Cristiano Ronaldo ● Top 10 Unimaginable Goals - Is He Human? |HD|

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AJ Cricket
That might be the best weak foot goal ever.
ATMO Sphere
He is Part of Illuminati 😂
Adel Ali
ronaldo is the best fotball player in the world
Adesh Yadav
Greatest footballer the world has ever seen....... Cr7 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Aditya Nishad
He is legend and best stiker of world
Ahmad gholami
NO he' s not human, he's an\nLegend
Aleena Hussain
I am a big fan of you and you are unstoppable
After last night, you're going to have to update the video.
Anita und Lia BFF'S
Archana Maan
The last goal is super legendary
Arkam Ashfaq
I think these goals are more than10
Is he human?
Bablu Sah
Best footballer in the world
Bile Xusen Bile
Bobidivaka TV
Bris Bro
BUt. Still Messi is better than Ronaldo🤗😜
He's not human....\n\n\n\n\nHe's a beast!!!! 👌👌
A player with great technique? - Cristiano Ronaldo\nA fast player as hell ? - Cristiano Ronaldo\nAn insane header? - Cristiano Ronaldo\nA playmaker upfront? - Cristiano Ronaldo\nA dribbler? - Cristiano Ronaldo\nAn insane goal scorer? - Cristiano Ronaldo\nBest long shot taker? - Cristiano Ronaldo\nA player that plays with both feet? - Cristiano Ronaldo\nA pure talented striker? - Cristiano Ronaldo\nBest free kick taker?- Cristiano Ronaldo\nBest Penalty taker? - Cristiano Ronaldo\nMost Hard Worker Player? - Cristiano Ronaldo\nPlayer with most individual records? - Cristiano Ronaldo\nDoes Cristiano has International titles? - YES\nBest player of planet? - Cristiano Ronaldo\nBest player of this generation ? - Cristiano Ronaldo\nBest player of all time ? - Cristiano Ronaldo\nTHIS GUY IS EVERYTHING A FOOTBALLER CAN BE...THE MORE HATERS HE GETS THE BETTER HE PERFORMS HE IS TOTAL FOOTBALLER....
That last goal from Ronaldo is legendary.
Dee-Boss Xettri
1 of the one greatest footballer in history of football.the truth is ronaldo is god gifted u cr7
Demitrij Appelberg
i dont get it... why does everyone thinks that messi is better then ronaldo, RONALDO IS THE BEST PLAYER... THATS IT.
Dj AvVip
Donny Montreano
Ronaldo is a Robot\nMessi is an Alien\nZlatan is a Human
Edi YTreal
His not a human his a hero
Edward Turner
Take notes Messi, take notes
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The dislikes were from messi fanboys
Fabrixe Seren
2:32 ... Campione!
Flav396 Dan
U forgot his. Bicycle kick when he scored
Jens Bos
1 mln subs
Jomer Faelangco
No he's not human, he's an Legend
Jyoti Ajanya
god bless him and he's god of Football
Kundan Singh
Salute is hardworking player finish the game
Luis Olivares
Soy del barça,pero me gusta ber esto
Luka Chevalier
Messi is better
Malik Mohiuddin
i love you cr7
Marshalle Barry
Who came here after the transfer to Juventus
Mary cool
Ronaldo is the best ronaldo i love you i am girl and i playing football ronaldo ronaldo ronaldooooooooooo💙💜💙💜💙
*Bencho पैर hai ya बिजली ke taar* 🙄
Michael Auto
Ronodo is the best soccer player in the earth
Mohammad Afsar
good skill bro
Moidu Moidu
I am a fan of c ronaldo he is amazing
Nirav Patel
nice goals
Nokja Belsh
Ornela Llalla
Ronaldo the best
Owais Khurshid Bhat
Cr7 is best footballer
Pedro Melo
He is the best
Poor Guitarist
CR7 easily best in the history of football\nReal madrid is so lucky to have him,\nCR7\u003eMSN, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, \ngive him weakest team in the world, he make that team champion!,\nI wonder why real madrid play with 11 player they just need CR7 on pitch alone(so underrated)
Pranjal Deepak
the best footballer: Ronaldo(CR7)😎😎
Pro Sid Pro
Legend is Legend
Is he human? lol\n\nHe wouldn't last 10 minutes in game of Rugby,\nMessi wouldn't last 5
Football is my religion and ronaldo is my god
Rawad لتعليم اللغه الألمانية
Wie bist du guter fußballer
Check out messi's top 10 best goal. Then say who is better? Who is alien? Messi scored those goals by dribbling almost entire opposition team.Those goals are more enjoyable than the powerful goal of Rolando.
Best soccer player in the whole entire world
Sahil oza
He is legend
Sam John Paul
Ronaldinjho the best ever... ... no doubt... he played football for team...not for money and other matters
Sanchali Lowtoo
Ronaldo is a very good player⚽⚽⚽
Sanjay Prasad
He is super human
Savio Darmento
And there goes his free kick in world cup 2018
Shahmir Mufti
He's shooting abilities are just insane. Messi is a wonderful playmaker while Ronaldo is a great goalscorer. #StopComparingThem
Shambhu lokhande
He is one man army
Shashank Singh
After watching all the top 10 goals I am like oh man that was some something special. This guy can score from anywhere. After watching Messi top 10, I am like - gasp! Mouth wide open! No words.
Shinra Tensei
No, Ronaldo is not a Human. He is a GOD.
Showbox and Clips
Ronaldo has taken the ball. He's running fast. He is near the goal. He shoots. GOAL!!! GOAL!!! AND THE CROWD GOES WILD. Best of luck Ronaldo and show us some more.
SkoRe GA
He is amazing
Steve Stifler
Im a Messi Fan and but I should say cr7 is better because of his height which Messi dont have
Hello Cristiano Ronaldo
The Henry Show
All of these are fucking long shots wtf. Messi actually gets past players and dribbles and scores wonder goals. These are goals that many players have scored. But Messi’s are things no one can do. Messi is simply magical.
TheSpeed Skywalker
music used here ? anyone plz
watching these videos you can tell that either Ronaldo or Messi are took the downroad due to age.....sad but true
Tiara Chandar
All Ronaldo's fans , please click like and if you are a huge fan of him please comment.❤❤❤. Ronaldo is the best.
Walisson Santos
No he's not human, he's an Alien that plays together humans....👽
Will Heuzzer
XxBryan BrysixX
They say \
Yo Yo Suraj Sks
Have nice goal..\nI like ronaldo...
Zeeshan Zubair
messi is nothing to cr7
amir Mir
Ronaldo is better than messi 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
cr7 ashik creations 77 cr7 ashik creations 77
He is insane player
hafsa mohamed
Awesome I love Ronaldo
health baba
Guys plz don't compare ronaldo and messi together....both are different players and master in their own skills
killer _ youtuber
Ronaldo best than messi if you think like me leave a comment
loud Silence
ronaldo has legendary and famous remembered goals than Messi. I close my eyes and I can recall Ronaldo's goal against arsenal that long freekick \
mabioor achiek
that goal made me cry
Those who like ronaldo please like this comment
sajjad hussain
cr 7 is good player in world
samreen siddique
my fav one of the best player of all time CRISTIANO RONALDO
sarah 33
Cr7 \nthe king\nthe legend\n\n\n\n🔥The god
sido7 Sido7
Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in all times
the real clasher . g.k
foot ball is Ronaldo life
Im a fan of the FC Barcelona but i like Ronaldo too. Hes a good guy :) He does a lot of good things and helps poor people.
wangtha hajong
My fav bst plyr in the wrld...👍👍👍
your Dad
10goals pessi can only dream of
zehu 1
1:15 b my fav😍😍😍
Βασίλης Αγγελόπουλος
To all these people taunting him and calling him \
Χρήστος Οικονομίδης
ροναλντο πορτογαλος παντα ρεαλ μαδριτης και οκαλυτερος\nστη γη