Zac Efron Funny Moments

So I made this almost 4 years ago when I had no idea how to edit things, back when youtube was a simple place where everything was just titled funny moments when they weren't funny and HD videos were barely a thing! I am aware the music is too loud and if I could go back in time to December of 2010 I would tell my past self to just take the music out but we live and learn! haha The music is Change of Seasons by Sweet Thing and Many of Horror by Biffy Clyro. Also he has never had blonde hair, that's a wig from an SNL sketch and yes, Harry Styles also sang that song. Have I covered everything? Probably not!

efron funny hsm interview moments singing snl zac

Abril Martinez
how is this funny again ?\n
Alberto Godoy
the music is louder than hes voice
Alina Efron
oh my God 😱😱😱😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️loveee
Ashley Wyeth
Why directioners?! You guys are all so full of themselves \
Aurora Castello
bel ragazzo
Azure Fisher
That song is by Stevie Wonder.
Bar Gafni
Is that The ring he had with vanessa?
With beard he is even more hotter 😍
C. Cole
He's so cool and sweet :D \u003c3
Celina Graceffa
Omg hes gorgeous
Cleo Langley
Yes I'm defiantly inlove...
I love you zac(:
Daniel Freedman
He was so beautiful..What happened with hem now..?I don't know
Dea Indira
lol it reminds me of harry x factor audition when he singing isn't she lovely too\u003c3
Deana Glenn
Nothing to say but ❤❤❤
He's funny and charming! Perfect!
Em Rose
Omg i style my hair like zac efronXD
Emma Weber
Tbh everyone's saying how the music is loud and oh can't hear his voice but the music it making it more like memorable idk how to explain it but its like throwback and looking back at everything😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍 I love him
Eva Roa-Martinez
umm so cute
Gaby Soriano
Hali Livingston
Why is he so hot? Ughh
Harshit Langer
I'm not Gay, But this Guy and Hugh Jackman are really Beautiful.
Imogen Lloyd
Isabelle Spillane
whats the scene where zac has blonde hair :) 
Jacqueline Lazo
Zac Efron ♡.♥
James Carry
oh my god, I do the same hair thing! seriously I'd go gay for zac efron!
Janette Valderrama
Why are you so perfect Zac Efron
Loud ass music
@nolegirl97 Singing In The Rain ;)
Jen Dodd
I love his hair tip
Jenny Nguyen mean cute
Jessica Gold
this wasnt funny
Jessie Styles
I love one direction but i also love zac efron and this video was about zac not about one direction so everyone get over that he messed up isn't she lovely WE ALL CAME HERE FOR ONE REASON AND THATS BECAUSE WE LOVE ZAC EFRON LETS JUST ALL GET ALONG AND LOVE EACH OTHER
Dude is like MAJOR HOTNESS
Julius Vinh
What a humble man , Good looking , and well manner , Just Tin Bieber should learn from Zac Efron .
Justin Johnson
This dude is original gentleman.
Kaitlyn Hostler
God I love him ugh \u003c3
Karina Fernandez
He is weird I don't like him we
Karyna Cortes
Katie Albaugh
The back ground music is really annoying, you can barely hear him.
Did anyone else her da girl at 2:25 yell \
I think you may have read my message wrong. I just said that he said something majorly cheesy, and I take great pride in not inducing narcotics of any kind, thank you very much. I was just joking, no need to angry message me. If English is not your native tongue, then never mind. And if you're a kid, than double never mind. Instead of spamming or flagging, I'm going to be nice. Zac Efron still a good actor, I'll give him that. Btw, I love High School Musical.
Kirsten Schaffer
zac \u003c3
Lauren Martinez
Lawren Carlton
whats the name of the song in the beggining , i Love it
Loes Werkman
He's soooo perfect :D And I love his hair and how he turns all shy when they say something about how good he looks :D
Lucia Nicole
NOW I remember why I had a crush on Zac when I was younger. c:
handsome! forever!
Madeleine Lupton
Don’t suit the blond
Magda Narima
My first celebrity crush \u003c3
Mariahh Malik
Why is he so pretty?
Marta Gomes
Que gato e lindo 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘👏👏👍👍😜
McKinzee S
1:56-2:00 \u003c3 Hot
Meleana Rios
Prince Charming!!!
The musics so loud i can barley hear my baby talk
R Cosmineanu
So amazi
Rania Z
gee i wish i could hear what they're saying but the MUSIC IS LOUDER. X( uhhg
I'm a Directioner and I think that your comment's ridiculous. It was for a skit. Zac Efron has a beautiful voice! :D
Samantha Chu
he still looks hot with a beard that would normally make a guy look super creepy... 
Sarah April
such a cute video like aw \nbut it would be better without the music :/
Saudia Tate
He's SOOO perfect😍
Serena Haley
It seems like he has bad eye contact. LIKE ME
When was that second one because I couldn’t find it on his snl episode
Sofia Colombo
what is the name the song at 0:11 please?
Springday Autumnmoon
He was really good in Robot Chicken.
God, I hate pop music, High School Musical, but I freakin' love Zac Efron. Same as I love Justin Timberlake when he's doing comedy. They're both freakin' hilarious.
Tamara Hood
Hello there perfection
Tara Szafarz
Um hilarious?
That background music interferes, it really louder than voice sometimes, so I can't recognize what he is saying. Why did you do that?
Yassmeen Bolten
whats name of that song in begin and in the end please
Zion Zix
Charming man. Very good actor!
First of all Directioners that isn't One Direction's song that is Stevie Wonder's song just because Harry sang it for like 10 seconds doesn't mean that you can think that it is automatically One Directions song. Besides you wouldn't even know the song until Harry sang it which is fucking stupid. You guys are just as annoying as Beliebers you all think that just because your idol sang it that you assume it is theirs well it Ain't so SHUT THE FUCK UP. Besides Zac only sang it for a skit in SNL.
christina vernon
the only part that was kind of funny is when he spit out whatever he ate in the lopez part
danna maghanoy
wow hahaha
dylan mcguinness
Man crush monday
edgarlyn g
This is more like sexy than funny
Dude, Zac is a sweet ass bro.
Zac Efron i been his Fan since i can Remeber \u003c3
he is soo charming and he makes me smile
laura 817
lola styles
After all his fame he's still so down to earth. Wow. \u003c3
what song was in the background at the beginning?
pause at 5:32 hahahaha\n
oumaima somrani
my lover \u003c3 i love him
With the music in the background it made me feel kinda like this wasn't a \
It says funny moments but none of these are funny...
wafa m.
Marry me Zac plz
How did I get here... An hour ago I was watching one direction videos..
zaniyah hunter
stop jumping on Mallory Wilk, she never said that it was harry's song!!