Improvisation at the train station in paris!

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(Contact [email protected] for licensing/usage info)When was a piano in a paris station and two talents come together and they not known, happens this.Quan hi ha un piano a l'estació de parís i s'ajunten dos talents que no és coneixen, passa això.Cuando hay un piano en la estación de parís y se juntan dos talentos que no se conocen, pasa esto.Quand deux pianiste talentueux qui ne se connaissent pas se rencontre dans une gare Parisienne, voici ce qu'il ce passeAnother one: ...,

Braveheart (Award-Winning Work) Improvisational Theatre (TV Genre) Intocable (Musical Artist) Music Video (TV Genre) Piano (Musical Instrument) Tourist Destination Paris (City\/Town\/Village)

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Ada Ferreira de Lima
Perfeita essa sincronia que a música proporciona. Parabéns para os amantes da boa música.. artistas de verdade 😍😍\n... Perfect this synchrony that music provides. Congratulations to the lovers of good music .. real artists😍😍
Ali .A
No language\nNo conversation\nNo countries\nNo nonsense\nJust a piano :Bravoo
Amarjeet Paul
What is Tom Cruise doing in the background?
AndreaA A
LOS SHIPEO! \u003e:V/
Austin Full
i like how in the last 2-3 minutes, they're just trying to figure out how to end it at the same time.
Basit Muhammad
they are like having conversation with each other using the piano
Ben T.
Everyone who listened it is addicted to it
Ce 002
October 2018?
Chakie Xoxo
Legend says they’re all still clapping
Cheng LIN
I have watched this video for so many times. Can’t resist it. It’s so beautiful. 😆
Christian Haro
I can't even remember how many times I've watched this video now. The guy in the white shirt knew the guy sitting needed help and came to help out. And from that came an AMAZING performance. One of the best videos I've seen on youtube. Well done both of you.
Coelho Dublagens
Cadê os BR?
Confident Afro
Guy A: Haha imma show off ma skills after practicing for 3 months.\nguy b joins...\nGuy B: Hah! beat this you nuuubbbb
The announcement pissed me off so bad
David Naylor
A great video showing respectful, spontaneous collaboration. I love how the guy in white approaches carefully. He is moved to join in, and takes his time to feel if he is welcome or not. \nAnd once he knows it's cool, he lets loose. At the end he wants the original guy to have the last note. Beautiful.\nThanks for sharing this video.
DemonicSky Z
Does this video contain nicotine cause I can't have enough of this
Devan Harripersad
The original reason for youtube.
Dimong Vlogs
I have watched this video since 2017 , approximately 200 times .\nNow 2018 Happy New Year everyone !
R.I.P James Horner \u003c3 one of the greatest composers of all time.
GTV Skymage Trần
It very good! I love it! 😘😘
Hakan Ekmen
Türkler nerde aq ses verin 🇹🇷
7.5 thousand people are in favor Real Madrid xd
Herin HR - Oʆʆiciʌl
The Announcement was disturbing
I haven't taken shower for 7 weeks, but
I'm a little bit surprised luis suarez didn't bite that piano.
Jeremy Bosco
Song please...
Joel Macis
Just A dude
*Player 2 has joined the game*
The people who dislike this video misses the train car
Kyuraz Jr
October 2018...anyone?!
Lemon Grass
2:07 random woman spinning like a ballerina
Leonard Winchester
Best random bromance ever.
Lord Byron
Am I the only one who is still waiting for them to get married ???
Madison Evans
This is so fucking beautiful ❤😭
Malek Kabri
The 2 player from Algéria 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿
Man O War
Oct 2040 anyone??
Mario Grieco
October 2018
Marko Bugarski
now kiss
Matthias Le Gall
THAT'S PEACE! ...Politicians and contracts, go out! ...Musics and feelings, come on in! ;)
Merve S
Şu videoya bayılıyorum ya zaten piyanoyu çok seviyorum bir de birbirini tanımayan iki insan arasindaki uyumlu çalış harikaydı
Milo Facybottom
Top 10 romantic anime scenes
Intouchables | Una Mattina - Ludovico Einaudi\n0
Muhammad Shafiq
The guy with grey shirt so talented
Najla Salhi
J'aurais loupé mon train pour écouter ça en live
White shirt guy carried hard
Naser AbuOwn
love from swelih \u003c3
Nguyễn Huỳnh Anh
2018, still my favorite video on YouTube
Rajabo mualinha
Amazing... Congratulations guy's.
Ray Gun
Duuude, i was so in sync with those two that the lady on the microphone didn't even bother me one bit\nSuch beauty you see once in a lifetime, makes me jealous that i couldn't be there while they were playing. I hope they're well and are still playing and maybe even had a second collab.
Reem SJ
These guys should be Ellen's next guest or somthing\nTHEY SHOULD BE FAMOUS OKAY
Ri ad
2018 octobre .... Anyone
Ror Black
Rully Roland
It was messi all along
STB paul
whats the name of this song :D?(October 2018)
Shanuka Hettiarachchi
Amazing language of music... 😍 \nI'm watching this video over and over again for more than a year now... Special thank to the guy who captured this scene from the very begining to the end!! \nCheers from Sri Lanka!!!
Simon Cowell
It’s A Yes From Me
Simone Drovandi
The first boy, much more scholarly, diligent, composed ... The second is much more genius and disorder, but together they are magnificently compensated! Even mason and architect work together no ??
Siti Nur Fadillah
October 2018...??
Siya Varrier
This is my favourite video on entire internet! ❤️
Sniper dream
The guys one is spanish and one is Algerian
Sofyane Bousalhih
October 2018.... anyone ?!!!
Syahrul Dheunai
Good bye to:Dheunai:v
Tashi Genden
Player 2 has entered the game.
The DistinctGuy
ThirdSound Piano
Saving money everyday to buy an upright piano. I'm pretty much done with electric ones.
Thomas Berzerkr
Casse les couilles le train de Toulouse
And they all missed their train
Tío Zorro del Valle
Todavía me dan ganas de bombardear a la mujer del altoparlante...
Wan Uzieh
they are great!
White Sardines
*Top 10 underrated concerts*
William T.
Did anyone else get really mad when that lady was speaking.
Yuto bashi
20x times here and never gettin' bored
Zhar Borneo
The PEOPLE who dislike missed their Train \n\n😂😂
antoine trinh
Ces deux jeunes hommes sont très talentueux ! les moments inoubliables de la vie parisienne !!! Bravo !!!
kader kaderiano
2 differents strangers . 2 differents races . 2 differents religions . language is * Music*\n The man sitting , is Gerard Pla Daro from Spain.cristian\n The man with backpack is Nassim Zaouche from Algeria. muslim
leciel oz
lilian rbr
I this the best video on YouTube for me
Big like 🌷
c ouf\n3ans appres je regarde cette video
mimimi mimi
I think this vid was the reason why I started to play the piano again about 1 year ago
mushi. ma
who watch this at 27/9/18 !!! give me likess
nova andika
cute man
This is a great example of pair programming. No words.
yoxou et iko
La musique rassemble, quel magnifique morceau de deux artistes ne se connaisssant pas. Tout juste magnifique. Bravo aux artistes....🙃
Ролан Курд
Yuliam Yolas✌😉
Тito Kovdez
Perfect! Respect! Gracias Enrique ;)