Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 1 - Realm of Shadows (Full Episode)

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Batman: The Telltale Series Season One - First Episode - Full walkthrough with all important choices and consequencesSEASON 1 - EPISODE 1: REALM OF SHADOWS

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-bk- snake
this feels like godfather or mafia 23:03
Ace James
This looks like an \
Acrux Ace
Italiano no 😢
Adam Bryan
I wo der if breaking his arm was really the. Est choice.
Alfred Bernard
Seems like The Batman isn't dead.\nI'm glad to see you keep going with Batman games, even if the Arkham franchise is over.
Batman and Catwoman figuring each other out on their first encounter. That's gotta be a record of fastest time it's taken to figure out the hero's secret identity
Andy Castellanos
I chose to give the data to Vicky Vale and chose to brutalize Falcone. lol, anyone else?
1:26:46 the temptation for bruce to laugh right there
Axel Maximoff
And batman return to arkham 😭
Bamzilla 1996
This is only the first episode and it already has a much better story than Arkham knight. Now bring on the butt hurt Arkham knight fan boys.
Batman Play Arts Kai
As much as I love Troy Baker, he just doesn't sound like an intimidating Batman. I would have much preferred Roger Craig Smith (Arkham Origins) to be Batman and maybe Troy Baker to be Harvey Dent, he did it in Arkham City and it was spectacular!
Bruce Wayne kinda looks like Sterling Archer in this game. lol\n\n\nBWF
Ben Z
happy your covering the game
Looks like BAV needs some counter tips. Hey, kidding!
BlueRose covers
Not matter what game... No matter if it's Batman, or a crossover of Batman and something else... No matter how bad or good the game... No matter what kind of game... No matter who makes the game... No natter the voice actress...\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nCatwoman will always have a nice ass.
Brad Crockett
Bruce Wayne is easier to kill than Batman. Bruce Wayne is the Alias, Batman is the real person, suit or not. I would have sided Bruce with Falcone to get close then to take him down, The Penguin you show pity and honor as Bruce Wayne, Force as Batman. There is a reason for the Alias and the Persona of Bruce Wayne, The Most Eligible Bachelor Billionaire. Remember this is about Justice, A Vigilante who breaks laws and has to make hard decisions to benefit Batmans Role. Be the real Detective, look at the evidence, the Wayne family is under fire by Penguin, which he would do anything to Falcone to be top dog. He will do anything to the Waynes' because he blames them for the fall, Batman will find the truth and the name will be restored, your choices to protect your family name won't matter right now might as well take an opportunity to get close to your enemies. Jim Gordon is always the right choice. You do have to be breaking arms and do huge amount of damage to secure the fear, Batman doesn't do this for love, glory or fame?! He does it for Justice, who cares what people think of him because the True purists know, what he has accomplished.
**Potential Spoilers**\nI figured Vicky would be the best to give the data to. I figure there are more corrupt cops that could easily swipe the data, as trustworthy as Gordon is, but even then all he would really do is go to all the locations and stop whatever's going on. Batman could just do that. Vicky is notorious in all incarnations for doing the right thing, and she did get the public aware of him. \nAlso, my Batman was much more brutal just how I like him. I broke that guys arm, but I didn't brutalize Falcone. I feel like the public needs to know Batman is a good guy, but then again I feel like the criminals watching need to know that crime won't be tolerated...God, this is why I love TellTale's games.
What do U think about the game so far batman Arkham videos.
So who else is distracted by how much Bruce looks like Sterling Archer.
Cam Medina
This version of Harvey Dent is really weird, and I can't figure out why.
What about Easter Egg video from Batman: Arkham Knight?
Christopher Wang
Imagine the every possibility video
Crashow !
Good to see that Selina and Bruce recognized each other in the beginning. Plus, Bruce and Harvey's friendship reminds me of _The Animated Series_.
Dead_Account 2018
Every choice this channel makes is official because the owner of the channel is Batman himself choosing his and weird isn't :p
at first, I though this involved ras al ghul.
Diya Mehta
Eat a snickers Sully. You turn into a Crime boss named Falcone when you're hungry. Jeez
1:04:20\n\nBruce: Looks like you've made your bed.\n\nSelina: No. We've made this bed and I'm not going to lie in it alone.\n\nOh the double entendres. I love the banter between the two.
Ej Pc
I can't tell you how excited I am to see this pop up in my sub box. Finally Batman will play the Telltale series. Yes... you are Batman, my friend.
ElectroNuke Mods
Is it just me, or is the Batsuit in this series awesome as hell?
So Sterling Archer is Batman, makes sense I guess.
It opens with a heist? Now, where have I seen that before?
Giorgio Larriva
I think this is really cool and i enjoyed the story but i don't know if i can enjoy playing this kind of game...
Gonoff Dalean
is this based on batman the long halloween comic
HolySoviet 69
I thought the person to sabotage Bruce would be Tommy Elliot(the identity thief or Hush)
I Do Monologues
It's amazing that a dialogue based game has such clunky dialogue.
Ian Rios
This Batman takes a lot to take down one guy.
Isuru Nanayakkara
I like how they gave actual detective work of Batman a more prominent role. He's called the world's greatest detective but we never really get to see that side of him in movies or even in comics all that much.
Harvey dent looks/acts more like Bruce Wayne than Bruce wayne does in this game lol
Jeremy Rivera
Damn I knew this was gonna be good. This game is the closet thing we'll ever get to a Batman Netflix series right now. Troy Baker sounds almost like Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne but his Batman is more like Roger Craig Smith from Arkam Orgins. Still good tho, cant wait for the next one.
Why the hell is Harvey built like Superman
Johnny Lin
The moment when Harvey is bigger then Bruce
Jonathan Morales
When does it come out for Android?
Juan S
so many twoface puns in just the beginning lmao
Kai Stephenson
Drinking game: Take a shot every time batman lands on one knee and slowly raises his head in heroic fashion
i was quite surprise that carmine falcone is being voice by sully from uncharted series umm i mean ricahrd mcgonagle lol :P
right on the day of the killing joke released. I'll be darn.
Was this Harvey Dent design based on John Cena? He look exactly like him.
Lucian Ganea
I like the combat mode. It works well without ruining the tactical and the theme of the series
Mackem Fury
When Ozwald Cobblepot is the same age as Bruce Wayne...that changed my view of things automatically. Also, best-friends? Damn, I would have thought Hush could have played part but I'm liking where this is going!
Maneki Neko
That sign at 58:48 was in Holly's bar, on The Wolf Among Us! :D
Mark Rezk
This channel should be around for a long time now.
Oh man Troy was not a good choice for Batman... He is literally in everything now, its annoying. Dont get me wrong, He made a solid Joker, and Joel from the last of us. And Booker from Bioshock infinite were awesome... but this shoulda went to Roger Craig Smith or Kevin Conroy. Bad choice for batman...
Max In The Hat
Heh, \
This game has a platinum trophy ?
Niko Bellic
Will joker be in this?
Oculi Corvus
I'm probably the only person who bothers to pay attention to this stuff, but towards the end, when Gordon stamps out his cigarette, I seriously couldn't think about anything else other than, \
This is just like watching a movie!
I'm calling it here. \n\nThe Court of Owls is involved in this somehow.
Propane Salesman
Channel should be re-named to Batman Video Game Videos. Or not.
Hydras grow back two heads. And i thought batmans parents were murdered when he was eight?
Raul Torres
No more \
Bruce Wayne looks like Archer 😂
Riles Michabou
Ryan Platts
Welcome back
Sang-thanh Phan
Now I can see Telltale doing a Superman game, in a reporting story angle.
ScarletSpidey 101
Sebastian Joseph
They should have gone with Roger Craig Smith or Jason O'mara. I dont know what it is but Troy does'nt pull off the voice for Bruce Wayne/Batman.
Sebastian Magallon
I'm hoping to get the season pass disc for my bday
Sebastian Maregatti
Awesome game and cliffhanger
I knew I wouldn't have the patience to play this game so I was glad when I saw this in my suggestions, but now I realize I don't even have the patience to watch some of it. No matter how much I love Batman, this ultra scripted quick time event crap isn't for me.
Soldier Of God
The best batman arkham player...
I'm playing it through a second time, choosing all the unorthodox choices
Telltale Series Videos
The BatmanTM
Happy to see you back but your gonna need a new name
The Lamer Gamer
this is badass, they telltale do more super hero games
God I love this channel
TheSpaceDorito 9001
First 3 chapters: HOW MUCH CAN HARVEY DRINK!? There's a beer or a whine bottle every where in Bruce's home!
Harvey Dent doesn't look like he should be running for mayor, he looks like he should be fighting Brock Lesnar at Summerlsam. Basically what I'm trying to say is: HEEM BEEG
Trember Boynz
I quite like this but Bruce Wayne has resting sad-face.
Twisted Prime
New ps plus game
Troy Baker, the man who voices everyhing
Don't get me wrong, Troy Baker is a great voice actor...\n\nBut Telltale really should have just tried to get Roger Craig Smith to be the voice of Batman in this game if not Conroy. Baker's voice for the character sounds... strained.
Volkan Taştan
Should have been called ;\nBruce Wayne : A Telltale Series
Zarhouni Tadjouri
Alfred look Serious and Bruce Humainly Good, it supposed to be inversed.
worst batman EVER made PLZ do THE REAL BATMAN IN BACK!!!!!
Man, is there any character Troy Baker can't play?
So that's Travis Willingham as Harvey Dent, right? \
Is it just me, or does Bruce Wayne look a bit like Sterling Archer? LOL
ok the sports car changing to the batmobile, the was so f-ing awesome 1:28:06
luis ramirez
I noticed that Falcone's voice actor, voiced Sully in the Uncharted series
pish posh
so is this Batman...Telltale videos now?
17:10 \
The Bruce Wayne segments are basically an unfunny, uninteresting episode of Archer
Wait, his parents were killed when he was 9? Weren't they killed when he was 10?
I wish Bruce was bigger. Like Ben Affleck