TOPPOP: Meat Loaf - Modern Girl

Artist: Meat LoafTitle: Modern GirlBroadcast date: 1-11-1984TV program: TopPopVideo rights: AVROPLEASE NOTE:All copyrights for all videos on this official TopPop YouTube channel are cleared and belong to Dutch public broadcaster AVROTROS. Please contact [email protected] for copyright-inquiries or [email protected] for licensing.

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A Chaps
Top of the Lip Synchs... I love this song - its clean, happy, and rockin!
Andy Moss
Good upload. Many thanks.
Braeden Jeffery
Great clip, beautiful quality. I always loved this song.
Carl Lawson
meat loaf is a rock god
Great video, great song.
Mrs Meatloaf b vox, Pick Withers drums (Dire Straits) Colin 'boggy' Bond bass (Stampede, Bernie Torme Band, Stormtrooper) Paul Jacobs Keyboards/guitar.
tommy lee
Female back up singer has some of the best dance moves I've seen...!!!