Mad Max Road Warrior - Beginning without intro

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Very beggining of Road Warrior after the intro. Introduction of Max and mighty Wez. One of the best openning sequences ever. Starring Mel Gibson as Max and Vernon Wells as Wez. Directed by George Miller. Cinematography by Dean Semler.

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What made the road warrior so good was the god damn v8 interceptor.  The new movie is cool but its just one gigantic race of the boring big rig.  Max never got back into his interceptor to kick someones ass.
Welcome to life in Armadale Western Australia lol
This scene should have lasted the entire movie. A bit like Vanishing Point. \nIs the dog an \
Adriana Salvatierra
Are they a  couple???? 2:16
They're herding dogs for sheep if what I read up on 'em's right.
Badlaama Urukehu
No milk?!
Brain Rapist
Get chills when ever I see the scene of the close up of the villains bike an camera pans up you see that bad arse an his weird son soo creepy but an that wheelie too. Bikes a katana
Cheema Khaled
DaaaaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHH ... ;) lolol
Chenghuey Lim
Dan Belsham
This speaks volumes to my life. I list everything 5 years
Daniel Wayne
Hey I think you're stuck on CapsLock\n
Dusko Aćimović
Tako je
Eric Underwood
Such a gritty realness to this!
that blower is so fake
One of the 80s best science-fiction movies.\n\nI think it really kick-started the post-apocalyptic style/genre, I remember my old 80s VHS video clubs being flooded with them.\n\nI really hated Golden Youth, the frucking twink riding behind Wez. I'm glad the Feral Kid killed that sissy. I mean look at him! 
let off some steam bennett! 
Ho Chi Minh was a mass-murderer
Hungry Jax
I'm sipping on that Haterade
The movie that inspired Fist of the North Star....
Fury Road looks like its going to suck so much.  No Mel, no Mad Max.
JM Cinq-Mars
I would have to say this is my favorite movie of all time.
Jason Koziol
I love dog in this film, pity he gets killed........\n
Javi O
Movie kicks ass. Love it. I enjoy all three originals.
I've said it before, and I\
Joe Thibodeaux
LET US WATCH  4 FREE !!!!!!!!
Josias Bauer
Sempre estará no top 10 da minha infância!
This has always been my #1 favorite movie scene
Lance Cowan
I should of played Max instead of Mel .I was like 10 at the time BUT I was bad ASS!
I kinda want fury road to end with this chase from the beginning that would be cool
Mad Max Rockatansky
actually, Wez and his gay fellow wanted threesome but I didnt figured that scenario...
Malik Canty
Can't wait for the game
Mario Max Uzelac
The best mouvie ever 🖐✌🙂
Martin Walthert
So geil!Mad Max..!Früher war vieles einfach besser!Filme und die Musik!❤🖤
Mike Wagner
Milton Mendes
I became hooked to this movie when i saw this scene.I thought:\
Moses Redner
surpizingly good 4.001 deal...
Sad is that the last V8 Interceptor is destroyed.
Murilo P
Isso aí ta parecendo o Brasil em 2015, gasolina cara e seca geral.
There was a scene that was shot that takes before this but was cut for some reason\n\nMax happens upon a farm that Wez and co. are ransacking, the farmers having been lynched by Wez, they see Max drive by and obviously decide to pursue
You sure this isn't just dashcam footage of Houston?
Peter Dueñas
Yo siempre eh dicho que mad max es como vagar y pelear en lejano oeste pero con estilo!!! Sorptendente el ford falcon interceptor v8 que saca (Y)
Phan Minh Hải Foundation
Regina Guadalupe Yegun Vargas
Rene Mahound
Interesting that the end of the first movie and the beginning of the second is a shot of Max head-on behind the blower.
That's some dirty looking gusoline!
Rico Rico
A post apocalyptic Australia has better maintained roads than the UK
Robert Pradella
I love Australia! Great movie
Sexy Mamita
1:33 when you go to the dunes and you stumble upon a road
Simon Lewis
Is the twin turbo a Fairmont ? The grill looked the part.
Steve Lutes
He just smiled and gave me a veggemite sandwich.
Stogie Licious
those guys got paul walkered
My favorite film.
Thom Kuo
They should clean up that highway. Someone could get hurt.
Mad Max ist einer der besten Endzeitfilme überhaupt.
when you see 1:27 you should look at the front car BEFORE he hits the car in front of him and you'll notice something
Zé Gatão
Tenho um cachorro igual ao Blue!
The dog is indeed a Blue Heeler and was sitting on death row to be put down the next day until the animal trainer found him there and knocked a pebble towards her, she then realised that the dog can be trained to use in the film and was adoped, he later ended up on a farm and ran cattle
Goddamn you Netflix, I get you to watch movies and you give me the worst movies ever made.
I watched this teaser as a 22 yr old American working in Germany with my German friends. It blew us away!
Great film. \nMad Max 1 and 2 rules.
blew skidoo
look at the motorcycle jump.
carlos romero
Puro huachicolero.
Australian Cattle Dog. That is what they're called. I have one, she is the smartest little thing!
christian luna
You got taste. awesome
dave coyle
i love this movie and still cant over the fact the dog knows ( shit we r fucked) but i still love it\n
dave lindin
Fury Road Mad Max: Run down, captured, rescued by a woman.\nReal Mad Max: Flips enemy car over and steals gas, intimidates Mighty Wes with an unloaded shotgun, turns table on a capture attempt.\nYeah, what happened
i get chills everytime that guy on the bike screams at max
Awesome. There is no other movie that starts out like this one.
Very common but less seen in Sydney as backyards become smaller, due to insane property prices, and high proportion of Asian immigration.\n\nI've had a Beagle & German Shepherd. Beagle was dumb, German Shephard smart but was his own boss regarding how he treated other people. Only given minimal training though.\n\nBrothers cattle dog - 0 training i mean 0, not even to shake paw. Lived in fenceless yard yet never ran away, practically understands English & your mannerisms. Perfect behaviour
this movie frikn rules!...Its one of the very few sequels that are better than the original
it's called artistic license. and this movie IS art
jackson.g Yuji
Max car world ounner save?who is that a man??
This tune makes Aussies look so tough... then shortly after this movie came out... Aussies allowed their government to take their guns. That's pathetic mates.
lobo de la suerte
when the oil runs out this won't be so farfetched.
motrhead 69
What system the for the gsmr Ps3? Xbox?
Wez: awesome villain, bad motherf&[email protected]!
Is this from the original UK X-rated VHS? All the American R-rated versions are missing the few seconds where Wez pulls the bolt from his arm as well as a few other minor edits. However, the Blu-ray is uncut, and has the original Mad Max 2 opening rather than the US Road Warrior opening titles.
you know what's cool. like some scenes where people go flying. those are real people lol!\n\nthis movie is my absolute fav of all time
Best opening scene ever!!
Instant Chills.
pic ovjek
love this Movie for ever
ricky hound
Golden Youth rules !
Was max mad cause he needed a snickers?
The new mad max is gonna suck. 
I also ways thought the blonde guy was wez' lover, but recently, Vernon wells said he is, is son.
that reverse
veronikah K
this was made in a magic era....I felt it.
اسعد غالب