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Les Twins WOD 2017 All Performance!🔥Download: Les Twins | World Of Dance 2017Les Twins WOD 2017 - World Of DanceLes Twins | World Of Dance 2017Les Twins WOD 2017 - World Of Dance

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Ad Dada
The others dancers faces were [email protected]:08 because they know they lost 😂😂😂
Agnieszka Strzelczak
Fun fact: they practiced every day since they were 3
Alana David
French proud 🙌🏼😍🔥🇫🇷
Alice Lett
They're faces😂😂
Angel Cho
The competition was like damn I give up
Ashley Buckley
ha they all shacking they heads...know they about to loose!!!!!
Austin W
Youve never seen such idividuality and synch at the same time... With that, the unique moves, confidence, talent, and style they are almost unbeatable... Very few compare to them
Ayanda Thwala
The second routine. They played our DJ black coffee's song...never been prouder to be South African 🇿🇦♥🇿🇦 Sbonge!
B Genesis Thomas
WOD Champions! Well deserved! 😜👟😜
Baby Jenn
Lol the other dancers were so fucking pissed watching the million dollar slip through their hands hahahaha
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Bianca King
The competition was looking mad af like why are we even here? Lol.
Bobbyvaishnavi Vaishu
Twins is my one of the favorite dancer🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
1) Free by 6LACK\n2) Deep in the bottom (of Africa) by Monique Bingham\n3) Never Know by 6LACK\n4) Some Minds by Flume Ft. Andrew Wyatt\n5) Stole the show by Kygo
Carmine Trezza
Def not amazing. They are just fast y'all. They are all choreographed which to me is pretty sold out and commercial. I mean do you get that money but 20 percent of NYC would shit on them. They can't pop well. They just swag and move fast well.
There is more talent in one of their dreadlocks than in all of my body
Chansa Mukoma
These guys bring too much competition
Christian Thério
Holy they are out of this world
For those that don't already know... Here are a few key differences to tell Larry and Laurent apart:\n\n-Larry usually has shorter hair. If they both have an afro then Laurent's hair is fuller and still a little bit longer\n-Larry wears a black necklace and Laurent wears a black and white necklace (he doesn't so much anymore, it's in older videos)\n-Larry does a lot of footwork while Laurent does whole body and floor moves\n-Larry is usually dancing on the left of Laurent when looking from the audience\n-Larry dances to a lot of rap while Laurent does a lot of slower songs (don't know the word for the type of music)\n-Laurent is very touchy with Larry and will do moves from behind Larry when it's Larry's turn to perform\n-Laurent will sometimes scream when Larry pulls off a move well\n-Larry shows his affection for his brother by standing up for him (battles), not by physical touching like Laurent does\n-Laurent is low key a diva and you can tell in his dancing\n-Laurent's sleeve tattoo is on his left arm and Larry's sleeve is on his right\n-It's also easy to identify them by their signature moves. Look them up
Craig D.
Holy Shit!!! Everytime I see these guys I'm blown away!!! FANTASTIC! ✌😉😀
Cyanoxic Rose
The looks on the other contestants' faces 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Qualité Françaises 😏❤❤❤
Daniel K.
They are so much more than this TV Show.
Dreshun Daniels
2:08 had everyone backstage shook😂
Eddy Anrsm
they improved a lot , they still prove they are the BEST in this Business .. love them
Eleonore Dj
Mes ta vidéo est malade 😍😍😍😗😗😙🤑🤑🤑😮😮😮😚😗😘😍
Fredo Guti
Yes ,twins best of world \nMade in france
Galina Alexandra
Are they still competing..? How long will they still compete? They already proved that they are the best and it's time to performing on the stage as masters not as competitors... What is wrong with this system?
Glg Brahma
This guys is my favorite
Isa Amazing
Free Download in Description!
JD Gonzales
freaking live for these guys. they give me life
Los mejores del mundo eso ya esta escrito en la historia 😍😍🤗👏👏👏👏
Jacqueline Soulchick
Their precision and clarity are other-worldly! My GOD!!!!
Jade Moreno
Jaylan Myers
I have been watching ayo and teo for a long time and Les twins are waaaaaaaaay better than them
John I
The clapping...
Juanita Peters
the contestants reaction at 5:40 ... lmao they were mad asf
Jungkook's Wifie
they are so goddamn SEXYYYYYYYYY
KC Nwokoye
Just unbelievably incredible
Kaiydah Coston
I LOVE them😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍the funny one it the..............................
Kenny Vaz
Yooo, no hate, but since they walked into the stage we all knew they would win the intire show they were obviously over qualified compared to other teams...
Keso Kwe
These guys used to tour with Beyoncé!!! So fire I love them so much
LMG Gang
They are the best dansers ever
Lady DX
The Les Twins, what else can you say? #TeamLesTwins
Ouch, the other contestant's face from 5:43-5:45 says it all. Wow.\n\nThere was no contest. Kinda felt a lil bad for everyone else. How do you complete against legends? Bcz don't get it twisted...Les Twins are dance legends. 👑
Le Chalet
@4:40 That slow-mo was out of this world omg that’s beyond talent! 💚
Leah Worthy
Why did they do this to the other dancers? I mean they looking like they all want to do is go home & cry in the shower!😦
Lisa Riddle
Did he slip @48 accidentally or was it part of the dance.
Lisann Jackson
Omg ...I wanna meet them
Londy M.
They both so amazing and look amazing but dono y the twin with the longer hair just keeps catching my eye, damn😍..
It seems stupid that they are even judged by 4 randos who are less talented than them
Laurent imitating that tap dancer then Larry snapped his neck, then Laurent points at him implying that's you, :-) and at the last dance pose (red outfit), Laurent pose is the death drop while Larry is the low one legged balance and the song is about we stole the show(with these signature moves). And at the wheelchair dance, the upper class guy at first seems to care at the poor guy, and that. Beat drop represents the struggles they have because they are both human,but the moves are somehow mirrored to each other implying that they live in a different world despite being the same race and that pulling the wheelchair represents the rich will not care if the poor guy dies or anything wrong happened, see how Larry walked away without hesitation,representing the reality ,,of course not all of them are like that but a lot of them.
Mamadou Lamine Cisse
Salif is coming!
Love these dudes!!!!
Michael Green
how could u dislike this??
Michelle Gooden
The twins are timeless. You never get tired of rewinding the videos. Watching them dance.
Miss_ La'Nae
Maaannnn I'm still here for this & them!! I get hype everytime I see them dancing.
Mista KLC
They are in the music and express it so dramatically. It looks like special effects. They are amazing artist.
Nicky Ko
And one of them killed the other who was tap dancing in front of the tap Dancer, symbolising that the les twins just murdered the tap Dancer on stage....that’s some next level savagery
Onyx Rain
The look on the other dancers faces 😂😂😂😂😂💀
Paa kwasi Nyinaku
2:38 one of the many contemporary dance styles in Ghana, West Africa.
Paola Martínez
1:59..sexys como el demonio!!😱
Pessmistic Minimalistic
Second performance was fire..
Petty Meme King
Where was the mirror performance?
Prawida Yumia
Craziest twins ever
Quan Thomss
@1.19 phillip pacman behind Laurent in the crowd👀👀👀
Rahul Prajapati
les twins 💓
Ruben Aguirre
did they win the show?
Sandie Hledá
It's funny how so many of the contestants had a look on their face that said \
Sheikh Wahn Mbaba
I don't wanna miss just a one second of their moves,,,Legendary Twins 👍👏
Shraddha Ambrose
Ohmygod😍😍so unique style😍never seen this b4😍is it lockin n poppin? Are they winners of the show!? If no, im breaking my leg.. Im srry i cant break my leg 😂but they are so amazing im bananas right now 😂😂😂
Sonia Ferrari
Che dire: sono una forza della natura!!!!!
Tatyana Mack
Looking at them actually had me to become a fan of 6lack.
Teshan Randeniya
Laurent even while on that wheel chair was BEAST! how can he NOT be the best dancer #LILBEAST# LESTWINS#LAU
Thalyta Oliveira
Les twins ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
ayo and teo are shook
Tsholofelo Fruit Chatney
This twins are connected somehow...this is way too deep man
Untel He is the best
They deserved their victory !
Valerie Garcia
Vasto Lorde
The other competitors are like \
Viktoria Mvula
These guys do more than just dance,they tell a story,they express emotion and it's just amazing....#artistic geniuses
Wind Legume
I dont understand why people were hating on them winning. They killed it the whole season even with the setback of a significant injury
1:58 how to make women fall inlove
alex ze thot slayer
5:56 wait how’d they get the wheelchair up the stairs ?😂 was it 2 min of them just awkwardly struggling ?
i've been watching les twins for years, they are still very good but i couldn't say they have progressed. i guess this is their apogee. their music choice however, i liked those 3-6 years ago hard beats more.
chris georgallis
These guys make my Heart smile\n❤😃
dj paisality
as it is called\n  the music that aprincipio that appears in the video that dances those 2 kids ???
freestyler AK
They are the perfect example of \
john p
They already won WOD competitions (and several other professional competitions) before it was a tv show. They’ve been dancing professionally for well over decade now. Beyoncé took them on tour...\n\nThe idea that these “judges” are qualified to judge them is laughable. Les Twins have already accomplished more in the world of dance than any of the judges. That’s like asking a high school student to grade a PhD candidate’s dissertation.
what an awful director... you need to keep the camera still to be able to watch this performance.. jezus he destroyed their routine :( unwatchable
mesi 23101991
Holly how can human be good like this
tinutza yo
I can wach this video,over and over again!
Χρήστος Λεβεντης
Congratulations. \nYou are the best.
クラン ѮѮ サスケ
*They are precise in movements, so they seem to defy the laws of physics. I'm a fan of them*