GOODBYE TELLTALE | The Walking Dead The Final Season - Episode 2

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A bittersweet episode of The Walking Dead because it might be the last we ever see of Clementine! Become a Sponsor:

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Hey Jack episode 3 is out play it
Ana Gonzalez
omg all those homophobic comments
Awesome nick07
🙂this is aj he is 0 years old 1=1life
i came here because felix chose the end i didnt want lol\n\nthank sean you delivered :)
Becky Andres
6:10\nHow about we fix it\n\n\n\n\n\n*WITH THE POWER OF FLEX TAPE*
Blake Mitchell
Spits on marlons grave “do I get an achievement for that” 😂😂😂😂😂 I actually died laughing
Bryce McKenzie
*WE* Will Remember That
Can we get 10000 subs with no vids
1:50:52 (?) Lee will ship that
ChrisP Bacon
So the scavengers are in war with another settlement in south? season 3 ending didnt Jesus went on the horse saying that there trouble in south and they need his help?
Comedy Role6
1:33:27 *Javi and David will remember that*\n1:30:52 *Marlon's deceased body will remember that*
DReal Underdogger
Mitch: It's a Walker; I'm not wasting my energy on that thing.\n... but Brody was a walker too when you buried her. So your logic is....?
Dakota Bailey
Lol Clem picks up mushroom\
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
Dark Emperor Gamer
AJ swearing made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂
Dark Republic
1:43:36 just wait some romantic stuff will go on ;)
Dee’s vlog
Why has the zombie apocalypse gone for this long. I know zombie apocalypses last for a while but cmon that’s radiculous! Also lee is like.. he who shall not be named
Diana PC
“I would marry James because he took care of me and my son, he’s a good father”😂😂
Donut Dragon
Edward Gammell
I'm very sad😭😭😭😭tell tall is gone edit : like if you agree
Electrik Melon
Elisha Fell
Roses are red \nViolets are blue \nI hate lilly \nAnd so do u
Emily/Bacon Seto
Listen, I know I’m late but I just wanted to say that the beginning just shows how human Jack is. Instead of finishing the story, he’d rather see people get paid. Jack is so wholesome, that’s why he’s my favourite youtuber.. so thank you, Jack
Emma Van
Clem: What do you have there?\nA KNIFE\nNOOOOOOOOOOOO
Erin Bissonnette
* nudges rock with foot *\n\nROCK WILL REMEMBER THAT
Erin Rust
26:40\n\nAll the 12 year old kids are saying these days.\n\n\
Fabulous Joker Jr.
I ship Clem with\n\n\n\n\n\n\nRosie :)
Fish Vilet
Ohhh I love Louis tho
Im still sobbing guys I need the ending of the game
I laughed too much at \n“ Venus flytrap in my ass now”
As much as i would love to see the people from Telltale Games get paid, the companies that want to produce the game don’t care about the people, they only care about the profit they’re gonna get about this game
Helena Rosno
I keep forgetting that they’re kids
ImDonE WiTHevErYthiNg
Violet looks and sounds like annie from attack on titan
Isaiah Muller
Who do you ship?\nViolet and Clem. Like\nLouis and Clem. Reply\n😉😉
Jacquie Reign
Sean reacting to clem and her new boo is like a proud father 😂😂 I'm so happy
Jessica Guthrie
Clementine in bisexual
Junmel Fabia
(Clem and Violet) Two girls sitting on a bell tower, holding hands cause they are not straight.
Kas IE
Hey at least we know the game is gonna finish
Kitty Kat
I'm so sad that you have to choose Violet or Louis because I believe they are both amazing characters.
Robert Kirkman confirms Skybound will finish Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season. At New York Comic-Con, über creator Robert Kirkman confirmed that Skybound has taken ownership of Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season, and his company will now finish the season.
Lana Đokić
Why telltale?????????
Letter A
The timing at 48:01 is hilarious 😂\n\nTo whoever liked my comment: thanks ❤️
Lisa Ariaz
I wish James would've popped up at the end and helped them. That would've been awesome.. ❤
JACK\n\nThis game IS being finished. It was picked up by Skybound, who confirmed they were rehiring as much of the original WD team as possible to finish this season. Episodes 3 and 4 ARE coming out, keep an eye out.
Luna Sonne
Episodes 3 and 4 just got confirmed!! TWD fans rejoice!!
Masked Kitty
as somebody who’s injured herself on barbed wire once before i can say you can in fact get hurt that way if your not careful, though for me i didn’t know until my little brother pointed it out over 5 minutes later when he asked why there was blood all over one side of my foot XD\n\ni had a huge cut along my foot from a bet we made having to do with sticking our legs through a whole in our neighbors barbed wire fence back when we where both kids.\nlong story short the neighbors dog chased us into a tree, he pointed it out to me and then we sat chewing gum until the dog eventually got bored and went back over it’s own fence and left XD\ni only had gum during that time in the day, ironically when i used to carry at least one pack everywhere, and i still have the scar from it on my foot XD
Metal Head
i legit teareed up when clem kissed vi, i feel like i watched her grow up
Mystic Gohan
wait wrong(-) + wrong(-) = good(+) math
Nightmare IsGaming
Paige Meissner
I like how jack acts like he’s with them. 1:39:49
It would be really cool if the war there fighting against is the people from the last season and then they meet up again
Rajdeep Kashyap
Medium to watch lesbianism-\nMovements ❌\nPorns ❌\nJacksepticeye's channel ✔
Remington Reacts
Thinking by about funerals right now make me think of my great uncle how died a few hours ago. Even though I feel like nothing is going to get better, you make me laugh, even when I really want to cry. Thank you Jack.
Rhiro Yonve
1:12:20 HOW? JUST HOW
20:00 AJ kicked the Wall\n\nWall will remember that
Ron Huckaby
Jack you should read the comics then you would know about the whisperers. They kill walkers who are basically their size and skin them and dry them by a fire and sew the skins together into a suit and wear it including all the skin around a skull.
(Louis shoots the tree) THE TREE WILL REMEMBER THAT.
Sarah Haag
When Omar got shot I was like, ' NOOOOOOOOO...our cook.😭😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😫😫😫😫😔😔😔😔😔😔'\nWhen Mitch died I was like, 'NOOOOOOOO...our bomb maker
Serenity g
Mitch. Why bury it let’s burn it\n\nRuby. No she deserves to have a proper burial\n\n\nMitch. I’m not wasting my time on that THING \n\n\n\nwalker will remember that
Sofia Bukhryakova
i miss carley so much
Some polish Boi
So is it embarrassing that the moment they kissed I just started dancing
Sophie Laurissa
It's so annoying to me that everyone hates Louis because he's upset over Marlon's death. Like seriously?! His best friend got murdered right after he surrendered to the group and people just expect Louis to brush that off like nothing happened? \nThe only reason Violet defended us was because she didn't really like Marlon. Louis was his best friend and yeah Marlon did some messed up things but he was remorseful for them and he was only a teenager. So I don't get why people are so shocked at the fact that Louis got angry, I woulda been more concerned if he didn't show any emotion and forgave us straight away...\nAlso is everyone forgetting the fact that Louis came running out to help them when they came back, that Louis looked after AJ when he was shot, that that Louis brought him clean clothes and even apologized to AJ? And this was just two days after Marlon was shot...\nOkay one more thing: If that was Violets best friend who was shot by AJ I'm pretty sure she woulda been pretty mad as well, I mean we all know she would be because Louis is one of the happiest people we've met so far in the game, Violet is usually pretty sad/angry or whatever. I dunno that's just what I think.\nPlus I ship Louis and Clem so hard XD\nSorry I needed to get that out...
I don't want clementine to die. :(
Walking Dead season 1 ending made me have a litres of tears\nWalking Dead season 2 ending gave me great depression\nWalking Dead season 3 ending boosted my interest of gaming\nHow Final Season would end ? reply down below
Taken Clips
Blood is red \nZombies are near\nIt would be safer\nIf lee were here.
Tarra Allen
Even. Though mess Martin wasnt a real person, I feel bad she had to die 😢
My favorite characters in this season so far (minus Clem and AJ because obvious top 1-2.)\n1. Violet\n2. Tenn\n3. Louis\n4. Ruby\n5. Rosie (even dogs get a spot, they’re characters too.)\n6. James\n7. Omar\n8. Asaim \n9. Willy\n10. Mitch\n11. Lilly\n12. Abel (I’m sorry, but how the hell did he survive getting pushed into a walker herd? (If you decide to attack him In episode 1.) How did only his arm get bit, and nothing else?)
This Is
I don’t think I really like AJ, he’s not the best child character
That boy got one hell of an afro
I mean I never did see clem liking a dude for some reason I'm just glad it wasn't Duck
VT Cookie
A lot of companies said they would work together with Telltale to finish The Walking Dead.\nMan I wish they do
Vanity Noedel
Am i the only one who thinks James talks like the janitor in life is strange 🤔
It’s been a long time since I visited you channel. You was on 13Mil and now I look at you and your on 20mil! I can’t believe my own eyes. 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Vlogwenta usdoingstuff
Jack:Fine\nViolet: Fine
Wolfy Wendy
Spider clem, spider clem\nDoes whatever a spider Clem does\nCan she drop from window \nYes she can cause she’s spider\nLook out here comes the...\nSpider Clem 🎤🎼🎼
Wutaii1 Nostalgia
Kenny said at some point that he hadnt slept for 2 years. Just a fun fact
Zadet 6075
If you look closely at the chase scene, you can actually see an clutching his stomach with blood leaking out.
Zippy Zoey
Lilly: \
9:57 \nClem: I killed him because i loved him.\nAJ: I love you, Clem.\n...
[NT] CosmologyDinosaur ツ
aaa32015 Gamer
U really made clem lesbian?!😲
austin Latham
When they meet James when Jack said his corn is done the subtitles said his porn is done 😂
funnydank _
2:10:46 i thought it said: you left AJ: retarded
lilly: shoots someone\n*gets kicked out\naj: shoots someone\n*gets kicked out\n- i see a resemblance...
james aubrey
jorden Rayner
Spider Clem Spider Clem does whatever a walker can't
Who misses lee and the dog Sam and who misses Kate and Jarvi AND WHEN ARE YOU DOING EPISODE 3 HUH
• MintCoffee •
Telltale:Yo- guys, guess what!\n\nWe’re making the final season of the walking dead,\nWe’re gonna release The wolf among us 2, \nWe’re finishing Minecraft story mode,\nOh yeah-! And we’re shutting down-