The Road Warrior - Official Theatrical Trailer

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Mel Gibson stars in this stunning futuristic apocalypse on wheels; the second of the Mad Max films. Also included in this Blu-ray version is new audio commentary by director George Miller. World War III has just ended and the world's remaining inhabitants are on a desperate, devastating, struggle to survive. Gasoline is in short supply and those remaining, turn on one another for the crude oil.

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AlucardWins AKAWolverine
Pray that he's out there somewhere. that's deep. lol
this trailer is just pure AWESOMENESS & so is the movie!
Chris Rust
This trailer sux
I honestly thought this was gonna be like Captain America: the Winter Soldier, wherein the Road Warrior would refer to a separate character who would be Max's opponent turned friend.
Jero Briggs
Nice to see the American trailer for this movie.
Kurt Seery
The best description I ever heard for this film was that it was a \
Pyro The Guitarrist
I love this moviel all 4th movies
ziggy morris
I haven’t seen this since back then wow