World Cup Team Profile: COLOMBIA

Featuring interviews with Teófilo Gutiérrez, Radamel Falcao and coach José Pékerman, this is an in-depth look at Colombia's World Cup history, how they qualified and their current squad (

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31 Charlie
Where is fredy guarin?
Colombia is a very good team, but dancing with Poland is gonna be a quite of surprise for you guys, cause Poland has more hidden weapons like Lewandowski. Pay attention to Kownacki just for example. Watch, what this guy is going to do ;)
Adrian Salazar
Lo hecimos de nuevo.
Aidan Denis
R.I.P Escobar i hope you are resting in peace
Alejandro Gomez
Cool! Tnx FIFA TV for this great team profile! 
Andelfo Castañeda
Queremos que Shakira despida el mundial como celebra nuestra selección. Con el baile de la alegría y el sabor.
Andres Bedoya
Big Boi JOSE
8:03 HAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!
Brodcast Gaming
Que viva colombia hpta vamos con toda mi seleccion a poner el nombre de nuestro pais en alto
Camila Sofia
Colombia TE AMO! Estas haciendo Historia.
Carlos Valderrama
Viva Colombia!
Catepretty A
Falcao no estuvo en brazil! pero para los colombianos siempre estuvo, pues sin el no hubiesemos pasado al mundial! FAlcao te amamos y gracias a la seleccion colombiana por tanta alegria y pasion !Los amamos muchooo
3:10 escobar was killed by a drunk thug with a gun at night. \nthis does not reflect an entire nation. Bar fights happen everywhere. \nIn the USA a medal of honor soldier was murdered by one of his compatriots on his farm.
Chris Encizo
Um, yeah. You KNOW who's going to be the 2014 cup winner. COLOMBIAAAAAAA !!!!! :)
James really stepped up for Colombia, in replace of Falcao, good job, Colombia.
Colombia vamos
Daniel Eduardo Salguero Ramirez
Vamos Colombia, con o sin Falcao a ganar!
David Streiber
Colombia, eventhought falcao is not going, is going to have a great chance, VAMOSSS CAFETEROSSS
Dean Plassaras
Colombia will go through. A really good team.
Didier Patiño
Viva mi Pais Colombia 🇨🇴🇨🇴. Somos grandes y debemos mostrarnos al mundo para que nos conozcan, tenemos mucha diversidad, somos grandes personas y acogemos a cada visitante como si estuvieran en casa. Viva Colombia y feliz de ser Colombiano.\n🇨🇴🇨🇴
Dresan Gallon
colombiano yo soy, lo llevo en el corazón, salsa, cumbia y savor, sigo a la tricolor, vamos vamos colombia vamos vamos colombia vamos vamos colombia vamos vamos colombia
My god, Colombia hasn't qualified for 16 years? And yet, countries like Korea and Japan qualify every World Cup? Even as Asian, I believe that berths in Asia should be taken away and be given to South America and Europe so that more of these talented countries clinch off. It's REALLY not fair for countries like this to not qualify for 16 years while countries like Korea and Japan qualify every World Cup. Affirmative Action in Football that is. Only reason why FIFA allows 4 countries from Asia is because of the money/finance. If it weren't for money, Asia should honestly only have 1 and the only reason why I said one is to keep the meaning of the word \
Eleonora Martin
The Colombian Team is making us very Proud in this World Cup, despite the odds and I hope that they continue harvesting victories in their future matches. Long live the Colombian Team!!!
Emanuel Arias
+Beverly L  que tal ... como estan para este mundial xD
Emma Lineker
Colombia is an awesome place
Emmanuel -
We have an amazing team, with or without Falcao! I've waiting for this World Cup, 'cause Colombia is back! Let's do it Colombia!
Epic moments
COLOMBIA! Let's go
Fabian Vargas
Nuevamente estaremos en La Copa Mundial de Futbol de la FIFA #Rusia2018 ¡Vamos Colombia!
Felipe Bermudez
reporters never ever ever report things the way it is! Andres Escobar was not murdered because he scored an own goal, he was killed because he insulted someone that said something bad to him about the own goal he made! im colombian and we know the real story.
I'm sorry for Colombia that Falcao is injured. Nevertheless they have good strikers and midfielders like J.Rodriguez, Cuardrado or Guarin. I wish all the best and I predict the Quarter-Finals for them ;)
Franklin Glen
VIVA COLOMBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Grande Colombia Saludos De Chile
Fërnandøø Øspîna
Vamos COLOMBIA Vamos Viejo ♥♥♥
viva colombia y soy argentino.
Haiver Villas
y pablo escobar xD
Harold Arce
Sin duda tenemos Buen fútbol para llegar lejos en el mundial, Vamos COLOMBIA !!!! 
Hujjat Fryback
Vamos Colombia!!
It's me Jeremy
Viva Colombia
estamos en la puntita de SOUT AMERICAN que rogulloso me siento de ser COLOMBIANO
Jake Duffy
People think Belgium, Chile or France will be the dark horses but I think Colombia will be. They are not a one man team like people think they are (Falcao) Carlos Bacca for example has had a great season. They also have Jackson Martinez and Cuadrado just to mention afew. Also Shakira is from Colombia
Jareth Vasterio
Such a powerful team, they have great potential and with Falcao and James, this team will go far in 2018. 
Jay davila
vamos Colombia! desde mexico, son mi equipo ahora que salio mexico.
Jean C
Brasil, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile!   \u003c3
Johana Enchautegui
Un dia mas!!!! no puedo esperar....  Vamos Colombia que si se puede!!!!!  
Jose.E Castillo
Now it's going to be their 6th experience in the next World Cup in Russia 2018
Jovan Jovanović
Falcao :(
Juan Camilo García
Viva mi pais! Viva mi selección #vamosColombia
Julien Sanger
Romania was Colombia's nightmare in the 90's
Jumausa36 Martinez
Colombia great country,beatiful women,people well educated,q viva colombiaaa
James Rodriguez 😞
Kim R
Orgullosa de ser Colombiana! \u003c3
Lorenzo Andres Sanchez
Con toda mi seleccion \u202a#Colombia\u202c!! pa' hacer historia!! ... \u202a\u200eFalcao\u202c will be missed but we still got a hell of a team with dangerous strikers!!!
Falcao is an important part of the team his absence will be important, but he is only one man, not the whole team.  Colombia has in my personal opinion the best team since the 90's with the Valderrama, Asprilla etc. The group looks tough but manageable, if the team can come to terms with the absence of their iconic player and play their best.  They can go at least to the round of 16 or beyond, best of luck.
Mad Maxx
wow, this video is awesome, well made fifa
Manuela Robayo Herrera
Estoy muy orgullosa de mi país, el lograr esto después de tanto tiempo es una de las mayores alegrías que ha tenido mi gente, independientemente de los problemas internos de aquí, apoyo a mi selección y espero que logren cosas grandes sin importar hasta que punto lleguen... ¡VIVA COLOMBIA, VIVA MI PATRIA!\n\nI'm so proud of my country, the fact of achieve this after so long time is one of the greatest happines that my people have felt, indepedently of the internal problems that we have here, I support my team and I hope that they achieve great things without caring the point they reach in the wolrd cup... ¡VIVA COLOMBIA, VIVA MI PATRIA!
Marek Dudek
escobar was nise guy
Mateo gaming carrillo
viva mexico
Matt Mackie
Falcao :(
Mauricio Restrepo
Thank you Brazil for inspiring and influencing South American soccer, I'm Colombian but always love brazilian soccer since I was a little boy growing up in Medellin, love my team \
Milena Baron
El Pive!
N Gomez
AND... Falcao is out of the WC main team. Sad news but I am hoping Colombia will still be able to show how strong as they are as a team. :) VIA COLOMBIA! 
Me siento my orgulloso por mi pais! Hizo un gran papel en el mundial!! Pero no piensen que ya termino todo. Aun tenemos mucho que dar en Rusia en 2018! QUE VIVA COLOMBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Naomi Bracho
Let's not forget who brought colombia this far. We didn't have falcao and james was able to come in and prove his skills. Of course colombia played as a team and it wasn't only james but, regardless his performance in the world cup was amazing and he deserves the recognition he's getting. No one expected colombia to go far without falcao and james proved us wrong along with the whole colombian nt
Nat M
It's funny how James Rodriguez is hardly even mentioned in this video and now, after the World Cup he's arguably one of Colombias most recognizable and beloved players.
Nathalie Smistakamp
please upload the ghana profile
Posmo Dany
Buen video. Espero el del 2018
i'm not sure if the translation is quite accurate, but is a nice review about my national team!!!!!  Colombia finally returns, with good players!!!  Vamos Colombia!!! vamos james y cuadrado a romper cinturas!!!!! :)
Im german and colombian and im happy because colombia was really good in the world cup and germany was champion
Santiago Dvivero
Yesssss!!!!! Finally que viva colombia!!!!
Sascha Kilian
Love youcolombia , greetings from germany
Sebastie Cortes
As much as I wanted Falcao to be on the team, I'm glad he didn't look how James Rodriguez has flourish, this was his opportunity and now he's liturgy the same level as Neymar and Messy, If colombia is capable of winning to Brazil with 3 or more goals I think they actually have a change of winning the cup
El Pibe!
Team Málaga
Well, James was starting anyway and the way it turned out, it’s good that happened.
Tomas Name
Falcao may be injured but we still have teofilo 
Btw, where's Muriel?
Viictor Martinezz
Viva Colombia!
Where Is Jaa?
about damn time FIFATV.  Viva Colombia!!!
BTW, Columbia gonna live in Kazan at the World cup 2018. You can see it at our channel)
ah lim
i don't know but i was really looking for more James in this video but.....  anyway colombia is a great team in wc 2014.
andrés vanegas
Vamos COlombia, a ganar, a dejarlo todo en la cancha como se viene haciendo VIVA COLOMBIA!!!
Vea pues !
camilo acevedo
vamoos colombiaaa!!! colombia 4 japon 1 vammos mi seleccion!!
carlos gaviria
Si si Colombia! Si si caribe! A ganar!
Viva mi tierra querida! !
jenasis Free
columbus was the home of the discoverer of the new world- the one he thought was India- who was already inhabited... the one who caused the slaughter of millions of Natives.... DO YOUR HOME WORK
jose pereyda
It didn't lmfao
juan cabarcas
#Millonarios El más grande de Colombia!!
juli mendoza
Viva Mexico but go columbia for mis columbis
they forgot to put the olympic goal of Colombia against the Soviet Union in Chile 1962
martin h
Wow guys you have one hell of a team. And James Rodriguez is a quality player. Best of luck to you in the WC. Respect from an (heart broken) England fan
mateo ospina
Falcao's left out of the squad :( but that's ok, I just hope we make it past the group stage, viva COLOMBIA!
muhammad hero
oscar diaz
after such a long time Colombia is here once more, I think Colombia could get far away in this competition, I hope so, soccer makes people get together in a joyful moment, keep going Colombia!!
Escobar (rip), the football player of course...-) / would colombia, team or some players not involved in match fixing by powerfull cartels ?
Γιάννης Μαρκαριάν
Too bad Falcao isn't playing :-D