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Album: WAKE YOUR MIND (2013) Buy on iTunes: Here's a quick video showcasing the Deluxe Edition of Cosmic Gate's 'Wake Your Mind' iTunes LP. It's interactive and loads straight into iTunes with videos, photo galleries, lyrics and more. To watch all of the content make sure to grab yourself a copy!Fuelled by the auditory dynamics of its A-list championed, fan-embraced tracks, 'Wake Your Mind' was sent global through its world orbiting tour. From there it moved from being 'just' an artist album to an unstoppable EDM force of nature. Obliterating traditional borders, it reduced sub-genre classifications to insignificance with its diversified freethinking sound.To commemorate the impact of Cosmic Gate's most successful album to-date, Black Hole Recordings have built 'Wake Your Mind' -- The Deluxe Edition. A plenary iTunes release, it delivers the ultimate W.Y.M. experience. Encompassing tracks & remixes (from Ferry Corsten, W&W, Orjan Nilsen, Omnia and others) and a full span of multimedia aspects, you're looking at the album expansion pack to end all expansion packs!"A flawlessly selected remix roster", "full-length videos of the singles, exhaustive tour galleries, song lyrics and numerous other elements. The benchmark for future album re-releases has been firmly set." -- Mixmag - Album of the Month, April 2013On the conception of The Deluxe Edition, Cosmic Gate's Nic Chagall said: "We left the studio, having finished 'Wake Your Mind', feeling that something very special had been produced. The response from the fans, DJs and radio stations, over the last year has reinforced that." "So" (continues Bossi) "when the idea of the Deluxe Edition came up, we saw it as the perfect 'last chapter' in 'Wake Your Mind's story."In the beginning... the Deluxe Edition of 'Wake Your Mind' kicks off with its original 15-track pantheon. Featuring co-writes with internationally recognised producers like Arnej, Myon & Shane 54 and Andrew Bayer and vocal team-ups with singers including Emma Hewitt, Aruna, JES, Cary Brothers, Cathy Burton, collectively its music have sent temperatures soaring on floors worldwide. Single releases like 'The Theme', Barra' and 'Flying Blind' have become the 'Gate's new dancefloor calling cards, whilst 'Be Your Sound' has established itself as their new anthem pinnacle.Remix Your Mind... first to the fore in release's extras is a consummate 360° remix-retake of W.Y.M.'s music. Having put together an all-star cast, some of the world's hottest remixers have unleashed their minds on the album's tracklist. Among them are Stoneface & Terminal, who add a shaft of light to the tense prog-plotted 'Sometimes They Come Back For More' and Orjan Nilsen who amplifies 'Be Your Sound's melodic aspects - driving home the point with lancing tech riffs. Lending some stateside EDM inflexion, Tritonal gets some grind to the album's title track, whilst W&W add additional warp, squelch and stab to the J'Something vocalled 'Over The Rainbow'. Nudging the tempo & tone pedal a touch, Omnia, Alexander Popov, Nitrous Oxide and others supply gravity defying rebuilds to tracks like 'All Around You', 'Nothing Ever Lasts' and 'Calm Down'. Diverting spectacularly into mash-up territory, the Ferry Corsten Fix of System F Vs. Cosmic Gate's 'The Blue Theme' blends 'Out of the Blue' with C.G.'s 'The Theme'. Seguing between the two riffs, it's a pulse racing, floor-combusting double helix that oscillates between two of EDM's greatest moments!"Enough bonus multimedia 'extras' to keep tranceateers happy for hours"... (says Mixmag)And they're not wrong. Click into the Deluxe Edition's multimedia material, through its smart interactive menu system and the listener discovers a feature-rich world. Full-length official WYM videos ('Barra', 'Flying Blind', 'Calm Down' and 'Sometimes They Come Back' among them), song lyrics, extensive hi-def tour galleries (covering some of Nic & Bossi's most memorable Wake Your Mind tour events in 2012) and other elements all further and widen the WYM experience.The criterion for fans of the album and it's music, it's released on April 1st.www.cosmic-gate.de

2013 Cosmic Gate Jsomething Over the Rainbow trance

Cao Ang
god damn it gets awesome after 2:00
I love this track