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★★ EXPAND!! ★★Please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE♡Hey Girlies!So i recently stumbled upon this website while scrolling through intstagram and i was shocked by the prices i just had to pick some pieces up to try on for you guys! Now some pieces look see through on camera because of my softboxes and ring light but in real life you cant see through them...apart from the pink shorts which were completely paper thing lolp.s My 2nd order came today HAHAI hope you enjoy!TUTORIAL FOR THIS MAKEUP LOOK: Use Code ‘TAMMI30’ (NOT valid on sale items)♡My Intro, End Page & Youtube Header was made my the amazing Laura @TheDandelionUKDisclaimer: THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED. Sometimes i am lucky enough to receive products from brands as PR or to review but the opinions will always be my own and i never make videos i don’t believe in . Also some links may be affiliate links, I appreciate your support x

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A Life In High Definition
I love your new intro so much. Mustard look amazing on you. Both the tops are amazing.and yes the trousers are like sandy from grease! The skirt is a bit pinker than the body suit.
I love try on hauls there absolutely everything 💐👑🎲
Ademide S
You just plugged us all with affordable & good quality clothes 🔌 😭
Aga Zmudz
I love your self-confidence with your body! That a real curvy women body.. well done
Agnes linda
I rushed sooo fast to order on the site 😂😂 before I even watched the video
Alessia Gallo
You're so beautiful!!!! \u003c3
Alexia Garvey
Alyssa Mae
this wig really suits you as well zz
Amberlee B
When you left the room I was done 😂😂😂😂 I love this video!
Amira Rodzi
I've been restraining myself from shopping these past few months and this video just triggers the shopaholic in me 😂 You look great in all the clothes and I love how excited you are!
I always imagined you to be a tiny size 8 of something, not sure why. Those pink cycling shorts. 😂
Amy Smallman
slAYYYY! Love you xxx
Be Bach
i love youuuuuuuuu lol thank you so much for this video!!!!!!!
Damn😍😍😍 i actually liked EVERY OUTFIT😍😍😍😍😍
Bee Positive7777
I love this review.... #curvygirl \nYou have an amazing figure 💕💕💕
You have an amazing personality! Really enjoyed this video! Keep them coming girl! Going to Lotd now💃🏽
I have been waiting for people to review this website!! I have used it so many times and im just so surprised that it isnt spoke about more!!!!
Carmel Murray
Aw tammi u look fab hunni...the figure on u sexy mamma....I'm up late due to be on the lotd site...it's brilliant..adding everything to me cart...lol...do u know if they charge pair items or weight...I'm living in Dublin...so lots of love from the emerald Ireland xxxxx oh that dress with the yellow stripe massive on ye...what size did u get love xxx
Chelsea P
I've been wondering about this website for a while but I've tried clothes from similar sites before that claimed to be a 14 or a 16 and when they arrived they were definitely not! They were a 10/12 Chinese type small sizing. It's so nice to see someone with a similar body shape to my own, who is also conscious of the mama road map were left with on our tummies after having kids! 😁 It all looked good on you and you've given me the confidence to place an order with them x
Chrissy B
Looovvvvvee this haul, wana second haul!! Love this video laughing soooo much.... You is so much info I defo purchasing soon, 💜❤️💜❤️
Christy A
Wait so you didn't have any issues with the bodysuit? Because I couldn't even clasp mine together at the bottom 😔
Cymone Archer
Never heard of LOTD but I've heard of AliExpress 😊
Cynthia Anaya
Do they ship worldwide ? How anyone could respond to my ASAP thnks on advance 💞
D Heredia
The floral top and skirt are so cute on you. I like the body suit under the top. Good job.\nOh the black dress is so bomb, same with the cute pink jumper (top).\nThe denim top would be cute tied too.
Danielle Woodhead
That rose co ord 😍😍😍 I'd so buy it if the top wasn't see through! I have to say that kind of nude colour looks so good on your skin tone x
Dirok Anwar
♡ so pretty
The ones that I prefer are those with yellow ! \nThose 2 tops and the dress !\nThe denim jacket and the pants are great too !
Elisha Williams
Your body omg 😩 could wear a Lidal’s bag and still look amazing.
Erika Olgiati
You're so beautiful Tammi💖
Eurídece Cachimbombo
Hiii, loved the video.How long did the shipping take?
Evie Brook
you have such a nice figure girl!!xx
Fey Fey
LOTD & Isawitfirst are bomb. That black & yellow dress slays on you 😍😍
Foxy brown
I LOVE your try on hauls!!!! 💋❤👏🏽🙌🏾
Omfg!!!! That dress girl!!!😍😍 thank you for sharing the website💜
Jolee Flatman
Girl you slay🎉 what size did you order in the black dress with yellow stripe?💖
K Davis
Mustard/yellow top is a great colour 4 yah Ok! Ms twerk 🤣
That black dress with the orange strip I got that from boohoo on sale for £13 I’m so mad like I could of saved more money 😭
Kami Katze
You Look georgeus!
Karen .N
Lol I get this excited when I find clothes that look good on me 😂😂 definitely going to check this website out
Kateryna Bychenko
Looking gorgeous! I would love to see more videos like this! :)
Kelly Lowe
Love @LOTD, I've bought a few things from there x
Hooper they will expand their sizes :(
Koii London
Love this video 😂
That first black skirt is the bomb. Wear it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
London's Rock
girl you were feeling yourself in this vid and I am here for it!! You looked so good in every outfit, even the see-through/basically translucent ones lol!! I found out LOTD a couple of months ago and was in shock!!!! They best not hike up their prices now haha. Random question - how tall are you?! I've seen you stand next to Soph and bless I know she's small but you look about a foot taller than her!!
Lumpysmack Princess
Gurl you look bomb in it allll ... beautiful 💙✨💙
Lutchmua 08
The cupoun code doesn’t work :(
Make up mummy
You look amazing girl 💕💕
MakeupbyAudrey Xoxo
Literally ordered from them yesterday ♥️♥️loved it u looked amazing defo gonna get some pieces 😍😍
Mateja Jakin
I find it super cute how you got so excited about that black dress :) I mean, the dress is beautiful and you look GORGEOUS in it, and in everything else
Merrose Abellera
Omg can't wait to go shopping on this website😁I didn't know you were a mom of twins I can't believe that😰
You made this way too fun. The biker shorts bIt cracked me up though. The Black Dress - yes. SHUT THE DOOR GORGEOUS!!!! 😍😍😍 Thanks for sharing such great choices.💜💜💜
Miss J
OMG what an amazing find.. had to order a few things. Thanks gurl
MissyDo 38
Hi Tammi. \nOmg the black dress is so beautiful and the denim shirt too.😍😍
Loving all the outfits \nOn the website no, they don't got much plus size clothes 🤥🤥🤥
You have such a fabulous body! 💖
Ms Chin
Yes babe, Looking well pengage 😍😍😍👌🏽
Nancy's Love For Make-Up Nancy Baeken
I loved the crop top which you didn't take the pants from, but the roses embroded set is so mreg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the set that you combined with the top, its it girl it's it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a difference with the switch, whit the light skirt and the black top waaaaaaaaauw; xoxo
Natalie Denise
I wear those shorts under my maxi dresses and maxi skirts to avoid thigh rub
Natalie Johnson
This video couldn't have come at a better time, I love lotd, the only downfall is they hardly ever have deals.on delivery, I'm a size 14 so I can see myself in the clothes that you wear
Ness Abbott
Just seen this video and went over and spent £35 on 8 items so excited x
Nicole Christmas
I luv that black dress with the yellow stripe looks amazing on ya 🤣
Nikki Travers
Omg!! I love a good bargain babe! Pay day today so I'm getting right on there right now !! wooo hoooo😘😘😘😘xxxxxxxx
Loving your confidence modelling these outfits! It makes you glow... You look AMAZING!!
Phoebe Isobel
Very stylish outfits :)
Renelle London
WOOW 🙌🏾👏🏾💖 thanks for the hook up guurl
Rochelle Nelson
😍😍😍😍 okay
Rochelle Reggo
I got my first order from them a few days ago as well, I found them on fb. Guuuuuuuurrrrrrrrll try 10store.com as well everything is under 10 the quality is unreal and its a bit better than lotd. But I'm obssesed with them both
Sapphire McCalla
I swear that dress is on boo hoo for alot more money. I'm heading over to LOTD now. Great haul thanks so much :)
Sarah Ambler
Girl you come through with every try on haul!! I'm hooked 💙💙💙
Sarah Pie
lol love this video, you’re so funny...you try clothes on like I do...on the catwalk yeah, I do my little turn on the catwalk! 😂 you slay them all, your views is like mine, your giggles is funny too, I laugh with you..is .like watching myself lol! Xx
Shravya Konan
please do iconic vitality :)
Sophie M
I’ve used everything £5 before but I’ll definitely be checking this shop out😁
Southern Beautee
The second outfit really does give grease vibes love it 😍
Steph Wa
So many new videos to choose from in my feed: Tammi first 💜💜💜
Love your excitement!!! 😍 It's contagious 😉😀
Tasha Henry
Love it but unfortunately i dont think any of the stuff will fit me but will do for my daughters who are 11 and 14 ❤
Tiffany Walter
That 👏🏽 black 👏🏽 dress 👏🏽
Timi imomotebegha
tammii you is cuteee
Tosin Onaolapo
I've known about lotd! A similar one is I saw it first but I've noticed they've become a bit more expensive now 🤔
Your calling in life is to find the bargains!😂I love you even more!
Versetile Cog
STOP IT! You got me screaming at my screen like the dinosaur in toy story before you revealed the price of that dress lol I sitting here like \
Those trousers from the second look are definitely giving me all kinds of Grease vibes! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 Okay melanin Sandy lol 👏🏾
Yoon Min
amina ?
garden heart
You can pull the midi skirt up over your boob's and wear it in summer as a boob tube top. I do it all the time when I sit in the garden. No tan line strap marks 😊
how lucky are we
Ilysm 💞
kimya Brown
Loveeeee tank you tammie 😘
I just bought from them 🤣🤣
laura spolvera
omg why did I just discover your channel you're so lovely!!
mylifeas favour
god tammi i'm trying to safe please\nthis is tempting men, love all them on you
shauna reid
You look awesome! Don’t worry about the belly friend, I have one myself after having twins myself! Love the red and cream skirt set!
tarin khan
wow such a amazing site
I love how excited you were!!!!! Everything looked bomb on you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍