it she would of gone of stage!
Abigail Peralta
Ok so is no one gonna talk about when Chloe did an aerial when she couldn’t see
Ae Zuong
14:52 what the hell? At least she doesn’t stop and stand on stage looking lost, she improvises and saves her routine
Allison Wruble
I love how when all the girls forget their solo they all start playing with there skirts!😂😂😂
Amy Smith
Abby smiles when Mackenzie gets hurt. Me: WWWWHHHHHAAAAAAAA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!😑
Anita Kisses
Vivi got like 3 seconds
Autumn Gaming
I wasn’t the only one that cried when Paige forgot “the one”...\n\n\n\n\n\n*i mean tears went down my cheeks*
Ava Flack
*Maddie:* forgets all of her solo \n*Abby:* its ok dont worry \n*Chloe:* forgets part of her solo\n*Abby:* YOU FORGOT IT ALL YOU DID AWFUL
Bambi Dance
OMG QUEEN VIVI she only made one mistake and some people say that all the other girls like Chole and Maddie were better than Vivi, but here's all the proof you need... LONG LIVE QUEEN VIVI👸🏽
Bechabay Golliow
( chloe has her headpiece on her eyes) she didnt miss any beat and her position is perfect
Blossom Cake
Every single person would say \
Blossom FieryFlower
You guys have to admit it’s super admirable when the music bugs out but the dancers keep going
1:03 what the music?? \n\n\n1:18 what the music???
Caitlin Mai
For Maddie’s solo oh could see them spinning the disc and messing up the music. The lady backstage said keep going.
Can we get 100 subs with no vids? Please
While everyone was looking at her falling nobody saw that maddie slipped on her turn one u missed
Carolyn Ryone
The one with Chole and her headband LOL like if u agree
Coming To A Theater Near You
What breaks my heart is that all the girls are terrified about Abby being mad. Not that thy messed up, they’re just genuinely terrified of what Abby will do to them.
All of the kids think: *Abby's gonna kill me*\nThey don't think of stuff like maybe I could go again :/
Technically Chloe’s mistake with the spacing was Maddie’s fault.
Daddy Shorts
*WARNING: Many hair pieces were possibly harmed during this show/seasons*
Dakota Hough
Wow Kendall is very mature about the music. She actually doesn’t forget she keeps going when the music is messed up☺️☺️😘😘😘
Dangerous Dares
2018 anyone \n\nNo, just me
Dilnoza Ismoilova
When Maddie started freaking out it sounded like she was being kidnapped!😂😂😂😂😂
Duckshoe 398
If you ask me personally these girls wear way to little clothes
Ellie /Olivia
9:00 MELISSA CRIED. Awh shes so sweet to Paige. 1 Like= 1% Confidence to Paige
Emily Lanzer
I still think that it is just amazing that chloe danced with her eyes covered
Emily Mitchell
It’s so sad how when these kids mess up, they’re scared for their lives to see Abby after. ☹️
Fenja Doolan
* talking to dance mum teacher * ( if i was there i would be like this ) YOU THINK YOU CAN GO AND SHOUT WHEN I WORK FOR YOUR HAPPINESS YOU SHOULDN'T have that job you shout when we could all quit when we make mistakes you shout
Gacha Girl
All of the hand stands and stuff is not dance it is gymnastics \n\n💃 Or 🤸🏼\u200d♀️ \nDance Gymnastics \n\nReply to me witch one is better i pick dance
Gacha Loaf
Abby needs to shut her mouth like if you agree
Gwen Schroeder
*When Chloe's headband was falling off*\nChristi: 😱😧\nKelly: 😂😂
Hakeem Wannabe
At 9:00 Melissa was crying when paige messed up her solo
Hannah L
It’s so sad how the first thing they say when they make a mistake is “Abby’s gonna kill me”
Hannah_Vlogster 101
Believe me this isnt all you did not inclide ABBY
Harry Potter
I’m sorry, but the part where Chloe’s headband thing was covering her eyes had me dead😂It was hilarious 😂
Hayleigh Willis
Ouch 4:18 looked like it hurt Chloe still dances beautifully tho ❤️ #chloeforlife like if u agree
Humna Chaudhary
The music stops a loy
Iris Devine
15:19 is no one gonna talk about how well we saved that!!
It’s Aleena Vids
These are like all Mackenzie
Jane Doe
Vivi was a horrible dancer and she clearly wasn't interested in dance either... she always played some prop or had some easy dance that required little or no effort.. I wish her mother stopped forcing her passion onto vivi
Jess Watson
Kindle is so good and poor maddie x x
Juana Jimbo
Why Abby is only nice to Maddie and not Chole 🤦🏻\u200d♀️
Julie Todaro
When Chloe’s hair band went in front of her face I was surprise she kept dancing!!
Katie Phillips
Sad they should of had a nuther tern like if u agree
Kawaii Potato
I kinda love 6:34 Maddie just runs and hugs the Music man its… just adorable tbh!
Kelly O’Dea
Jojo on her channel: I was on dance moms and it was the best few years of my life!\nJojo on dance moms: Abby’s gonna kill me
Kenzie Elingston
I think Chloe is a great dance and deserves better
Khloe Ramal
Omg when Kendall’s song stops Abby’s face when she starts dancing 😂
Kimberly Equestrian
Chloe dancing and doing flips basically blind folded is talent🔥🙌
Kitty puppy Lover
At 6:37 she was acting like she like dislocated her shoulder
Klio Griffiths-Watts
When Maddie runs off the stage Abby cries when everyone else forgets a part, Abby, doesn't cry. One day Abby should understand that whoever is the best dancer shouldn't be the favorite everyone is equal i m eyes
Libby Davies
I have it when the girls say that Abby's going to kill them they should not think that their dance teacher should kill them. It is sad!
Lilly B
so the first thing any of them says when they mess up is \
Lily Ann Production
Maddie forgot more solos than Paige!! And Abby is yelling at PAIGE, wow.
Madison Tranbarger
Just think Chloe did a dance blind folded. and not only that it was a trio but she was still on point with the other girls
Maryam Khan
At 0:50 Melissa was like its okay
Melissa Nassif
How do these girls fall on their butt and still get up and continue😂😂 tbh I wouldn't be able to even get up lol
Michaela the slime girl
video: *Chloe*\nme: yay!\nChloe's mom: Oh my god I'm gonna loose it\nme: uhhhh ok **sees chloe**\nme: 0_0
Middle Midnight
I think Maddie is the only girl that I saw that wants to do the dance again even tho she embarrassed herself..Oml I flipping like Maddie's dancing skillzzzzzz :3 (Brook and Paige just kinda look like twins..It's true ;-;)
Miriam Rose
I think that nia did a good job knocking the mask of in the beginning bc if it fell off in the middle she could have slipped on it\n\nEdit: who else thinks it’s sad and cute that when jojo forgot her dance and said Abby’s gonna kill me and kalani said no she won’t and jojo responded with yes she will 😂😭
Nurul Ihsan Nazim
I like that whenever the girls forget their dance the first thing the cameraman does is zoom in on Abby’s face😂
Olivia Davies
I got so scared when Chloe did her aerial with the headband over her eyes
Olivia Rawson
2:35 I could of cried I laughed that hard 😂 like if u agree 💖
You know how it goes.\nMy favorite dances tho\n\n0:Munich\n1:Helen Keller\n2:Suicide hotline\n3: Kinky Boots\n4:on the verge\n5:Black and blue\n6: Dance doctor\n7: Light as a feather stiff as a board\n8:Amber alert\n9:The Royals
Paws and Whiskers
Lol when Chloe’s headband was covering her eyes 😂
Peyton Bock
*Maddie: Forgets whole solo and runs off stage*\n*Chloe: Forgets a small part and keeps going*\n*Abby to Maddie: It's ok don't worry honey.*\n*Abby to Chloe: YOU FORGOT YOUR WHOLE SOLO AND DID TERRIBLE*
PuggyLover 77
It's so sad because the first thing the girls think and say if they forget their dance is:\n\nAbby's going to kill me or Abby's going to hate me\n\nThere scared for their lives it's so sad, like why does Abby do that to them. Dancing is meant to be fun I should know I'm a dancer.
04:47 when I try to do a leg lift
Queen Dai Land
Kendall: Stops cause her music stops but keeps going \nMaddie: Stops runs off stage and ask to go again\nAbby to Maddie: It’s ok baby you’ll be alright \nAbby to Kendall: Kendall what happened out there you ruined your whole number
4:14 you gotta admit, that was kinda funny 😂
Rainbowsugardoh Gaming
Chloe can do dance blindfolded that shows she good at dancing
Rainyy Day Productions
It’s the stress that Abby and the Moms are putting on these poor kids. They could be licking their lollipops and sleeping in everyday. But no. They’re forced to dance everyday by their money hungry, overdramatic mothers and Abby.\nRemember when Jojo said, “Abby’s going to kill me”? That just proves how much pressure and how much fear Abby and the mothers out in these poor, innocent children.
I mean it's ok every dancer makes a mistake
Sam And Tiff
Chloe is honestly a hero she literally did half a dance blindfolded like are ya kidding she is amazing!👏💕😊
Sarah Dos Santos
The thing that breaks my heart is that whenever they make a mistake, the only thing they think about is ‘Abby’s going to kill me ‘\n\nHoly shixt that’s a lot of likes! Thx x❤️
Sarah Ripley
6:35 that’s how scared the kids are from Abby that they are so scared they beg and pled to make their performance perfect so Abby doesn’t scream at them. Smh so sad
*Mckenzie's hair bow falls out*\nAbby:😴\n\n*Chloes hat falls off*\nAbby:😫😣😫😣😥😫😣😫😫😫😫😫😣😫😫😣😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😣😣😣😣😣😫😣😣😥\n\n*Maddies hair bow falls out*\nAbby:😣😫😣😫😣😥😫😣😫😫😫😫😫😣😫😫😣😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😣😣😣😣😣😫😣😣😥😫😣😫😣😥😫😣😫😫😫😫😫😣😫😫😣😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😣😣😣😣😣😫😣😣😥😫😣😫😣😥😫😣😫😫😫😫😫😣😫😫😣😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😣😣😣😣😣😫😣😣😥
Sticksie HCD
Kendall's biggest problem was music😅 aww
Suga/Min Yoongi BTS
Vivi's mistakes: Becoming a dancer
Supreme Boi
10:56 me when I'm home
The Gymnast J’s
Summary:\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nWe are all HUMAN!!! ❤️❤️❤️
The two Masketiers
Choe’s hat falls of her head on stage\nAbby flips out \nAsia comes out with her pant on backwards \nAbby’s ok\nOh just realised how old this is.... MY ENERGY WAS USED ON THIS COMMENT NOOOOO! Now no one will like it 😂
It's terrible how Maddie (and lots of others) were scared of Abby being mad at her! It's awful!!
Tumble Vids
Even though Abby said Chloe wasn’t good at acro she can still do an aerial blindfolded!😂
Typical Tassy
sorry Kendall i had to laugh @ 5:58 and Abby's reaction had me dead 😭💀!
Vincent Mcloughlin
When the blindfold was over Chloe’s eyes and she kept going it just shows that she knew her dance😊😊
I'm sorry but I never knew Abby was teaching Jojo how come no one told me
*Mistake Happens*\n\n*Immediately zooms in on Abby’s face*
_clockwork_ creepypasta_
I think they tryed and did well f*** what that lady said there awesome hate if you want but there little girls that are trying there best and i dont know wth there mom's and dad's think its okay for girls that age to be wearing so little of close my dad would kill me if he seen me in that type of stuff
alpha films
Chloe was a mile away cause she didn't want a microphone up her ass
ariani Labra
Jojo SIWA she was in the dance moms I came to watch dance moms WAY TO late
deareldercunningham andpeggy
11:50 what’s this one called?\n\nedit: What Comes Around (i think)
There's also Kalani's solo \
ima chicken nugget
Wow, 16 minutes of this.....
okay so i don't get abby's problem. they're children... they can't get everything perfect
lynn the noob girl
I hate VIVI