Bring Me The Horizon - wonderful life (Lyric Video) ft. Dani Filth

Wonderful Life: LYRICS:I read a fun fact about the brain and how it starts to deteriorate when we get to 27 or there abouts. It got me thinking about my head and what I can do to help stimulate it. Makes me sad but.. I’ve forgotten what I’m on about. Looked on the brightside, got keratitis. & You can’t sit there unless you’re righteous. I wear a happy face like I’m Ed Gein. I feel all numb now, is that a feeling? like a plastic boxed orange with no peel on- I wanna waste I wanna waste I wanna waste away. Alone getting high on a Saturday night I’m on the edge of a knife Nobody cares if I’m dead or alive Oh what a wonderful life Oi Debbie downer what’s your problem? Don’t wanna be here, still call shotgun You got the fomo coursing through my veins.This is not a drill no, this is the real world.Domesticated still a little feral.Well don’t you know to chew with your mouth closed? It’s all gone wrong!I got a Type 2 kinda thirstiness A far out other worldliness & one day this might hurt me lessBut everyone knows I’m still down Don’t tell me what the butcher does There’s no need for the obvious So ugly still it’s kinda lush But everybody knows i made vows Left feet on the podium Can’t think of an alternate And hell yeah I’m the awkwardest But everybody knows I got bounce

BMTH BMTH - wonderful life BMTH amo BMTH wonderful life WONDERFUL LIFE bring me the horizon bring me the horizon -... bring me the horizon wonderful life

that ending ..enhanced with orchestra.... was a genius move. love it, love this song instantly
Idk about you guys but I love the trumpets and brass and stuff, makes for a really cool crossover sound
Alex stables
When you blow the video budget on the first single
Amirul Zaid
This video looks like they've blown all the production budget on Mantra 😂
Andrew Taylor
Sounds like Arctic Monkeys on steroids
Arie Fadjar
Fred Durst is too early to reject this song...
Bring Me The Horizon's got this thing where I hate like 80% of their stuff but they have two or three songs I can't stop listening to.
Blake Marini
Sold on the first riff. Don't care whether this is metal or not, it's HEAVYY
Brenda Lizama
this one if the bests songs of 2018 goddamn it
Curt Hawkins
Takeover war games 2
Dani could have had a much better part tbh. \
Dalton Defoor
Well this is just okay in my opinion. The only reason it bothers me is because of what the band used to do. Yes i understand that a sound of a band must change or else they would get stale but incorporating a new sound with elements of the old is what i personally prefer. Im not gonna say its terrible but its definitely not for me.
Dean Ambrose
NXT Takeover: War Games 2018!!!!
Dolph Ziggler
NXT Takeover: War Games 2018 🔥🔥🔥
Drop Dead
I’ve never closed PornHub so fast in my life.
Fed Cottongrass
I feel like this record is going to be what \
Ferdinand 950
Обычные будни металлистов
Forgotten Underground Bands
still better than thats the spirit.
Futrzaste Dni
I don't even know how I got here but I'm staying 🖤
Ghost Killer Entertainment
“Nobody cares if I’m dead or alive, what a wonderful life”\n\nI felt that.
Bring me the horizon \nRIP 2004-2013
Hypercore Ripper
Dani Filth on a Bring Me song is something I never expected, but LOVE
BMTH continue to surprise with every album, it's a completely unique sound for them - can't wait boys
This song was originally written for Limp Bizkit but after multiple attempts of trying to get them to do writing sessions bmth decided to keep the track and release it.
Jacopo Lando
Never thought they could make any better that sempiternal but this thing is fucking gold! Love how they put together all the cinic, comic and heavy
Jared Dines
I don't know how to feel... *hits replay*
Johnnie Guilbert
I wasn't ready for this \nstoked for all there new music
Joshdunnsatonbrendonsforehead Urie
Father don't to drugz
Jovem Ainda
It really reminds Limp Bizkit stuff.
Kerim Sari
Loving the first 2 songs already more then the whole thats the spirit album
Kevin die Seegurke
I don't know why but somehow I love their new sound... Can't stop replaying that song
Lord Goonerius
And im still waiting for a music video for all Sempiternal songs
Am I the only one who thinks the video fits perfectly with the text? It makes the whole thing very ironic. Makes me think that I do not want a normal life, I do not want to be in the hamster wheel with the majority of others :|
God these lyrics remind me of my depressed ‘no one understands me’ teen years 😭
Marcel Kansy
I think it is the metaphore for being slave in our own lives.
Mark Silva
Dani Filth in this video is by far the most random thing of 2018 lol
Matt McGuire
Hell yes! That groove is so sick.
Matthew Frisch
I think this video and lyrics is like the perfect description of what a post-life of a chaotic and addicted filled life looks and feels like. Living with ptsd so to speak. or Living life sober for the first time besides the part of alone getting high on a Saturday night which is better than going out and getting locked up.
Merle Dixon
sound like limp bizkit
checking the comments it woulf appear that I'm the only one who finds the video HILARIOUS.\nRelax, it's just a lyricd video it's not a full-blown music video.\nAt least we got video footage to amuse us here, ususally it's all animated
Miri Vanicek
This song WAS SO AMAZING @ the concert😍
Mulham Kz
Did anyone else notice that Dani Filth was shopping in a Halal supermarket? 4:35 right side\nDani what's up? you've changed a lot bro!
The song seems to be about the boring life as an adult in your late 20s/early 30s. No regular going out anymore, friends don't hit you up as often, everyone's having families, acting like they have the time of their life even though it got boring as hell. The video is a great addition to the song, it's just random boring clips of everyday life, the exact vibe the song is trying to get across.
Nik Nocturnal
I did NOT expect that breakdown.
No Good
3:23 That is what I call \
This video hit me so hard 😤😣😥
I remember when lyric videos used to be a blue screen with terrible white fonts.
Come to indonesia again!!!
*intensely mows lawn*
Pitch Strike
Ive never clicked so fast on a notification
Prak-pha Oeun
Imagine ur out shopping and u see dani like this sniffing a bottle of strawberry hand soap xD
Este video me recuerda a comedown están haciendo buen trabajo mantra y wonderful life han Sido las rolas que me están gustando bastante
This song sounds like 2000's Metal with something from pantera, and nu metal but so 2018, fucking BMTH amo will be a overpower album \u003e.\u003c
Rei Elfo
Caralho que som bom da porra, curti muito! 💙
Rizal Loading
Still waiting for doomed got MV
Rock Feed
This song is still heavy/hard rock. It’s different from That’s The Spirit era music, but still something you can bang your head to.
Rocket Raccoon
Bring against the machine :v
Sascha Rieke
And the Oscar for \
Shruti Mehta
Wasn't ed gein a serial killer who LITERALLY wore people's skin
Most of the dislikes are really just cringey emo kids who are angry cuz it's not screamo with very edgy lyrics and instruments
Snapchat Mary_Ohno
i miss the old btmh so much
Can totally hear how this could’ve been a Limp Bizkit track
Steven Houben
Am a fan from the beginning!!and i love this alot too!way better then the old stuf!!!this voice rocks and the guitars are heavy ✌🏻
Imho Sempiternal was their best album sofar. That's the spirit verrry good too. And I'm really loving how Amo is looking sofar. It's different, but I'm really digging it. I just hope they keep the darkness that Sempiternal had (and TTS too to a degree) going forward.
Taco Bell Lover
Nobody cares if I'm dead or alive oh what a wonderful life! 💕
Never thought I’d say it about BMTH, but I really really dig this tune. Was in the kitchen when the heavy riff kicked in and I was for punching the toaster and putting the kettle in a headlock! Not had that feeling in a while 😂😂
TheBunnyRun CZ
God damn it, that's my band! Love it
TheOlderDog WWE Match Card
dat scream at 3:33, just ..... oh my god
Tomate Jamz
I’m sorry but 0:36 - 0:46 is just one of my favorite things to see with that music in the background
Tyler Wolfguard
I love how Lee has given up and now lives in a camper van
Unholy Zacky
Dani ‘s high pitch scream is the best part
White Pony
are those sunglasses on the upright at 3:56 or am i alone getting high on a saturday night?
New Bring Me The Horizon...oh what a wonderful life.
Wonder Brunito
4:30 4:36, sampleado amiguito, re regalaste.
Jordan is going to sing the whole song live ...
akash khan
NXT Takeover anyone ?
baga sada
i can't imagine,if limp bizkit sing this song
So…what’s everyone complaining about now?\nThis is actually pretty damn good.
I’ve been following this band since the MySpace days and every time they release a new song it’s always the same reaction from the fans, either they love it or hate it. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve always liked how they experiment with a new sound every album, but than again that could just be the scene kid/ fan girl in me 🤷🏻\u200d♀️ ( I still love them)
I think it would of topped the video off if at the end the shopping bags had split and everything just fell onto the floor...
christian goscha
Dani filth could have had a WAY bigger part in this. One of my favorite vocalist. It's the only reason y i checked this song out.
dexter regalado
Love this song!!! I hear some Deftones vibes in the breakdown riffs, does anyone feel it too?
Way different from \
positivity fuck yea \\m/(-_-)\\m/
Beavis&Butthead pajamas rules! Heh heh!
kosta Goncharov
and hell yeah im the awkwardest,\nbut everybody knows i got bounce!\n\n\nlove you bmth
maitane ortube
Menuda joya
marissa jefferson
The best thing about this video is watching them do everyday things while this hardcore song is just playing.
martin varga
Oh what a wonderful song.... \u003c3\nMinute of silence for those who stopped listening BMTH after That´s the spirit
multi fangirl
Oh what a wonderful Life when I'm brought the horizon at sixx am in the morning, life is beautiful.
but everybody knows i got bounce
xXx_Pokemaster Cyro_xXx
The chorus is the best part of this song. The other parts are okay, but the chorus is very very good. Especially when it has the trumpets coming in. So layered, catchy and cunning.
Леонид Рыбалка
I have a funny theory (and maybe stupid too but whatever) that they were trolling Limp Bizkit in this video about their very long break from writing and music, so they just live their normal lives now. And Wes Borland outfit and makeup looks kinda alike Danny’s
3:23 this still got me cracking up for some reasons
Really i like this song........\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nSo much!!!!!