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Aaron Jimenez
Well Max no have door again
Adam Brown
The best chase seen since the movie bullet. All in one take. What happens, happens. No cgi bs! It takes balls to do those stunts. George Miller is one of a kind.
Against Machines Taking Over
Lol that guy flipped
Anna Stark
Saw a XB Ford GT Coupe in stunning condition today. Glossy black like the interceptor. So good that they are respected now. My brother had one that he actually let go over a cliff because it cost \
Apex Predator
3:02 B A M F !!!!!
Arctic Wolf
Furiosa sucks.
I like that upon seeing the raiders simply throw those wounded guards off the rig, Max is pissed enough to bring out the sawed-off.\n\nAlthough I do find the scarcity of ammunition and explosives to be comically exaggerated, especially shotgun shells, the easiest ammunition to mass produce...\n\nSulfur, Mercury Fulminate, and small metal parts, like nails. Easy as pie.
Benjamin Lucas
A convoy and a demolition derby rolled into one.
Bradley Coates
The original Road Warrior and the death of the warrior women... We never get to know her but we can tell Max and she might have a chance but she is killed in battle...young boys hearts are broken...this young boy wept
Ahhh... The early '80s...
Cheesus Chrust
I think this was the best of the original trilogy, but after seeing Fury Road this entire scene feels so slow paced\n\nstill a great movie though
Chuck the Canuck
As much as I love this fury road raises the bar for a chase scene but I can see where it all came from
Conrad Debassige
1:37 I guess that amour didn't stop crossbow bolts
All George Miller needs to do now is combine the best aspects of Road Warrior and Fury Road: A Max-centred plot and outlandish chase scenes.\n\nAs good as Fury Road was, it was really \
Daniel Otte
Derek McCumber
3:18  Heard this stunt left the guy barely alive.\nThe crazy, life-threatening stunts in these old movies could never be done today (thus the need for CGI to remove wires and harnesses in Fury Road). Miller was f***ing crazy.
DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou
The final battle with Immortan Joe in Mad Max: Fury Road is just like this climactic chase scene... On steroids!
It's amazing the things you can do on a tiny budget. This movie gives me hope as a future filmmaker.
02:54 \
Never liked when that chick on the tanker dies. She was hot.
Garry Blow Jr.
This Movie is Awesome, The Best Mad Max Ever Made.
George Miller belongs on the short list of greatest action sequence directors of all time.
Houston Helicopter Tours Inc.
The stunt work in this is outrageous.
I Gave Up 17.576 Seconds Ago
I don't care what anyone else says. \n\n\nThis is the best Mad Max movie.
Hate to have been a stuntman in this movie...
Jack Davis
0:21 You can see a crew man's head in the other seat
Jess Tapley
3:03 Nice shot.
Johan Dale
1:51 Meeeh... mediocre !
John Martin
'One man can make a difference'
Johnny Utah
Quick Fact: Approximately 80 vehicles were used in this production.
max screwed up their hole program with that shotty LMAO\n\none guy went flying
love how theres like a second silence then bang, lead right in da face
Lara Croft
0:21 You can see George Miller hiding behind Max
Leo E Rockatansky
The Road Warrior!
Lilla Sked
3:19 did he died?
Still Better that Mad Max 2015 crap
Mark Marderosian
Saw this in packed theater during first week. Two things I remember most about the audience reaction: 1. the cheers that erupted when Max came out leveling the shot gun. 2. The parking lot after movie was over and everyone was leaving, all amped up form the movie, yelling out their windows, screeching tires, driving faster than normal to leave the mall lot.
Michelle Murcha
0:21 LOOK IN THE OTHER SEAT OF THE TANKER.Tell me what you see.
Mikael Karlsson
It's been forever since I saw this film...\nAfter seeing this clip (two days after having seen Fury Road in the cinema) I had the following thoughts:\n1) Everything seem to be moving so slowly - which it really isnt! And that says a lot about the overall manic pacing of modern day movies.\n2) Is that Vernon Wells?! :D I did NOT remember him in this!\n3) Stunts were totally awesome - and sickeningly dangerous before CGI.
0:54. Pyro Gerard Butler
Monkey Mafia
Its so awesome when youve waited the whole movie for Max to shoot his shotgun and here finally he leans out of the truck, camera zooms in and he blasts that driver to shit
Mr. Papageorgio
Love the way he drops a shoot gun shell at them......
3:18 broke both his legs right there IRL
Orhan Gecer
the best and first film what i have seen in mylife in 1982..
The Guy Norris stunt where he's doing a pinwheel spin in mid-air has always been the most intense-looking stunt in movie history IMO. When I first saw the stunt in the trailer for The Road Warrior in 1982 at the age of 15, I was in utter awe of it. It was the main inspiration for me to see the movie. I only recently found out he was severely injured doing this amazing stunt. Guy Norris I salute you!
I wonder how many stunt extras were quietly buried in the Australian Outback because of this movie...
2:57 - The Money Shot on any trailer.
Original War Rig right there!
Rami Makki
Nice sawed off
River Pinkston
It’s crazy to see how much more George Miller has perfected his craft, this was already great and in my opinion he topped the action in every way with fury road while also remaining true to the og Max films
Rob Baker
Anybody ever noticed how the bloke puts a big dent in roof of the car at 2:52? seen the film like a 100 times but only just noticed that, still one of the best films ever made.
Rodolfo Barros
Why the hell he shot the passenger instead of the driv... oh yeah, Australia.
George Miller (as is Tarantino) is brilliant in mixing a little bit of humor in the serious bits. It really is a shame that movies like these can't be made today because someone will be offended.
Samuel Weinstein
I don't think there's a movie from the 80s that holds up as well as this
True story ..
Setsuna F Seiei
This is so cheesy lol.
Its like an old Dakar rally vid with violence. Love it.
Stephen N
3:17 Thats a real stuntman flying through the air. I believe he got really hurt during that scene.
Steven Linton
In this 1981 classic movie,they were REAL STUNT MEN IN THIS MOVIE.!!!!
Stu Young
I always get sad when the warrior woman dies
I saw this at the cinema when it came out. me and a friend were scratching our heads trying to work out how they did that flip stunt as he clearly lands on hard ground. It was only recently I found out it was real and they guy broke a leg.
The Last Greaser
The sawed-off has more character than most modern day celebrities...
shit. those stunt drivers have balls. any one mistake someone is gonna get run over or thrown from a vehicle at high speed into a rock.
I'm going to see Fury Road with an open mind, but there's no doubt that it's never going to top the chase scenes in this movie.
Tohn Wurie
I find it interesting how at 2:50 the crippled man and dies and you see the raider clearly enjoy it. And you can see how this affects Max: he could have saved that shell for later, but that just pissed him off. He's a man who kills when it's righteous.
Uncle Bob
After Wez rips the truck door off you can see a guy sitting next to Mel on the floor of the truck!!!!
X Ray Studios
3:00 the best moment on the movie, the chain reaction shot, i mean, he shot the car, the car hit the jeep, the bike hit the jeep. Also that tanker is ALMOST as cool as the interceptor
Young Knight
I wish max did that shotgun stunt in fury road
__AdolF__ War Gamer
03:02 for shotgun
Why you're here:  2:59
When I was a kid, I used to think the whole end chase of this movie was beyond awesome. Now as an adult, having seen Fury Road, this looks pretty tame now haha!
Virginia Hey is so beautiful 
chris miller
1:50 claire danes in the Rock...k movie
Unfortunately Max did not have any memorable bad ass moments like this in Fury Road. In fact, most of the action in Fury Road was pretty forgettable in comparison.
evolved monkey
The guy that did the scene on 3:20 and broke he's two legs on the process was the same guy that drove the interceptor on Fury Road, tough stunts!
funny as hell
harri hiltunen
best mad max movie....
man this film took some nuts
3:05 I love that part! He blew his face clean off lol
javier siguenza rafael
nice shot
jimbo jimbo
I just watched this on dvd and there is someone else in the trucks cab at 00:15 beside max.
lolo 127
mad max 2 or fury road ?
mariusz partyzant
3:20 - latający czestmir :D
after hearing that the new mad max is just a feminist warrior movie with max as a side kick, i had to go back to the original cult a love that shot gun scene, gets me pumped up every time.
When I was 8 in 1981, seeing that guy flip through the air is STILL THE COOLEST LOOKING STUNT I HAVE EVER SEEN.
niko lugo
So The guy who had his hands on fire had feelings for the girl that got shot with the arrows?
max doles out some justice at 3:05.
pussy cat
she died a warriors death.
Don't mess with Max and his tanker.
simms bob
The crippled mechanic did a faceplant on the pavement at about 60 and then directly under the wheels. He just got mangled.
The guy flung out of the vehicle at the end of the clip is wire works, it's actually 100% legit. It was an on set accident that could've damn near killed the guy. No joke. He actually got up and walked away without much injury and even DID THE SHOT AGAIN, though they kept the first take because there was no possible way to top it.
The pacing and editing of the bit where Max blows the drivers face off with the sawn off....perfect
I remembered watching this as a kid, looking back at it now I didn't know it was so awesome and thrilling.
veronikah K
the best movie of all 3.
00:36 what a great plan
3:01 Yup, best scene in all three movies
Seriously---that guy flying through the air at 3:19---surely that's got to be a dummy ???