Seth ROGEN is NOT going to let Zac EFRON talk about dieting (unless it´s endangered animals)

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Its not always easy to have a serious conversation with Seth Rogen present. Interview for Neighbors 2. By: Kjersti FlaaCOME WITH ME TO HOLLYWOODPlease subscribe to my channel if you enjoy celebrity interviews with Hollywood’s biggest stars. I post interviews with famous stars weekly here on this channel. If you surf around you'll find interviews with world famous movie stars like Meryl Streep

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SHUT UP SETH. omg.\nEvery interview I have ever seen of him, he never lets anyone have more than 3 words in, when he just has to comment.
Faith Lex
i love how excited Zac is about the turkeys
Nathan Mann
Seth Rogen bored and ignored lol
Rebecca Middleton
I like this, it’s helpful and funny which everyone needs but I wanted to say that it’s penguins which through evolution are flightless birds....;-)
Ulfur Karlsson
Zach Efron is right, we have to stop eating animals.
Seth's probably tired from all the same questions so he just decided to talk shit. Except he's a comedian so its funny when he talks shit haha
Haha, did you catch on to my comment for that (original) video? to cut this clip out.\n\ngood choice anyways :)
They eat celebrity animals--that's what healthy people do. \nhaha
I love this because Seth is in a very funny way showing what an inane question it is to ask Zac what he eats. You don't usually see an interviewer talk to a super thin woman about her diet, so it's ridiculous to spend such a big part of an interview talking about something that is not about his acting but is solely about his appearance. Not only that, but he's working out so much because of Baywatch and this is the press tour for Neighbor's 2, so I would have preferred a question about that, like how was it to be considered as one of the \