Japan: World Cup Profile

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The first nation to punch their ticket to Brazil is ready to make a statement on the world's biggest stage. Will this be their time in the sun?Check out Howler Magazine: ABOUT KICKTV: KICKTV is YouTube's global headquarters for the beautiful game. Football, soccer, futbol, calcio-- whatever you call it, this is your place for video, analysis, commentary and comedy around the world's most popular sport. KICKTV brings you the latest on the best players in the world, like: Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar. And the world's top leagues: the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, the Eredivisie & the Brazilian league. Plus, coverage of all the biggest football events: UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup, the Euros, Copa Libertadores

FIFA World Cup (Football Competition) Fédération Internationale De Football Association (Sports Association) Japan (Country) Keisuke Honda (Football Playe...

7th Degree Imperial Yo-Yo Master
Can't wait to see Captain Tsubasa on the pitch in the World Cup Final
Kakitani is not the 2013 Esat Asia Cup MVP.
Ageing Gamer
lol Japan think they have a chance in the world cup. They have Colombia, Ivory Coast and Greece, instant knockout. They have a decent squad, but Colombia and Ivory Coast have much better squads, they can only beat Greece. The only time Japan win is in anime. I love Japan, but they have no chance. Old man Drogba is gonna run right through their defense, their only world class defender is Uchida. Hopefully, the forwards make up for it, they are deadly.
No Shunsuke Nakamura, but still sympatic team. Good Luck
Honda \u003c3
Andy Ketley
I'm rooting for Japan in the World Cup.
AnimeBase Hayama
Japan Has to step their game up if they want to win
Ash Almond
Brazil is the second home for Japanese. Let's hope they make it to Grand Final!
Saudi Arabia Beat them 4-2
Not a though group! Don't be silly Colombia has better players physically and flair. Ramos will be joining Borussia Dortmund soon. Ivory Coast Toure brothers and pace! While Greece have a solid defense Sokratis! Don't get me wrong I wish Japan the best!
Benjamin Tang
Where is Ryo Miyachi? He should also be a breakout star too.
Bruce Lee
Last 8
Much better than FIFA's World Cup profile for Japan.
Charlie S
Do South Korea. Though, I know for a fact that our national team suuuccccks
Chris Papadopoulos
Japan players only run.They have no chance.
Cyrus Rose
As a Japanese,Our Biggest Problem is The forward post.
They actually have a lot of top class talent coming up the youth squads
Daniel star123
come on Japan!!!!!
Death Hack
Good luck to japan. Hope you make it out of that tough group.\nI think you guys can beat ivory coast, but colombia and greece...hmmm , i dont think so.\n\nGO JAPAN!
Devara Gian
Nippon nippon nippon nippon! Ganbatte! \n\nJapan the monster from East Asia! \n\nBut the GK is terrible :(
Di Angelo
1st Colombia (even without falcao they are complete beast and i believe they can qualify even to the final if they are fit enough)\n2nd Greece (absolutely solid team with propably one of the best defence out there,although if mitrogloy is not fit i think they can finish even at 4th place)\n3rd Japan (one word TEAM ,really fast but many of the players play in Japan witch is quite a mediocre league,short team so Greece,Colombia and Ivory Coast have a big lead on corners fouls and stuff)\n4th Ivory Coast (the reason why i believe they will finish last is because they are not united,the team is said to be troubled with the picks of the coach, also may be fast and got great players but they are pretty old and have many games during the season,last but not least they dont have a solid defence making them my 4th choise to qualify from this group.\nThis is my choise i have bet on that 120 euro :P
For the whole Kick TV team: thank you for these wonderful, delighting little info videos. They teach a lot and remember to go positive things first. They make every national team to look like their wonderful self with their own possibilities to go far. Thank you!!
Elliott Esquivel
Love this World Cup profiles, great work
Eric Bernard
Japans very underated in fact.
Ferchu Fernandez
Japan \u003c3 my favorite asian country.
Gaming with Adonis
fifa world ranking?
Gerry Ripper
i don't see Tsubasa Ozora among them.. where is he ?
Kagawa and honda will be fun to watch
The best and most known players are: \n\n\nUchida yoshida. Nagatomo. Hasebe. Endo. Honda Okazaki \nKawashima. Maeda. Miyachi. \n
if only Nakata didn't retire so soon... they'd be perfect \u003e.\u003c
Håkon Tveit
Brazil is China's second home what are the odds
Indra D. Bachrie
Ehm... Yuto Nagatomo
Jabari May
Janni Wheeler
Like, if you think Hajime Hosogai is the most underrated Nippon Player today.
I don't know why but i really want a Asian team like Japan or South Korea to do well.
Joseph Kim
Lets go korea and japan show the world the power of asian football.
Uchida! Best man in football.
Japan didn't get a tough group, they could make it out!
Major Kirrahe
Great video!\n\nGanbare Nippon!
hey JIMMY... will u please wish happy new year to all the nepalese people in your next show.. may b good weekend bad weekend... please it would mean a lot to me...
Maurício Rodrigues
They have Pikachu on their side?Why not Goku?
Mitchell W
Do South Korea next!
KickTV has completely forgotten to introduce Yuto Nagatomo from Inter Milan.
i'm not japanese but as an Asian American i'll def root for japan and korea as my 2nd team.
NJ moyashi
The truth is the most dangerous inter Nagatomo\nHe is the most experienced
Navi Tbou
Beautiful video! Very nice!! but......Where is yuto nagatomooooo??!!
Started watching soccer in 2010 during the World Cup and Japan quickly became my favorite after seeing Endo and Honda both score free kicks against Denmark, since then I have followed Japan. Yes Kakitani is a break out star, but don't forget Yuya Osako! Really excited to see what happens on the biggest stage.
Omer Simantov
Yuto Nagatomo is not a main player ???
PaulinaConstain RS
im Colombian but i love Japan! odio ver jugar dos paises que me gustan :(
Peter Raccoon
Addidas Japan has begun yesterday to sell game shirts with Pikachu on it of Team Samurai Blue only in Japan!!
this is such a great background song. what/who is it by and how can i download it?
Potato Flavoured Penguin
Where is Yuto Nagatomo?
Quang Nguyen
with pikachu as the mascot, japan will be electrifying to watch
Rainfred Romero
\n おめでとう日本\n   
Richard Lau
With pikachu as their mascot they are definitely gonna win \n☆〜(ゝ。∂)
Ryan Parker
Really hope they have a bloke dressed up as pikachu running on the sideline :o
we're gonna face them in our group... go hellas!
Sebastian Cantillo
Make Colombia
Sebastian Gonzalez
Their group will be the one to watch! Because it's going to be tight between theese teams
I don't care what they say...Japan is すごい!
Sky kanagawa
Japan Beat Ghana 3-1, Belgium 3-2 and Tied with Netherland 2-2 :) in recent 2 years :) がんばれ日本
Shinji Okazaki have been phenomonal in the Bundesliga, makes astute plays and have a deadly shot on him. He did all the dirty work himself in stuttgart, but with players like Keisuke Honda, Shinji Kagawa, Kasabe and Uchida with him, he cane become a national star. I'm not going to be surprised if Japan goes through the group stages.
Hey Jimmy, I never received a message about me winning the Bayern Munich shirt a couple of days ago
Supa Kron
They also love making weird commercials :D
Taiko Cat
Their defense will be the weak spot this year. They have to capitalize on the counter attacks. Can't wait to see how we do!
In the group that Japans in any one of the teams has a good chance of making it out
If North Korea made the World Cup, their World Cup video would be so awkward
Let's go Japan! Banzai!!!!
Tyler J
Could of chose a more Japanese sounding song
You can't hate japan they make our video games!
im behind japan in the world cup :D\ntime for kagawa to shine since MAN U is killing him
Japan tiki taka\u003eBarcelona tiki taka
Illegal late night dancing!? No wonder all of the Japanese people are moving to Brazil!
Zulkifli ZR
Where is Yuto Nagatomo
[ 外国人 ]エルネスト
except for the mascot , everything is great !
That \
atticus chea
i know what team i support this yeah.....Pikachu as a mascot....how can anyone beat that?
Tiki taka asian style
baek MS
no mentioning nagatomo? :(
I like japan
Beautiful video! Very nice
Colombia!! Colombia!!! Colombia!!!!!
Japan have quickly become my second team. I love their style of play and the arrogance they show on the ball. I'll be rooting for them in the World Cup!
ammm.... Where is Nagatomo?
manh nguyen
forza Japan from Viet Nam
Good Luck Japan!!! Gambate!
Let's go Samurai Blues!
miguel dias
Such quality editing, it's beautiful. After Portugal, I'm definitely rooting for Japan
Japan has a really strong team the only problem is that all the awesome players like Okazaki, Honda, Kagawa and Kiyotake are CAM's it will be hard to the manager...
Dear weeaboos: Please refrain from betting any money on this world cup, its for your own good.
Japan's mascot is Pikachu?Then US's one is Snorlax.