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Aidan WhyAmp
Do Death of a Game: Evolve
Alex Ferreiro
Something something \
Anime Bros AMV
Ohh i was waiting for this one :D Just started to watch the video but good job man :D
Archduke Crunch
Only wish it'd happened sooner.
Seeing how most of Telltale's games turn out the same and remain in a stasis regardless of what IP they're covering, I'm kind of glad they didn't do a Stranger Things. Don't get me wrong, I'd love an isolated non linear story involving a different Subject character than Eleven and a new narrative that isn't just the main story retold. But it looks like that's not what they were doing here, and maybe it would be best if a video game set in the Stranger Things' universe ended up in the hands of a different developer.
I always hated Telltale games. I thought they were waaaay overhyped. It has little to do with what they are advertised with (freedome of choice, etc.) if you look a little bit closer. This is proven best by trying to replay any Telltale game. The outcomes are basically always the same. It was a big disappointment when I found out about that.\n\nNow that I see the praise you gave The Wolf Among Us, I am even more confused. This was the Telltale game that gave me the biggest disappointment. I remember playing this game and Minecraft: Story Mode, but seeing that the latter is supposed to be one of the best, I don't even want to imagine how garbage-like the others must've been.
Big Boss
Tales from the Borderlands was my first and only Tell Tale game.\n\nWhile it was a fantastic game that greatly expanded the lore and setting of one of my favorite shooters, it clearly suffered from those poor management issues.\n\nI remember buying it when Episode 3 of 5 came out new and played through those episodes in a single binge--hungry for more.\n\nA month passed... Then two... Four months passed and I stopped keeping track.\n\nAlmost a *YEAR* later I got back into the game and saw episodes 4 and 5. I loved that game but I remember never wanting to touch another one of their games again--afraid I'd end up waiting a year and a half again for a product I'd most likely forget about. It's like buying into a crappier early access.
Telltale Games a company drunk on its early successes expanded too fast and too quickly, taking on too many various new games that diluted the quality story telling that captured their audience attention in the first place. It was a slippery slope from then on, as the continued losses on their new games meant even more desperate churning out of games in order to find another hit like Walking Dead Season 1
Blood Red Zed
Kinda reminds me of Rooster Teeth.\nWent from quality to pushing out quantity.
Brian Achim
It's sad that there won't be a Wolf Among Us Season 2.
Bryan Stenshorn
I don't blame Netflix or Lionsgate whatsoever for pulling out, whoever it was; they clearly made the right choice. There was no saving Telltale. It was going to go down sooner or later.
Walking simulators always confused me. Like they all talk about choice and everything, but in the end very few of your choices ever really end up mattering. It seems like all games lately where there are \
My only issue is that choices never mattered. You want a totally immersive outcome, play Quantic Dream games
CoB Tyrannon
Without having it seen yet: Its clear as day why they needed to close. The game has absolutely no replayability. The story is awesome, no doubt about that. But once you have seen it, the game is useless. The gameplay is limited to one buttonpress at the right time. No one pays for that if he can experience the same game like a movie on a youtube playthrough.
Craig 4rmFriday
If Telltale had a funeral this would be a perfect obituary. Good lord I wish they would at least finish the next season of the Wolf Among Us.
This is the first video I have watched of yours, and you, nerdSlayer, have a new subscriber.\n\nIt is good to hear about the inner workings of a game company, even after its closure. It shows that you have done your research on the matter, and it is delivered in a calm intelligent manner, rather than being shouted at by some pompous idiot.\n\nI feel as tough I owe Telltale a thank you, for some good gaming memories, especially Sam & Max, Monkey Island, Walking Dead Season 1, Tales from the Borderlands, and, of course, The Wolf Among Us.\n\nHowever, as pointed out in the video, and in many of the comments, the company were unwilling to change their way of producing games. Where once it had seemed new and different, people quickly caught on that the decisions made in the game barely changed anything in the actual story. In the end, Telltale went for quantity over quality.\n\nIt seemed as though the games did not develop, or evolve from the blueprint that was laid out by the first couple of games, TWD and TWAU. In the end, people want to see change, to see something different, not to play pretty much the same game with a different backdrop.\n\nIn the end, thank you for the memories Telltale, and I will always wonder about 'what could have been..' for The Wolf Among Us 2.\n\nDa-Vich will remember this.
Good video! Why are you so underrated?
David .Barrantes
Other people: I’ll really miss clementine and bigby.\nMe: I’ll really miss Sam and max. :(
Honestly Telltale had great Games like Borderlands, and Wolf anoung us but it’s sad that they’ve been reduced to nothing but a shell of its former self.
Diablerie Tandino
Criminally underrated channel, a shame, you work damn hard on these videos. It's nice to get some quality videos about the inner workings of the game industry and not just someone ranting in front of a camera about how \
Dr.Sir Bruce Armstrong Mother Fucker The Third
Really as much as it sucks to see people go unemployed, it was inevitable the company would close. Having to pay for popular properties in hopes the next game would be another success like The Walking Dead was a snake eating it’s own tail. Also, Telltale made a lot of bad examples for how games should be presented. You brought up Hitman (2018) as an example of a good episodic game, but I remember reception to it being mixed and fan reception being largely negative, a large reason being for the pointless episodic formula.
Eduardo Serpa
The deal with Lionsgate probably had something to do with a Kingkiller Chronicle-related project, as the timeline coincides with their deal with Patrick Rothfuss to produce TV series, movies, games, comics, everything that could be done with the IP.
Ela Kale
great video! really gives you a sense of how cruel this industry can be. If I had known earlier, about how the company treated their staff, I wouldn't have paid for the last season of walking dead. Playing the game now, is just a bittersweet experience (maybe more bitter).
Eugene InLaw
you very much need a pop filter on your microphone, man
This is definitely your best work. The \
I'm actually sad about telltale going down. Even though I stopped caring about it since it stopped making adventure games to develop interactive movies. I remember playing Sam and Max games, and thinking \
GM In Training
Great video!\n\nSide note: in relation to the concept of telltale still selling their products. I learned recently that they are obviously no longer supporting anything and that their servers are basically gone bye bye.\n\nI recently attempted to play both Minecraft and Batman season pass discs on Xbox and while I clearly have the license and the episodes show as purchased, there is nothing available for me to download without ultimately purchasing the episodes again digitally.\n\nTelltale basically told me that they’re no longer providing support, and Xbox told me that there is nothing that they can do despite the fact that the digital versions are still available for purchase. \n\nSo with that said, this is a warning, do not buy any season pass disc for any of the telltale games as at this point, u will not receive the full product.
To spread a little more positivity in the comments: What's your Top 3 games from Telltale that people should play before their games inevitably get taken off digital stores?\n\nMine would be:\nTales From The Borderlands (yes, even if you haven't played Borderlands before)\nThe Wolf Among Us\nBatman Season 1 (haven't played season 2 yet but it got good reactions as far as I could tell)
Geryld Pina
It’s a damn shame we never got a wolf among us season 2
“You could have a PC built by Jesus Christ himself and this game still will run at 10 fps”\n\nLMFAO
Grand Moff Odile Vaiken
Theres this right wing conspiracy theorist and anti sjw louis le vau who made a video about telltale his summary was muh feminism muh sjw.While your video was better and made a good analysis(thanks for the love sign i was a viewer since star wars galaxies i love you man)
Hardcore Pete
Like if you breathe oxygen
R.I.P. Sam and Max\nYou will forever be missed.
Jackson Lasley
I know it hasn't really been brought up, but I absolutely hate the argument \
JamRock Bless
You know, I just realized Lee is black lol.\nSee back in the day this wouldn't matter in gaming, but since in current year, any criticism towards any product is reduced to you are 'an evil person because your discrimination against the person's race/gender is the only reason why you don't like the character/game'...these things are brought to the forefront.\n\nSo basically:\nGame from dead genre with black lead sells millions of copies.\nSJW harpies: Gamers hate black people because Kingdom Deliverance doesn't have black people and nobody is throwing a temper tantrum.\n\nNext time some idiot brings up the 'gamers are racist' argument, I don't even have to point out the moron likely just called me, a black man, racist against black people and an honorary white supremacist...I could just ask them to explain the sale figures and reception of Telltale's Walking Dead games.
Jared B
Oh my god your videos are so well done u deserve millions of views
Honestly, I stopped caring about Telltale after their Monkey Island series. I enjoyed their Sam & Max and Monkey Island iterations, but when they started moving away from classic adventure games with puzzles and exploration, I lost interest in their games. I hate games that rely too heavily on cutscenes since I prefer a more interactive approach to gameplay, and their Walking Dead game was essentially a series of cutscenes with a bunch of decisions in-between. I have absolutely zero interest in that kind of game.\n\nSo with that full shift to a different type of game, I think they lost part of their old audience. And then, instead of mixing it up a little - maybe making two games in their new cinematic style then throwing in a more classic puzzle-and-exploration point & click adventure in-between for variety, they *only* made one kind of game, and it's a kind of game that gets old quickly due to the very limited gameplay.\n\nBeing a one-trick pony ultimately led to their demise, I would say. As a Batman fan I'd love a proper Batman adventure game with exploration and puzzle solving (he is the world's greatest detective, after all) and maybe even some combat thrown in for good measure. But that's not what they did with the IP. They completely ignored the fact that they had made classic point & click adventures in the past, and never returned to that genre.\n\nIt would certainly have added a little more variation to their catalogue, preventing their games from becoming too formulaic and stale, and preventing the market from being oversaturated with one particular subgenre. Also, the classic p&c adventure and their brand of cinematic adventure have different audiences, so they could've tapped two different audiences too.
Jeff Blount
Joko Luzon
A tale-tale game featuring the tale-tale company story?
Joseph Polarek
Grab your popcorn and sit back and relax. Nerd is on the case.
Hopefully the rights to titles like The Wolf Among Us will pass to people willing to pick up where the Telltale series left off. I also hope that the genre they helped develop will survive, in a refined form, in other studios.
Laughing Octopus
For me The Walking Dead started and ended with Season 1, just like The Last of Us ended after finishing the first game. There is no need to continue that world and those characters, but it makes money so...\n\nIt's a shame we never got a second season for their best games, Wolf Among Us and Tales From The Borderlands, those two really needed at least 1 more season for a proper closure, but with the way TT was doing, I think it was for the best that we never got a second season, it would've been an inferior products an ruined the first season for both.
Libertys Son
Get woke, go broke.
MASF Reload
Games I will miss:\n1) Sam & Max\n2) The Wolf Among Us\n3) Monkey Island\n\n(I didn't like The Walking Dead...sorry.)
Err, I guess I'm one of that handful of people that still remembers the CSI Click & Point games, since I played most of them (safe CSI New York, that was utter trash!)\nyeah, those games (both by Radical Entertainment and Telltale) were made in the era where C&P adventure games were labeled \
I binge-watched the whole death of a game series this weekend and I must say I'm surprised you don't have more than a million subs since you obviously deserve it. you don't see this type of quality content from tons of other gaming channels. keep it up simply amazing!
Bone is my favorite graphic novel series ever, no idea there was a game
My biggest issue with Telltale is them hopping on huge IPs like Minecraft and Batman while refusing to innovate themselves. Like you said near the end of the video, every one of their games felt similar, just with a new coat of paint on each time. It screams \
Milen Milen
Miles Noctis
I think their biggest problem was failing to recognize that they had a niche product on their hands. Lots of people don't care for these types of games because of how narrow the storytelling is. Even among people who enjoy the games regardless, story based games means that just because someone liked one game doesn't mean they'll like all of them. I loved TWD, but why should I care about Batman or Borderlands or Minecraft? So while other companies may be able to build up a sort of brand loyalty, the same can't be said for Telltale.
Miquel Escribano Ivars
Ok. The momment the music went all dramatic when Kevin Brunner name was uttered is deffintivelly a highlight of the video.\n\nTalk about dying due to your own success
Detroit Become Human is the best Telltale game ever. And it wasn't made by Telltale.\n\nEDIT: Some people don't like DBH (I'm not a fan of the plot), but my point was that choices ACTUALLY matter in that game, versus Telltale where choices don't matter but they pretend they do for marketing purposes.
Have you ever heard the tragedy of Telltale Games the studio?
My fond memories of Telltale will always be behind their adventure games like Sam & Max, Tales of Monkey Island, Back to the Future, Puzzle Agent and Strong Bad's Game
40:18\n\n...Seeing the picture of Telltale Games being crossed out honestly made my heart sink. :'(
we've seen this over and over again, just a badly run company that denies reality and refuses to change assuming that it'll find a magic unicorn behind the sofa and all they find is a manky flesh lamp.
*Telltale will remember that*
Ominethious Calistian
oh wooow a game where you have to buy story packs instead of a complete package like Grim Fandango blows a company. woooooooooooow. It's not like 80% of people i know only watched Youtubers play it, instead of supporting the developer and buying the game. ._.
I spent a good hour or three on the beginning of Game of Thrones deliberating and loading earlier saves to get what I viewed to be the best possible outcomes going forward.\n\nOnly to learn that none of it mattered and that whole prologue may as well not exist. That was the nail in the coffin for me.
Peter Lopez
I really only liked the walking dead. But even then, it got stale after the first season.
Pikasprey Yellow
I only ever played Walking Dead season one. I liked it, but it was pretty apparent that I could have just watched the whole thing on YouTube for the exact same experience. Really turned me away from their games, especially when everyone was telling me that they were all the same anyway.
Lack of innovation is really what made me lose interest in their work. I don't think the later games were significantly worse: they just weren't better and the sheen had worn off. They went Call of Duty on the Adventure genre which is a sad thing indeed.
Hearing so much talk about bad management makes me fear for the future of CD Projekt Red, apparently their CEOs micromanage everything and the crunch is worse than it was at Telltale if any of the stories are true...
I think the formula they adopted for the Jurassic Park game was more of a death knell than your bruner scapegoat\nHe mightve made it hard to shift from that but that formula being so easy to churn out was their downfall
oooo there was a bone game niceee
Rexcor Jungmir
This will sound selfish of me, but I wish they had kept going with the Sam & Max series, even if the release became years apart so they could focus on other projects. That being said, I'm happy with the three seasons we got. I wish they did keep up on The Wolf Among Us , though.\n\nIt's also funny. I remember being subbed to GameTap when TellTale had just started up and was releasing the S&M series through there. S1E4: Abe Lincoln Must Die! was my first foray into the franchise as a whole, and the rest was history.\n\nBut WOW I never knew they also did a Wallace & Gromit title! I'll have to check it out sometime.\n\nIt's just sad, seeing Telltale go half the route that their former employer did, and having been there almost since day 1. I hope the people who got screwed find new success soon, especially after finishing TWD S3.
Rob Bates
I would say that TT made the same mistake as Harminox did with Guitar Hero, as they flooded the market with plastic controllers and games. But TT didn't kill the market. We are all looming forward to Life is strange season 2 and other companies will pick up the slack. And if anyone here has not picked up a story driven game go buy Until Dawn. It's standalone and perfect for the Halloween season.
*A CLASSIC CASE OF GREED ...*\nAll they had to do was keep the team small, develop one game at a time \nand maximize profits. Greed can destroy any company.
Sad Potato
The metascore for Sam & Max season 2 is misleading. It was critically received better than the first season. You only showed the metascore for the bundle on xbox 360. If you look at the scores for PC you'll see each episode is rated 80 and above.
Life is Strange was NOT good
Sean H
This is by far the best analysis and breakdown I have seen done of the entire TellTale Games situation. Fantastic job, some of your best work.
Telltale was like Icarus that wanted to much and flew to close to the Sun
They went full on \
Some Yakuza Dad With a Beard
Sephiroth Theme on Brumer always gets me. lol
This video is longer than most of a Telltale games :)
Steel Super Saiyan
I didn't start playing Telltale games until I played Sam and Max the devils play house on ps3. After I beat it I found out that there were two more games. I played season 2 but never played the first season. After that I started to play the current telltale games and they just didn't feel the same to me. I was excited about Sam and maxs I wish they made a season 4. But all the new games including the walking dead just seem boring and uninspired. Great video
Stelle verde
My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;\nLook on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!\n\nThanks for the lovely vid brother. I was afraid telltale would end up like this, by the time they kept getting ips and crunching their workforce. A sad tale but easily foreseen nonetheless.
I played (and adored) Sam & Max seasons 1 and 2 back on the Xbox 360, but the later push for big-name licenses just lost my interest. The QTE focus of the Walking Dead was a huge turn off, as I preferred the more laid-back, \
T Bone
It's a crime you haven't hit 100k mate. Your content is top notch\n\nThat said I enjoyed their walking dead season 1 and the game of thrones. Otherwise wasn't that enthralled with the other IPs
Tasty Dumpling
40 min NerdSlayer? Damn what a lovely treat! Thank you for the great content you provide for us!
Tempesta Domini
For some reason, between playing some recent telltale games and dozens of Visual Novel, I prefer the latter more. Probably just a matter of taste but I enjoy the latter more, whether for the multiple endings or routes or characters or stories.
Tevya Smolka
I loved telltale Batman and I thought it was really good in my opinion
Maybe if they took all the money being funneled into hiring and management then moved it into improving their games they wouldn't have failed.
The Gluteus Maximus
\u003eAcknowledging sam and max in 2018\nBless you, buddy. Nobody really mentions them when talking about telltale anymore. Hell, not even telltale does anymore.
The Moe Szyslak Experience feat. Homer
The number 1 problem is that by the time they were mainstream, their games weren't even games anymore. Once the illusion of choice had been shattered, what reason do you have to even buy the \
I think the problem with Telltale is that they're an indie company that wanted to be a AAA company but put out indie games.
The Guardians of the Galaxy game came out?\n\nHuh, I always thought it was cancelled. Hadn't seen any YouTubers play it.
To be honest, I really missed the more traditional version of their older games, which were more actual point & click adventure games and less interactive story!\nYeah, The Walking Dead had a nice story, but personally – I enjoyed the Sam & Max games even more!
Was it not partly becuse the episode type of game was a big reason? Becuse they where so tide up in 4-5 episodes that they had to continue they coud not change mutch past 2015. Simply dropping all series woud lead to big critical fail from fans but woud let them redirect ther focus and make a whole new direction for the company.
Von Steiner
I really miss Sam and Max.
Ooooh, gotta make some tea and get comfy.
Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People was clearly Telltale's peak
My roommate used to work for Telltale Games and he was part of the first batch that got let go in late 2017, they did it the day he was leaving for Thanksgiving break. He came home and told us the news and it was a sad holiday. However he did get a severance package which was more than could be said for the last employees that were let go in 2018. That floated him while he looked for jobs in the Bay Area for a few months until he got an offer from a game company in England. He was unsure at first but he ended up taking the job and moving out of the country, we all ended up moving out due to that. It's crazy how Telltale closing ended up affecting all our lives... I remember playing the Wolf Among Us while hanging out in the living room when we lived together since he had the whole TT library on steam. Good times.
My first TellTale series was for Back to the Future and wish that it got some kind of sequel
Breaking news for those interested in the ever evolving story of Telltale Games. Skybound Games, a subsidiary company of Robert Kirkman's (TWD creator) has reached a deal with Telltale Games to publish the rest of the Walking Dead The Final Season. Article linked below.\n\n
rob rick
39:00 I didn't know Kratos was in Guardians of the Galaxy.